Onision Cartoon

How It Started

In 2007 I, Onision (Gregory Jackson), was looking for meaning... I had made numerous videos as a teenager & saw an opportunity to continue making videos professionally. I was actively serving in the US Air Force when I decided to change my life for the better & after I was honorably discharged on October 2008, I was a full-time YouTuber.

Onision Channels

Onision: A channel for music videos, comedy sketches & essentially Onision's flagship channel.

OnisionSpeaks: A channel for more serious videos, vlogs, educational content & generally focusing on topics that are thought provoking.

UhOhBro: Began as a gaming channel, but later turned into a comedy/commentary channel. The main focus is entertainment, but unlike the Onision channel, does not present sketches.

OnisionArchive: The best place to find the origin videos of Onision & videos that are simply... archived.

Meet the Cast

Onision's characters have vastly different personalities & roles to play in Onision videos... these are just a few of them.


Onision is the driving force behind UhOhBro, OnisionSpeaks & the Onision channel on YouTube.

Emo Charlie

He's so dark, he's so emo, he's also a favorite of Onision viewers, probably because of a lot of Onision's viewers look like him.

Vickie Danger

Wife of Dale Danger, cheated on him repeatedly with Emo Charlie.

Dale Danger

Father of Rod, husband of Vicky, Dale has to put up with a lot of drama both at home and at his job as a police officer. Dale doesn't have a lot of patience, for good reason.


White suffers from a weight problem, but is generally pretty easy going. White just wants to relax but sometimes can be found calling other people out on their nonsensical behavior.

Rod Danger

Many people mistake Rod for a girl, they actually have both male and female genitals, and don't really identify as either gender. Rod has no problem speaking their mind & has fewer friends than enemies.

Panda God

Panda God is the creator of all things in the Onision world, problem? He doesn't get a ton of respect and is a bit too merciful at times.

Onision Joker

An ongoing parody character of the Joker seen in older Batman films. Extremely well reviewed by viewers, many stating the character is perfectly executed.


One of the most successful Onision characters ever, Banana often feels down about what was and no longer is. Even so, Banana is almost always smiling & trying to enjoy life.

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