• Nadia
    what are your opinions on his new video?

    mine are... holy shit, this is possibly the most helpful video to self harmers ever. about 5 years ago I self harmed until I came across his videos and I believe that the new video will help many more people, not only is it good methods for people who self harm but also people with built up stress or anger (the pillow scream is really good for this). My sister currently has depression, she has overdosed before and stabbed her thigh (all the way through), I feel like though this video may obviously not be a long term solution I am going to send it to her so she can get rid of her emotions on something other than herself.

    also @Character you wanted to know about the whole strong flavor eating thing (chilli, mint or whatever else) and if it works, After I stopped cutting I did actually eat a shit ton of very strong mints on the daily, the minty sensation was sort of a burning cold one which though it wasn't as intense as the cutting was it still was some sort of release of pain. plus when you breathed in you would get a load of cold air in your mouth which made me sort of feel alive and happy.
  • LizardQueenXoXo
    I really do appreciate the self help videos personally and find to be very helpful. I mean these type of vids helped me when I was really in a dark place and really depressed back In high school. They did help me realize things do get better with time and I still struggle with depression/aniexty but I can manage it now as best I can.I thought the video had a good message. It’s hard sometimes dealing with it all those negative thoughts/self doubt and you get overwhelmed feeling lost but vids like this do help alittle bit so you don’t feel completely alone.... that’s just how I see it.
  • Austin
    I’ve fortunately never self harmed but have thought about it an ashaming amount of times. My cousin however has now not only self harm but intentionally try to kill herself 3 times and believes she is ugly and dosent deserve to live because of the way she looks without makeup. She won’t believe a word I say when I tell her otherwise but she will not believe me and she’s going down a dark path so I directed her to this channel about a month ago and it’s a little soon to tell but I think it’s helping. She finally lets me in her room without her having to put layers and layers of makeup on first. So please Onision keep doing what you’re doing and just being blunt and honest about everything and slowly empowering her. She’s actually eating again now too so I am ecstatic and eternally endebted to you Onision.
  • Character
    Very glad I could help
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