• PrincessDiana
    Aniexty. I have it big time. I used to have it pretty much under control because I would call my mom. She always knew what to say. She died July 11th and I'm the eldest daughter. The world is on my shoulders. What are some tips to help me feel better.

    My aniexty is so bad I can't even sit on a train ATM without freaking out. Please help a girl out.
  • Fake name
    Do you know the signs when you're about to have an anxiety attack? There's meditation and breathing exercises you can do to help yourself calm down.
  • madxprofessor

    i was put on medicine ever since i was 7 for problems that didnt ever exist.

    skip to age 16: my social anxiety got so bad that i had to drop out of school because i began having sever panic attacks, i would start shaking and drop to my knees and puke, before class even started, everyday. everyone hated me, i never had a boyfriend. So becauseof the meds i was on i became reclusive and violent. i got in a really bad fight that got me expelled before i dropped at when i was 15. i beat up 5 girls at once because they were making fun of me. then got tackled by 3 sro's ,arrested, pepper sprayed and he also spit on me, lol... that lead to extreme distrust and paranoia with any cops or military that follows me to this day.

    age 18: anxiety was so bad i could not wait in an office more thank 5-10 minutes before i left quickly hypervenelating, sometimes crying. i couldnt order food verbally, i stopped leaving home, i couldnt go shopping or be in public alone, the feeling is the worst it feels like my heart is racing and my fight or flight mode goes into overdrive. after college it got slightly better.

    by age 20 i was taking 7 pills a day, back pain, overweight, depressed, alone, ect.

    skip to age 25 i got off every pill on my own because my dr advised me not to stop so i left my dr.
    i knew deep down what was best for me, and i slowly got off everything, even my high dose anxiety meds. DOCTORS WANT TO SELL YOU DRUGS THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH, IT'S A BUSINESS, AND AN EPIDEMIC.

    i rarely experience anxiety, especially not this way anymore...
    There is an underlying issue in your subconscious that you must come to terms with.
    accept yourself
    accept the world around you for what it is
    judge nobody, be kind to those who deserve it, stick up for yourself when appropriate.
    meditate, be in the moment, do this alone often.
    find closure in death, its the cycle of life & in some countries is celebrated and not seen as depressing but liberation from mortal bonds. once you know death, you do not fear death.

    when anxiety hits, think to yourself "what is the worst that could happen, and is that really this bad that im freaking out over it?''
    then think ''is this fear logical?''
    meditation and self reflection are key, trust me.
    search on some Buddhist mantras and philosophy.

    hope you feel better one day. much love<3
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