• Character
    Hi, I'm Character, aka Onision. I'm a Scorpio & I make videos, write books & create music for a living. Who are you?
  • Cas
    Hello! I'm Cas (they/them). I'm a Cancer and i really like playing video games and swimming. I host and dishwash at my family's restaurant but im also a student :).
  • Ryan
    I’m Ryan and I act and watch onision and that’s basically it. I also like many types of music soooooo yeah
  • Elle
    Ayyo I’m Elle, also a Scorpio. I do theatre and work for the American Cancer Society. I hang out with my cats and my lizard more than my human friends.
  • Character
    Awesome :)
  • Oliver
    I'm Oliver and I'm 16. I enjoy photography, art, and your videos My best friend is my dog, Holly. I'm currently a sophomore in highschool and my favorite class is art. I'm also part of the LGBTQ+ community (gay/trans)
  • bella21217
    hi, Im Sadie. i write fiction stories and i like to sleep a lot i hate school and
    enjoy watching greg's videos especially his opinions on things.. thats pretty much it
  • Rhed
    I'm Rhed! I love anime and music. I'm pretty much the teen girl version of Greg. Plants are my aesthetic.
  • Caitlin
    Hey, I’m Caitlin I’m a Virgo, I cosplay, like video games and I’m a dancer
  • Character
    LOL, I am the teen girl version of myself.
  • Hailey
    Hey, I’m Hailey I’m a year round swimmer and I love to throw partys. I’m a Aquarius, so that’s fun (:
  • Jay
    Yoooo I'm JJ waz good? (She/her/he/them I really dont give af its hard to offend me) I like long walks thru the forest, horror movies, movies, and rad shit
  • Anabel
    Hello! My name is Anabel and I'm a fan of BTS and anime. I enjoy drawing and when people wheeze it makes me almost piss myself. :)
  • Oren Prime
    I AM THE MIGHTY O ;D aka Oren Prime. I'm an old dude that's all.
  • Kaitlyn
    Hello! My name is Kaitlyn I am a Libra and I am from Scotland :) I like cosplay, anime and gaming and I work full time as a Nursery Practitioner in a private nursery in ages 0-2.
  • Brandon
    Hey, Onision! My name is Brandon (he/him). My sign is Taurus and my job situation is.... complicated. I write psychology and horror books, and I write music- and will hopefully do one of those things as a living one day. I love to act, although I think I’d rather stay on the stage than upload videos. My passion is for animals, and although I’m an introvert, I truly love people. I’ve been subbed to your channel ever since.... 2010/2011, I think? Anyways, your amazing characters and your internal goofiness got me through some pretty hard times. Thank you.
  • Claire
    Claire, Virgo, 18, I wear to much pink and wish my life was an anime,
  • Alex
    Hello, I'm Alex and I really like playing video games and making fan fiction but I also love watching your videos lol
  • Peetabird
    Hola, I'm isabel I'm a Capricorn, I like art and making it. I'm an open book so ask anything
  • Cassandra
    Hello, my name is Cass, and I have a passion for reading and writing books. I'm a Taurus. I do not like to associate with human beings, they freak me out. I despise every sport rather than football.
  • Abby
    Hi im Abby! Im a Gemini, I love drawing and animation. My boyfriend and I love watching both yours and Laineys' videos :)
  • Macey
    hai, im macey. c: i like writing, music, youtube/netflix, exploring, learning, etc.
  • Lexi
    Hi, I’m lexi and I’m a Libra, I’m from Seattle and I absolutely love creating music and making people laugh.
  • Miu
    Hi! I’m Miu, and I’m just curious.
  • Snoot
    Oof hi, my name's Rohnnie {they/them}. I'm not really someone that's known to like...talk? So sorry if I bore you. I...like music I guess? That's something interesting I suppose xD I also really like old video games (mainly by Namco) so hit me up if you like games like that...I'ma get out of y'alls hair though.
  • doobyskoo
    hey im ivy, ive been watching you since you had about 50000 subs, I always loved your content. thought this would be pretty dope. and im an aquarius
  • Grey
    Hi! I’m Grey, I’m Genderfluid and I mostly prefer They/Them pronouns. I’m an Aries and from New York City. :)
  • Rachael
    Hey, I'm Rachael!, I've been watching since. I'm a banana. I love you but your an ass. But I still love you. I'm a big emo geek. Dont worry I'm not a whiney emo greg. And this seems cool.
  • Kotryna
    Sup I'm Kat, I like doing a lot of annoying stuff, love you, I'm actually really depressed and I don't know how that happened so ya that's fun libra
  • Zander
    Hey! I'm Zander. I love you videos haha you might know me from Instagram I comment a lot on your videos - @anti.chxist
  • Rossana
    Hi I'm Rosie I've been a fan for a long time. I'm hoping to talk to Onision eventually. I'm a college student from New Mexico. Love reading and making things. I know you dislike Gemini but I am a Gemini ❤
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