• ThatEmoGirl
    Hi I'm cerys but I prefer Riley. I'm not your typical teen non binary. I literally have an addiction to my phone. Help... I also love onion boy
  • Lilith Morningstar
    My name is Lynn. I plan on completing my rebirth with my new name Lilith Morningstar. I feel like lady GaGa, but I was born this way... I'm such a F*!#&* witch its awwful. I think I may have just achieved getting kicked out of Utah..a long with Catholic school in my previous years.. ha ha hissssss says the snake.. lovin it
  • Pheebzzzter
    I’m Phoebe ! I love creating music, acting and spending to much time on YouTube telling myself that I’ll one day make content I’m a Pisces so you know I’m an emotional bitch. I’m also the worst when it comes to taking jokes too far, so If I do and you feel offended please tell me right away! (I’m also a big onision fan like pretty much every one here. Okay I’ll shut up now)
  • Norris
    hello everyone my name is Norris and i love food, i am 22yrs old (august 6) and i am from Oakland California :)
  • McFlyDuh
    food is awesome :^)
  • Norris
    food is life food is love ♡
  • Elsielj1991
    Hi my name is Elsie I am 26 years old and live in Brighton in the UK. I'm a Virgo, have a pet bearded dragon called Vaeda and I am a mother to 3 beautiful little boys :joke:
  • Tamara
    Ahoy, hoy! I'm Tamara, or (Tammeeeeeh!! :P) I'm a Gemini, (apparently it shows sometimes, oof). I enjoy web-page designing, horror movies, sci-fi & comedy. Also a freelance artist & web-page designer. And I am also an avid Harry Potter fan.

    Nice to meet everyone!
  • McFlyDuh
    I'm diggin' it ~
  • CeleryxAmy
    I'm Amy and Idk what to say about myself right now but I'm part of the Banana Nation
  • Character
    Welcome guys
  • Sarah
    Hi! I realize I’m late to the party, but that’s cool right? I’m Sarah, a 21 year-old Libra. I’m an English/Art student and you can find me Netflix and chilling with my two cats, Dex and Captain.
  • Character
    Welcome! Not late if this site is up forever.
  • Dev Cildrahus
    I’m Dev. I like meaning. I gravitate to depth and consistency. Therefor I should have been born and lived my life looooooong before the interwebs or webernets ever was a thing.
  • River L Blaze
    Hi I was storm but changing my name to River I'm a mum of 4 I live in Australia i love art, music, singing, camping, comedy, truths even if painful, gardening, story writing and AFL footy hawthorn hawks, I'm 32 in October, i live in Melbourne Victoria Australia but want to live up North in Queensland or New South Wales but kids have their lives set down here so just have to get over that lol. I'm also bad at talking to people or coming up with conversations but i will change topic instantly as i remember stuff, people hate when I do that lol.
  • Romano
    Just realised I didn't introduce myself before posting everywhere :p Anyway, call me Romano! I'm from England, I play national league volleyball and I like kpop. I'm also a Sun Leo , ask me about my houses and planets if you're into astrology too!
  • MyName
    Writer here as well, had a great rant idea but I’m not sure this is the right topic. Living in CA. It took me 6 years research but the results of some of my own work might really draw an eye. Onision, welcome to email or post back on this. Just felt like sharing.
  • Leigh Kenna
    I'm Leigh. I'm in love with poetry, writing, music, history, and psychology. I'm a sensitive and nostalgic and sentimental mess who loves Onision, smoothies, milkshakes, and books.
  • Venus
    Hey, I'm Melike. (17) I AM LİTERALLY A LIBRA RISING SCORPİO. (and I really am into astrology) Basically, I live for the sake of Arts, Sports and Music. I am a solist, handball, volleyball and table tennis player. I have been drawing with anything I could get my hands and my goal is to be an animator. I can sometimes be really annoying because I just can't stop singing... I recently go to a musical theater conservatory. If you are into music and wanna collab together I am in!
  • Sheila Motko
    Hello my name is Sheila been a fan for 6 years.I will be moving to Hesperia in a few days. Favorite character is Emo Charlie
  • Orchid
    I’m Orchid (yes, it’s a stupid name). I’m a Cancer, so I’m emotional and sensitive asf, but for some reason I’ve ALWAYS been drawn into Onision’s blunt and brutal honesty. Ironic. Its like the type of energy I’d expect my non existent friends to have. I have social anxiety like a mf and I really like the smell of vanilla.
    Also, Onision is the reason I now wear my natural hair so, that’s awesome.
    Think that’s about it.
  • VivianDarkbloom
    Hi! My name is Vivian (Darkbloom is not my real last name, it's from a show), I watch you since one year now. I am 19 and I am french, from Paris. I love reading, drawing, and everything about art. I don't really feel like I belong to this society, that's why I watch your videos, you and lainey make me feel better, I love you guys :)
  • Character
    Welcome everyone :)
  • Fake name
    Hello there my name is Kenris. I'm from British Columbia. I like stuff and things; like many of you, I wish to become a youtuber.
  • Tsundere
    Hi, I'm Lela, I'm bi, Pisces, I play soccer, piano, I do art, I'm vegan and I'm a health and fitness freak. I'm from Croatia and I speak different languages. Also I'm a teen. Yeah. Oh oh oh ! I loveeee superheroes, anime, books and games!! :sparkle: :sparkle: :sparkle:
  • Maxx
    Hey I’m Maxx ,27, cancer, biologically female but identify as male I use he,him,his pronouns I work in a charity shop and in my spare time I watch onision videos and listen to music
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