• BlackArrow
    Hey I'm Taylor, I'm a Gemini and I'm a nerd. I like a lot of fandoms like Harry potter, Lord of the Rings, and supernatural. I usually listen to rock music like shinedown, ghost, marylin manson, and a whole bunch of other stuff
  • Cheyenne Seckel
    Hi, I'm Cheyenne, I'm 18 yrs old from Alaska and I'm an aquarius B] I like to read books/comics and watching TV/YouTube! I also have a chubby cat named Jackson
  • Dev Cildrahus
    I’m Dev, I’m a Pisces. I love music, languages, art and movies. I work in tech/software. I’m a huge nerd.
  • Jake
    I'm Jake, I've been an onion boy fan for about three years now, not much else to say really, I'm an aries with a Sagittarius rising and I think Onision is actually pretty cool and I'm loving the positivity he tries to implement every once in a while
  • Brooklynn
    Hello I'm Brooklynn I'm a Capricorn I'm 20 and I like to have some quiet time every once and a while I love my dogs and I have been watching this guy for quite a bit and is always truthful and funny
  • Sancha LaRay
    Hey I'm Sancha single mom of one he's three. I work as a Certified Nurse's assistant. I'm also in school working towards my nursing degree. My goal is to be a Registered Nurse. I'm a Capricorn, 25, I love reading books and watching documentaries and also talking about my son as well.
  • PrincessDiana
    Hi im Diana. Im 24. Im a health care aide, who specializes in working with adults with disabilities. I love my job, but it can be challenging at times. Im also a single mom, to an amazing two yearold. My ex was abusive, verbally, physically and sexually. Im so glad i had the courage to get me and my son out of there.

    My mom helped me out alot.... She died a month ago. I dont know what to do. Im gonna just rant on here i guess. I need strength
  • Breana
    Hi, I’m Breana, a cancer born July 18, and I’m only 15. I’m a sophomore in high school. Right now I’m really worried and scared about how fast my life is going. I love to draw, color, watch Death Note, listen to music such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and more. My favorite youtubers are Onision, Dan and Phil (and their separate channels), and Shane Dawson.
  • ZanderGrey
    My name’s Zander. I’m 27. My pronouns are they/them. I have a giant Star Wars collection. I’m from New York but currently live in Oklahoma. I have 5 dogs and love the outdoors.
  • Character
    Welcome guys. Hope this community is a good place for you!
  • Nadia
    Yo, I’m Nadia, I’m Scorpio (what else) and am currently studying fashion in college. Okay, bye children.
  • MaryMess
    Im Mary, 37, Scorpio stay at home mom of 4/part-time/seasonal photographer. I have pugs and chickens and hope to have little goats one day :) I like Game of Thrones, Shameless and all kinds of documentaries. I love Jeopardy and other trivia games as well as classics like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Animal Crossing. I live in CO but my dream would be to live near the ocean.
  • Jess
    I'm Jess, Aries, I love to read in my free time. Full time mom of 2, homeschooler, and I enjoy your comedy and serious videos :)
  • Dev Cildrahus
    cool! I typically gravitate to topics of discussion which force us to reflect on the acceptions to typical norms. I’m a listener when I need to be, thinker mostly and a talker when the occasion calls.
  • Nemees
    I'm Nemees
    I'm Gemini and I'm from Wisconsin.
    I'm nothing interesting, I'm a sad emotional young adult. Also female if you couldn't guess lol.
    I'm going to go to college for meteorology, but I write and doodle...
    And I guess that's all.
  • Kayleigh
    im kayleigh im a highschool student i like bands and pussy
  • Mary21
    Hi my name is Mary, I'm 18 years old. I like old school wwe, horror films, gaming, the walking dead, AHS, supernatural, buffy, cats are my favourite animal! And I'm also an introvert :)) and I love food, sleep and being lazy :))
  • Kaia
    Hi I'm Kaia! She/her, I am a proud Bi sexual woman. Ive been watching onision ever since the shower song lol. I enjoy watching anime, cuddling, animals, and drawing.
  • Kara
    Hi I’m Kara. I’ve been watching Onision for awhile only I’m just now starting to become more active on SM (or maybe like the past year or so.) I’m a Scorpio, did grad studies in clin psych, I absolutely adore animals, especially cats (I have GW and Hektor,) and make YouTube vids when I can, although not nearly as often as I’d like. I love writing lyrics specifically diss tracks and I was going to record one today but dental surgery wrecked that... FML
  • Fake name
    Hey you!
    I'm me. And I like a lot of stuff that's hard to list off in a few moments but here goes..
    I like drawing, painting, outdoorsy stuff, interior decorating, DIY jewelry and skincare products, I do nail and make up videos.. I like making clothes
  • Kara
    Hey and thanks for introducing yourself and writing back, so right on! I love DIY so I’ll have to check you out- I’m not super crafty but I taught myself how to make jewelry to raise money for a cause which was super important to me. I wish I could draw but legit stick figures are going out of my comfort zone lol. I love outdoorsy stuff too and ballet. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make clothes cuz I have ideas but my mom didn’t know how to sew. In fact since my dad’s a surgeon he always sewed the ribbons and elastics on much pointe shoes; everyone used to joke around that I was the only kid with surgical stitches on my pointe shoes but whoa: when I went away to school and had to do them myself they’re so crappy compared to my dad’s (they saved my first pair.) Legit mine looks like a blind 4 year old did them V my dad’s perfection; actually now that I think about it the juxtaposition is pretty funny (okay to a ballet nerd it is lol.)
  • Fake name
    wow that's awesome! That's quite the response. That's quite a range of activities. I've recently just started remembering things I used to like. I think the next hobby is to try writing again. I've never trained in any formal style of dance but I can get down with the best of them. I also like fashion, I'm not bad at looking like a lady when I want to.
  • stormy
    im stormy, im from michigan, im 18, and im on marching band!
  • jax gram
    HI my name is Jax im a sr in high school and i have fondness for ppl like Onision and he makes me laugh and the shit he says is hella funny
  • Jamee
    Hie I'm Jamee (they/them) I'm Sagittarius. I am vegetarian. I like playing saxophone,acting,and being wierd. ❤
  • madxprofessor
    :death: Hi.... ( ˘ ³˘)♥
  • Debbie
    Hello im debbie and i think onisions cancer
  • Sam Shay
    I'm Sam; I'm 21, a Pisces and I'm bisexual. :smile:
  • TinyBlue
    I'm TinyBlue, a 20 year old music student. Basically, I'm testing something out on here and have a feeling it might work out well:) I live in California now but aim to keep moving north on our Pacific Northwest coast. That's the one definite goal I've had since as long as I can remember, something worth sharing. All the best to everyone on here!
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