• Character
    SAY POST most ANYTHING BELOW! If it's something I like above everything else, I'll put it in my next video :)
  • Cas
    In regards to your videos, i always go check out your channel because you're the most funniest youtuber left and you never fail to make me feel better. I am a banana. I love a man in crocs ;)
  • Diyala Alsamman
    Well I love you so much..
    thank you so much you helped me to get over my Anorexia.. I really wanna meet you man ❤️❤️ Thanks again.
  • Lunaticlmao
    I keep your videos a secret away from my friends because they would think I’m insane, they’re little bitches that get offended... I think I need emo friends, they don’t get me
  • XxHumamWreckxX
    You’re the funniest person I think I’ve ever found on YouTube, you’re not a liar, your like so honest and you can’t reallu find anyone like that anymore. I will always be a big fan❤️❤️
  • Fake name
    Why don't you do a series where you show some of your viewers how to do minor home repairs and plumbing.
  • Abigail
    Your videos have honestly helped me a lot with my depression and self image. You taught me not to be afraid of my personal opinions and respect other people’s views, with most things. While I still have self image issues, I struggle less with them after seeing your videos about the female body and different body types. You helped me learn to love myself even if I don’t have a flat stomach. You’re the reason I snap rubber bands rather than cut myself, and I rarely even do that anymore. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me. My home life used to be horrible with my stepfather, luckily I live with my mom now. Sorry for rambling on. Thank you so much for everything and best wishes to you and your family.
  • Anabel
    Can you give me tips on how to stop procrastinating please! I can never get out of bed, have posters to put on my walls that have been lying on my desk for 6 months, and can never reply to people's messages in under a week. I also have homework but I won't go into detail with that. HELP OR I'M GONNA BECOME A FOSSIL
  • Lola
    Hi Character! Who is your favorite character that you've created throughout the years?
  • LizardQueenXoXo
    I remember when I first started watching your videos and I got a very genuine vibe from you which is rare among many youtubers nowadays.You have a very warm & caring aura that I appreciate. I admire your creative side as well as your comedy which is very humorous. I also like your ambition and drive to succeed because you don’t really see a person so passionate about something as you are about your content/channels.Overall I just think you are a talented YouTuber and a cool guy.
    So anyway thank you Greg for being there when other people were not.
  • Booty
    When the moon hits ur eye like a big tiddy pie

    That's amoré
  • Novadia
    People need to stop hating on you. Like, you're a human being doing what you want to do. You do your best to promote self love and acceptance like a decent human being. "OMG, Onision, a human being sharing normal human opinions? I hate him cause he's a a**hole, I don't need a reason. " thats what I hear when people leave hate.
  • Cakefacetaay
    I just want to say that you are an funny and cool guy. Keep up with the amazing work on your new channel.
  • ThatEmoGirl
    I want to thank you for everything you've done. Your videos have stopped me self harming and receive help. I am now a month clean. Thank you ❤
  • Lilith Morningstar
    I will do whatever you want. I have worked for a production company TVN in Burbank CA. And my estranged mother Yvonne works at Universal Studios. I however never thought of myself like someone special like you a talented artist..
  • Rhed
    Hi Greg. I've been a banana for about 4 years now. Your halarious videos kept me laughing when I thought I couldn't take much more, and your serious ones often gave me a needed reality check. Laineys videos gave me a sense of peace, and taught me to do make up! You two have been such models for me for learning to be happy with myself and learning who I am. Thanks for being on YouTube. Both of you. It's because of you two that I'm me. Keeping going.
  • Edie
    I’ve been watching for about 4 years now and some of your harshness towards self harm made me realize how dumb I was thank you
  • Jason Dean
    I watch yours and laineys Videos a lot with my mom (she’s so in love with you hahaha) and it’s always really great. It’s one of the very few things my mom and I do together. You’re probably the only youtuber I like that my mom will watch with me. Thank you so so much for giving me more time with my mom ❤️
  • Cali
    if you want to succeed in life you have to accept your flaws and learn to grow out of the ones you can change and grow with the ones you can’t. ❤️
  • Character
    SOME OF YOU MADE IT!!!! WOOO!! (It was basically the first people who posted as I was rushed)
  • Character
    Your profile website :'P
  • Character
    And thank you guys for all the compliments :) So kind of you!
  • McFlyDuh
    very nice~ :ok:
  • Pheebzzzter
    I know it’s an old one, but I have NEVER seen a youtuber put as much effort in a youtube video like you have with your Death Note series. It’s still one of my favourite videos today. Please don’t stop making sketches in your own smart way. Support ya! And tell Lainey I love them haha (this is the part when you hash brown ;) )
  • Booty
  • Character
    I loved making that :)
  • Skylar
    I'm not sure what to say other than I agree with a lot of your veiw points and I adore Lainey.
  • Norris
    bro you're awesome and keep up with the videos!!
  • Elsielj1991
    Ive been watching your channels for quite some time now and I really love your work. I would really like it maybe you did some more 'vlog' type videos it seems more genuine and real when you do ones like that. X
  • Esme cooper
    Our pasta, who art in colander, draining be your noodles, thy noodle come, thy sauce be yum, on top some grated parmesan. Give us this day our gatlic bread, and forgive our trespasses, as qe forgive those who trample on our lawns. Lead us not into vegetariainism, but deliver is some pizza. For thine art the meatball, the noodle and the sauce. Forever and ever. R'amen.
  • Tamara
    I first discovered you way back in 2009 and have been hooked on your content ever since. I love how honest you are and you don't conform to society's trends and what they expect of you. Even to this day, your videos still make me laugh. :D

    Especially when you do the Walrus impression. I lose it every-time. :P

    (A part two of this video would be cool!)
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