• CeleryxAmy

    -I got u something
    -sfug fb hthgfgv
    -yes I did
    -yes I did
  • Taco
    You a real OG. Honestly, you seem to help many people and your videos are genuine despite all the haters! You and Lainey cheer me up when I come home stressed from school and work and I guess that's what matters :blush: Not too many people make me laugh these days, so thanks, man.
  • eibwen
  • Leigh Kenna
    you're .. something, greg. you can be harsh, immature, cruel, while touching on some of the most controversial, sensitive topics. you're honest, brutally so. but at times you've displayed nobility, compassion, genuine affection for your viewers and supporters. we, you and i, are so different. i'm passive to a fault. your controversial, unapologetic, honest nature sometimes crosses lines, boundaries. i was a shrinking violet. i didn't speak up, didn't want to create waves. and while i don't always agree with you, and while i'm sometimes left in disbelief at your brutal, cynical, sardonic humor and way of expression, i appreciate you, because you taught me to be more open. i feared conflict - but you thrive in it. i thank you for teaching me to be honest, opinionated. you gave me a spine. and as an affectionate viewer, i hope to give you light and strength and support, even from such a distance. thank you so much for baring your teeth, and heart, and thoughts for us. you made me braver - you made me become my own savior. i don't create waves like you, but i don't shrink from them the way i used to - i vibe with them. you have a big heart - with blades and thorns and sarcastic cynicism to cage it off though, but you have one, and you're brave enough to share it with so many people. thank you, you adorable, venomous, lovely, compassionate, horribly honest creature. you make me laugh, cry, shake my head, and smile in some of the most intimate, inexplicable, significant ways. i don't know you, but what i do know, i love you for.
  • Blasian
    Excuse me, sir? Do you have a moment to listen to my speech on our gracious lord and savior Flying Spaghetti Monster?
  • Amethyst
    you should make a video about the new generation, on how kids try to act like lol sluts or act like adults. About fuckboys. On society today, what considered new or trends. Basically about people who act weird.
    Or make a video about school lunches
  • PrincessDiana
    Im not funny enough to entertain. Potatoe.
  • Nemees
    I was about to get salty and defensive because I'm a teen, but when you added the school lunches part i realized your not wrong. Idk. That made me laugh, just cuz it was kinda random? Idk. I'm not trying to be rude. Your post genuinely made me smile cuz of that.
    Onison really does need to make a school lunch video :lol:
  • Clarisssalynn
    Thank you Greg for being one of the only honest people. I’ve been lied to so much and I know that you are probably the only person on here that gives honest answers and doesn’t sugarcoat things and I respect that. Though at can be stupid as we all can be,but you learn and grow from them. You stopped me from relapsing back into self abuse from your videos on it. Thank you for being your self :heart:
  • Amethyst
    yea like the lunch taste like it was crafted out of shit, and they serve everything with milk
  • Leanne
    Funny how school lunches can change your mind about a person.
  • Electra
    I just wanted to say thank you. you have helped me so much with body confidence, depression, self harm, and anorexia. you made me smile when I was down in the dumps. my perspective on life has changed a lot and I'm able to say I enjoy breathing and no longer ashamed to look in the mirror. thank you so much!!!!
  • Lottedawes
    okay soooo I’m new to your forum and I actually really like it. I was being really stupid 2 years ago as I was self harming and watching your videos got me over it. So thank you sooo much Greg ❤️
  • Leanne
    What about an alternate universe mirror where you interact with your characters?
  • River L Blaze
    Tv static smells a funny feeling, it's so funny i get sad with happy anger then end up laughing with total crazy insane sanity and then bananas grow in pink mud around my Apple tree that only grows orange lemons that tastes like blueberries and smells like the colour green.
  • FireVixen2021
    Hey Onision! I've been a big fan for a couple years now and I just wanna say... Tysm for being on YouTube! You're my favorite YouTuber and I find your cynicism and dry humor to be hilarious. You helped me a lot in various ways. From helping me find healthier eating habits to helping me with my severe manic depressive disorder. I do cut.. But it's an addiction to the pain. I've been cutting less the more I watch your videos and I think I'll soon stop thanks to you. Not only that, but watching your videos helps distract me and make me laugh. Even when I'm at my worst. And I would love to be vegetarian but I have low iron and am very poor (at least by American standards) so I need to eat at least the recommended amount of meat daily, THREE OUNCES. once I am an adult (I'm 15 almost 16) I will hopefully be able to take supplements and be vegetarian. You are truly an amazing YouTuber at the very least and do not deserve the hate you get. From what I see on your YouTube videos, you seem like a very good guy with a great sense of humor and reality and it would be an HONOR to meet you or even be mentioned in a video. Don't get me wrong, I will not be upset in any way if I don't end up in your video I just want you to know all this and y'all just keep being y'all! Thanks again!
  • Leanne
    For a video obvi What about an alternate universe mirror where you interact with your characters?
  • Kara
    I realize I’m a bit late to the convo but would like to add that Joy Sparkle BS is about as useless as a cock flavored lollipop.
  • Fake name
    I've got an idea for you.. why not for one last huzzah you feed the trolls. Troll that Joysparkles girl.. let her think she has the upper hand during a debate then hand her her ass.
  • Kara
    Dude that’s a stellar idea and I would love to however anytime my name has ever been brought up in chat (i.e., if she’d heard of me, if she’s heard any of my diss tracks, or if she’d debate me etc.,) much like the other selective questions she doesn’t want answer she pretends she didn’t see the question.
  • Fake name
    then you need to start small. Covert trolling if you will. Make a video that mentions her a little just to poke the bear.
  • Kara
    Ah I see - maybe even a sock account. I like the way you think you maniacal genius you.
  • Fake name
    I learned from a very skillful opponent over the years. I've often had to think "how do I get someone who is smarter than I am who also has access to more resources than I do?" But I'm trying to turn a new leaf.. haha
    "I have a set of skills that I have acquired from a very long career"
  • Amethyst
    Post a video about the new generation of about school lunches either how they taste like shit , or what people are serving
  • Debbie
    Ok dont ever touch topics like depression and anorexia bc you dont know fucking shit
  • Tallulah
    Thank you so much for being there for all of us.
  • Sam Shay
    You were the first YouTuber I ever started watching. I was 13; now I'm graduated, and I'm still watching.
  • Adeair
    Brace yourself for the cringiest comment ever aka/ the one by a cringy little emo girl trying to be edgy, funny and cool at the same time, while failing miserably at it. You sir King Cuck (or Cock, whatever strokes your 'ego', litteraly, tehe), are the only YouTuber I know who makes content nearly as addictive as chocolate and cocaine combined. That's all :p
  • Fake name
    How about a video where they exorcise a demon from someone. Character could either be the priest or the possessed (I think he'd be fine at either) but make it a funny demon possession I guess.
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