• Character
    I'm a Vegetarian...
    Reason? Because I feel better in most every way being a Vegetarian... taste, emotionally, physically... all good. How about you?
  • Lunaticlmao
    I tried to be a vegan for a week... that didn’t work out so well but it was a great experience anyways
  • Cas
    Vegetarian because i can funtion better. :smile:
  • Leanne
    Omnivore, I eat meat once or twice a week. It's usually turkey. If I dont have meat at least once a week I feel weak and tired. I also have food allergies so I'm limited on what I can eat. No: dairy, wheat, oats, limited nightshades (peppers, eggplant, tomatoes etc) Every body is different. What works for some wont work for others blah blah blah.
  • Lexi
    I would like to be a vegetarian but sadly I am 16 and my parents will not pay the extra money for that type of diet. When I turn 18 though my goal is to become one. Right now I’m just eating as healthy as I can:)
  • Lilith Morningstar
    Vegetarian actually vegan I was born with a bad food allergy. I get sick even after I eat eggs.. but I love food. I'm kind of curvy..
  • Leanne
    Do your parents not let you work?
  • CeleryxAmy
    I want to be vegetarian but I need my parents to take me shopping for vegetables high in protein, it also sucks that fast foods and other food places around don't have vegetarian options, exept for a cheese pizza. (I'm 18)

    Reasons: mostly that video
  • Elsielj1991
    I am a lactose intolerant vegetarian
    I would have milk and cheese ect if I could as I have nothing against it, it makes me really sick though :sad:
  • McFlyDuh
    Omnivore here ~ I eat basically junk food ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've been trying to cut back on certain things more recently though; eating only lean meats, chicken, turkey, ect... I don't like most sweets in general so when I do eat unhealthy it's more in the salty, savory aesthetic (it's more out of convince than anything else) The reason I eat this way is because I choose to be ignorant about certain foods and have not actively tried to live according to a certain diet per-say (some food is gross lol) Either way I plan on changing my diet here soon :)
  • Rhed
    I'm a vegetarian for health and moral reasons. My stomach can't handle meat. My friends call me their veggie!
  • LizardQueenXoXo
    I am a omnivore but I do eat healthy and stay hydrated by drinking water as well. I just prefer it for my diet and it’s just what I’m used to eating.
  • Lexi
    unfortunately not at this time no. School is more important to them.
  • eibwen
    I just listen to my body. No diet needed. If you feel hungry - eat. If you aren't - dont. Easy. I try to stay away from carbs and overly processed foods. Simple, no rules.
  • Dev Cildrahus
    Veggies, poultry and fish mostly. Low on grains. I don’t eat beef, pork or fried things. Also I’m allergic to chocolate so none of that either. I’ll eat rice but small portions and I would prefer couscous more. Don’t eat prepackaged things a lot because I don’t really trust people and trust large corporations even less to prepare me things not loaded with chemicals that humans probably shouldn’t consume. So yeah mostly freshest veggies and fruit I can get and organic chicken and turkey and fish. Egg whites only, no yolk, on account of gallbladder issues. Yeah it is what it is and do what it do and on account of my actually paying attention to my body and how it reacts to things. Like it, hate it, I don’t really care. It’s not me being picky, it’s just me actually listening to what my body says to me. It’s not something you really need to deal with, more so my problem, so I don’t feel I need to suffer judgment from those that aren’t eating for me.
  • Maddy
    I’m vegetarian because I don’t agree with animals being killed and because I want a better diet
  • Sheila Motko
    Not really a good one..I have been eating less meat..Right now I eat like eggs and cottage cheese.
  • Tsundere
    Vegan cause it doesn't make me feel guilty about what I'm eating and cause it gives me soo much energy :flower:
  • PrincessDiana
    No diet. I eat whatever. I wish i could afford a better life style
  • Character
    Whatever your diet is I hope all of you avoid red meat. It is the worst. Stick to white, to save your own life.
  • Dev Cildrahus
    the dittoist ditto I can muster to ditto
  • Jada smith
    I just eat eat whatever i feel like eating
    (Mostly chicken although im allergic to it)
    I tried to be vegan for a few days but i just couldn’t

    (My english is bad tho, im not american )
  • madxprofessor
    I'm a chef so I have to like... cut up turkeys and chunks of meat n stuff. it grosses me out i always try t get someone else to do it haha.
    But as for eating its like, whatever, lol.
    i love fresh, raw stuff.
    i love pasta and cheese and breaad xD
    i dont really like junk food it gets stuck in my teeth but i have a soft spot 4 hot cheetos lol!
    eyeee eat things like bacon, and prosciutto i only like cured meat tbh
    most meats gross me tf out like ...
    when i was 4 my dad would always serve us chicken and i would be so grossed out it was on the bone i would cry and ask him to take it off the bone as i looked away and put my hands over my eyes, when i was 3 my mom gave me eggs with ketchup on them and i thought it was blood from the baby chickens and started crying and didnt at all day after that lol, so yea its just how i was raised tbh.

    anyone else know what thats like? lmao! ''dad, im hungry'' - ''we have hotdogs and ramen at home'' lmfaooooooooo, omg if only i could of chose how to eat i'd be a lot better off. If you're parent/s are like tht im sorry ill pray for u booboo XD
  • User17745
    I consume vegetarian diet on a daily basis and rarely eat non veg. (Since most members of my family are vegetarians and we don't cook non veg at home). Also I usually avoid eggs as my body mostly doesn't reacts well to it.
    Dairy products are also common as I consume something dairy about every week.
  • Fake name
    I like to cook food with wholesome ingredients. I follow the old 1/4 meat, 1/4 starch and 1/2 vegetables rule. As long as I don't binge eat junk food I'm usually healthy.
  • TinyBlue
    I don't restrict anything from my diet for the sake of not letting numbers and calories get to my head, however I've always had a hard time getting myself to eat most meat since as long as I can remember...so it's mostly fish for me
  • Cali
    i’m not vegetarian i eat whatever is given to me just because i was raised that way. i usually only eat dinner and a couple snacks though because i work a lot.
  • Aleyah
    I'm an omnivore, I've tried going on a vegitarian diet and it failed miserably. I am lactose intolerant but i have pills to help me digest lactose easily. I know about the health benefits of veganism or vegitarianism but I am healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally so I don't see a need for change.
  • ColdFeet
    I'm vegan since I'm unable to justify the consumption of animal products. I base most of my moral principals on the Golden Rule (i.e. "one should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself") and I don't believe that any animal wants to be killed and exploited.
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