• ross mateus
    so i came out to my mom like a couple months ago and i thought at first she was super accepting but its been over 6 months and she doesn't use my pronouns or name and when i correct her she seems to get annoyed and stops talking i don't know if she doesn't accept me or if she does cause she says she does but i don't know any advice?

  • CeleryxAmy
    Ask her directly why she stops talking when you correct her
  • LizardQueenXoXoAccepted Answer
    Mm oh this a tough one....
    First off I’m so sorry your going through this and I know it sucks when it’s your family because you want them to be accepting of who you are. Mm I’m not sure why your mom would be like this but I think sitting her down and talking to her one on one could work. Sometimes it helps to discuss how you feel to ur parent and hopefully she will listen, if not atleast you tried.
  • Beau
    I'm sorry this is happening. I'd say talk to her again. Sometimes parents initially accept their trans/non-gender-conforming kids IN THEORY, but when it comes down to actually acknowledging, to saying the words outloud, to using the preferred name/pronouns, there's a block.

    So try communicating w her again on this (if this feels safe), but know no matter what, that you are good and great as you are, don't let this drag yr self-esteem down. It may take a while for her to come around w being able to use the pronouns you want, but that doesn't mean you have to like it, but it also doesn't mean she doesn't love you. She may be ignorant on this subject. If that's the case, maybe sitting down w her and sharing some youtubers who talk about this might help.

    I think she will come around eventually, it just takes a while for some to go from acceptance to actually saying these words outloud, if that makes sense. Good luck!!!
  • Character
    Intolerant people are intolerant for a reason. There is something in their mind that hasn't been convinced yet or they are simply broken. Hopefully your mom is the curable type. Either way, protect yourself.
  • CeleryxAmy
    If she doesn't understand, show her the scientifical explanation to trans brains being different. Maybe she thought it would be a phase...
  • Trish
    if ur mother doesn't except u for who u r then they're not worth keeping in ur life. Y surround urself by ppl like that?
  • CeleryxAmy
    he's probably an older kid
  • toasterkid
    It's often times hard for parents to accept this kind of thing, my mom didn't accept me at first either. Sometimes they think that it's something they did, when really, we're just teenagers going through teenager stuff. This video might help explain it to her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTjMeXzjvLs&list=LLjh4gJqAVY6mco4XjjR0M0A&t=0s&index=4

    This is the exact video I had shown my mom, she didn't understand at first, but she eventually started calling me Shaun and referring to me with he/him pronouns. I hope this helps, I'm sorry if it doesn't. <3
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