• Paynattention
    Eric Clopper was fired right after his speech "Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story." Their daily school newspaper The Crimson slanders Eric Clopper calling him anti-Semitic, and never reaching him for comment.
    This all started mid-July of this year, and his legal battle is still ongoing. A lot of information can be found on his YouTube, and The Crimson articles are listed on his GoFundMe.

    Even while this is going on, Eric is still speaking out on circumcision by bringing attention to the documentary American Circumcision, which came out last week; at the end of August.
    As an aside, I also saw him speaking in Boston with BSM (Bloodstained Men) and am in a group photo with them, but Eric has been to other events like this.

    I think now would be a good time to revisit the issue of circumcision in a new light. I'd like to know Greg's take on Eric's case, on the American Circumcision documentary (which sold out on Amazon btw), on BSM and Brother K and his thoughts on the movement as a whole.

    Just to be clear, I appreciate Onision having been the first person I saw speaking on the issue, and that he has continued to speak on it. I think it'd be something quite different to see him talk about these current events, people and media within the movement rather than addressing circumcision by itself. There's a lot going on right now.
  • McFlyDuh
    I actually don't know much about this issue, found this to be an interesting read, Thanks for posting~
  • Leanne
    I've heard about this and Americas blasé attitude toward genital mutilation (for boys) is horrifying.
  • PrincessDiana
    Hate my opinion or not. I circumcised my son. Its not free anymore and to get it your have to pay but im thankful. My son was prone to rashes, etc very sensitive to everything. Creams, smells, etc etc. His privates were very inflamed until the doctor figured things out. Im glad i had his done. I dont feel its hurting. But i also dont judge anyone who doesnt. Its their choice.
  • Character
    Well, you ruined his genitals. But at least you feel good about butchering him right?

    It’s like this: Imagine having skin from your genitals forcefully removed. Why? Because your parents think they own you & have done no research on how destructive doing that is.

    A lot of dudes lose their ability to feel sex anywhere near what they would, many now require lotion just to masturbate, their girlfriends sometimes compare going from a intact guy to a non intact guy as “switching to a broom handle” and woah, it actually isn’t healthier/safer considering how many people have terrible reactions to the procedure, some babies even dying.
  • McFlyDuh
    First off congrats, I just gave you, your 100th like ~ 2nd WOAHHH I had no idea!! This whole thread really shed some light on an issue I knew nothing about~ I'm curious now and might look into it myself ^.^
  • Sheila Motko
    I would never put a son through that..my son never had that done, Don't believe it when someone tells you the babies don't feel it..I heard a baby scream in pain.
  • Paynattention
    It's "their" choice. Hm.
    *Rubs temples*


    My body. My choice.
  • PrincessDiana
    its my choice as a parent. Just like it was gregs choice as a parent. Thats what i meant
  • Paynattention
    I know what you meant.
    I think that's a bizarre way of framing "choice".
    I choose not to punch or cut people every day. If I had children I'd choose not to do anything of the sort to them as well.
    If I did do this to anyone, would it make sense to respond with "well don't blame me. It was my choice to do that"?

    People who remain intact get to make a choice to circumcise (themselves!) when they are older.
    When you make a choice to cut, you are taking away that choice. It's not your body.

    This isn't like a vaccine because you are not being protected from anything. Washing protects you. Condoms protect you. Being abstinent (which all babies are) protects you. If you do the research, you will realize that this is an unnecessary and harmful surgery, but if you have an argument other than "it's my choice to" I will do my best to answer it. You have a choice legally, and you had a choice until 1996 to cut your daughter. Are your morals dependent on law, and you think it was a fine choice to nip a baby girls clitoris up until 1996?
  • Leanne
    Preach! Mutilating babies is wrong.
  • ChelleShocked
    YOU PAYED SOMEONE ACTUAL MONEY TO MUTILATE YOUR CHILD??? You feel good though so, yeah its all good right?

    F*ck man thats just insane. I cant believe its still a thing. Ppl should be arrested for this shit. Its child abuse! IT DOES NOTHING TO BENEFIT THE CHILD!
    Why? Because some wack job back in biblical times said that removing this skin was a "sacrifice" of "Sinful" human enjoyment for the sake of ( and I am quoting historical research and its findings here) holiness in the AFTERLIFE! You did that to your son because these ppl thought it brought them holiness in the afterlife. While they are alive it was MEANT to reduce the sensations as a sacrifice.( Though there is really no definitive research study to prove this even does anything to reduce sensation either way) It's still ridiculous. You are practicing an unnecessary procedure on an infant because of THIS. Now I am not saying you literally do it for the same reasons but this is where it STARTED. and You still are apart of it.You have to live with that and so does your son. BTW there is no definitive scientific proof it does anything to lessen their chance at genital cancer or lesson their chance of getting an STD or urinary tract infections. Bottom line, and the most simple thing to point out. You payed for your son to have an elective surgery and he had zero say in it. Im done. I gotta wash my hands of this topic for my own sanity lol
  • savannahpowers
    i agree with onision on this one. the part of the penis that is taken off, is the most sensitive part, so whats the point in that?? are u trying to sexually deprave your sons?? -____-
  • CeleryxAmy
    Could yous... be nicer? I get your point but she didn't mean harm so... Educate her in calm
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