• River Mariani
    I think I suffer from depression and anxiety. I have urges to self harm or kill myself and can't talk to people or be in situations where I am stressed or I freak out and have a panic attack. I want to get professional help or get a doctor who can confirm if what I am experienceing is real. The problem is that my mom doesn't think I'm serious and she won't let me talk to a doctor or school counselor about it. I don't know what to do anymore. I've been this way since elementary school and I'm about to graduate high school. I'd love to get some advice on what to do.
  • Coco
    If you think that you need help, please go and talk with somebody even if your mom don’t want you to. I have anxiety myself and beeing aware about your situation it’s a big step to learn how to live everyday the best way possible. Sometimes it’s hard but always remember this: You’re important.
  • McFlyDuh
    The best advice I could personally give is that, other people can't tell you how YOU feel. That's my opinion. I'm sorry that your parents refuse to let you get help (that really sucks) I do want to say tho that you should give these issues time. A little time might help you heal from whatever makes you feel this way. As far as the anxiety, I also suffer from this, maybe give yourself some extra pampering? Take a long shower and a few deep breaths. (That helps me sometimes) I don't know where you currently are from but if you're an American; when you're a legal adult you can for sure make your own doctors appointment !! Best of luck to you, Life does suck but I promise killing yourself won't solve anything. It will only bring more pain.
  • PrincessDiana
    four years ago a man broke into my home and sexually assaulted me. I was a virgin. I was devastated. My whole like i hd waited to give myself to my one love. And it was taken from me. I couldnt have my knees showing for a year. Thats where he grabbed me. Its not easy. I now have a beautiful two year old son. I fought my battles. But i love my life. I love my son. I loved his father. It didnt stop me from having a sexual relationship. Its all about how you get oast things. About how you approach things.
  • Leanne
    The only answer to this that I see is to get help. Sometimes the people in your life dont understand but you gotta do you anyway. The thing about your mental health is that it is yours. Not your mother's or whomever else's. I dont know your situation or your families situation. You said you were about to graduate so I'm assuming you're close to or already are 18. You are at that point in life where you should start making decisions for yourself. If doing so (making decisions for yourself) will get you or your family in trouble you may have more immediate troubles that should be addressed. Either way it's up to you. Good luck.
  • Character
    Just understand you’re not alone. Tons of us have felt that way. Just gotta hang in there, make it through for your family/loved ones.
  • Sheila Motko
    Don't be afraid to ask for help..we all need some kind now and then. Like me today..it is my birthday..I ve been very emotional..getting ready to leave very far from my son..But I know I can count on him,his dad, my friends...and my blood and adopted family..Also Characters videos ..Even though I am dealing with bouts of depression myself. I have to be there for my sister in law who lost her son to suicide ( we don't think it was , but the ME ruled it) I hope you get better and therapy does help.
  • CeleryxAmy
    talk to the school counselor anyway, look for online anonymous help pages, literally look up "reasons not to kill yourself" "reasons not to cut yourself" "self-harm prevention quotes" "suicide prevention speech"
  • River Mariani
    I want to thanks you guys for your advice but I am a minor sadly and I heavily rely on the approval (in most situations) from my mother but I will take everyone's advice and try to get some online help. Thank you everyone.
  • LizardQueenXoXo
    It gets better. Don’t worry it will work out. Just don’t give up.
  • Eli
    If you go to school talk to your fav teacher and they will send you to office call your parents etc

    Idek dude all theyre going to do for you is give you a medicine which honestly makes you feel like youre not all there or robot feeling.. If you want they assign you a therapist ;-; and once youre 18 youre going to have to pay for it :c its better to help yourself naturally

    If you have pets I suggest you cuddle em nao nig
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