• Lil
    i was searching "crop top" on youtube, and saw your video, and i was happy you are not like," crop tops are slutty"
  • scemoemotional
    When I was like a 11 year old emo I looked up emo and you came up (years ago
  • Anna Shannon
    Your Death Note video were in my recommend
  • The Great WonderKitty
    I watch Joinen, and he talked about you in one of his videos.
  • CeleryxAmy
    you can edit it with the pencil icon.
  • CeleryxAmy
    "spouse" is gender neutral and Lainey identifies as non-binary.
  • ColdFeet
    I found you through your collaboration with another YouTuber...
  • alyssabug
    Ironically Eugenia Cooney. I used to think you were bad cause I was such a Eugenia fan, but then I actually watched your videos and you helped me see that she's unhealthy and she was subconsciously causing me toto starve myself because I thought she was so pretty and I wanted to be pretty like her
  • Tessa
    Through YouTube searches. I think I was watching a video about Eugenia Cooney. It was quite a long time ago.
  • Heaven
    From when you and Shane kissed lol
  • MonaHerSelf
    The YouTube feed suggested you
  • Creeper
    In the bath looking at how to make candles took me to crazy Rusan hackerwich led me to uhohbro
  • Sinéad S
    2 words... Andy Biersack
  • Ayla Lynn
    I was scrolling through youtube and I believe I came across one of your 'hot or not' videos. At first, I thought "wow this guy is disrespectful" but as I watched more of your videos I began to regret my first assumption. I liked you more and more and ended up subscribing to all of your channels. I truly love your videos. You are one of the most honest and real YouTubers our there. I enjoy you and your spouses' channels. Thank you.
  • Trish
    My girlfriend saw one of ur videos and then started obsessing over them probably about 3 years ago. After a while I became interested because u seemed funny and I had nothing else to do. Then I saw how u dont have a filter (like me) and I loved that! U didn't care what others thought about ur opinions on most topics. U said what u were thinking. Ur an awesome person and a really good youtuber. Others ask y u would open up and tell us personal shit or they blame u of lying because its so personal but what I think some ppl dont understand is ur just another human being. U've gone through some shit too. Just because ur famous and have a Youtube channel doesn't change that about u. Im glad u feel comfortable enough to open up about ur life @ this moment and ur childhood. Many ppl take that for granted. What they dont understand is u dont HAVE to tell us anything about u and ur significance other's life. Love u guys! Have a great day/night! (Whenever ur reading this)
  • Trish
    Btw Idk if u knew but ur last video with u dying u hair... It past 5k likes in 1 day lol
  • Nat
    I used to watch MrRepzion and he made vids about you, lol
  • Michelle Theresa
    I discovered your channels last year when a patron who lived in my house would watch your videos and I would walk by sometimes and watch for a moment.
  • Dmitri
    In maybe 2013 or 2012 a friend of mine was like “hey look at the cool video this guy has like your exact humor” and then played the audio to me over Skype. From there I looked you up (after her fully giving up and just texting me the name Onision since I could not understand what she was saying) and I thought you were pretty funny. As time went on I saw more and more of how chill you were and became more of a true follower when I found videos of you talking about weight and chest size, which at the time I was insecure about. I still have troubles with my weight but obv I don’t really mind having a small chest now that I realized I’m trans. I think it was just shitty guys I talked to and society pushing me to want more of something I honestly never really wanted to have at all.

    Interesting fact btw Lain/Eli coming out as genderqueer happened about the same time as me thinking I was and they first talked about going as Eli right as I stopped going by that in favor of Dmitri.
  • Kennidy
    stayed over a friend's and for w.e. reason I wanted to watch 2 girls 1 cup. I never seen it or knew its context, just that it was eff'ed up. She tried sparing me getting too traumatized and without context showed me the hula hoop song. I was blown away by amazement. Then watched I'm a banana and did our own reenactment video. Still ended up watching the 2g video and recorded my crying response lol. Went on with life and stumbled on your hip dip video about three years ago and been a fan since!
  • Jacquelyn
    my old best friend ( we are no longer friends, because she was being emotional abusive and telling me to kill my self) showed me your videos, back when you still made videos with Cyr, and i just kinda agreed with a lot of the things you said, and you were so funny! i guess i just stuck with you, and i plan to honestly! i think the only reasons i wouldn't watch you was if you did one of these three things:
    1) become a murderer
    2) rape someone
    3) say the N-word, and ruin YouTube (like a certain someone)


  • CeleryxAmy
    I used to be insecure about my dipish hips long ago. I watched that video after I hadn't thought about it in a long, and that thing he said about us looking hard for the stupidest flaws in our bodies bc we're first world country girls, made me really confident about my body in general
  • AshleySim
    i was staying over at my best friends house and she was like "isn't he great" and i proceeded to become obsessed with uhohbro and onision speaks
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