About Dev Cildrahus

Star Sign Pisces, moon and ascendant are both Leo
Political Party Mostly liberal with a bit of libertarian thrown in there. Variety is the spice of life.
Religion None
Favorite Food Duck confit quesadillas
Favorite Band Sigur Ros
Favorite YouTuber Onision (aka Character) or Character (aka Onison)
Favorite Movie Reality Bites
Favorite Show Bobs Burgers and The Office (American version)
Gender Female/chick/woman/she/her whatever I really don’t care what you use for my pronouns, we’re all human and it’s all gravy baby.
About Maybe just know that I don’t flippantly make friends with people. So if we’ve had a discussion and things seemed to be going in that direction and suddenly you don’t hear from me anymore it means one of two things. Either I’ve become turned off and no longer want to know you or vice versa. I will put it in these terms. I don’t put effort and resources into something that I won’t get a return on my investment on. So if we’re ever in a situation where you haven’t heard from me for a while ask yourself “when’s the last time I actually took it upon myself to engage Dev about something?” That will usually let you know if it’s me or if it’s you.
Location Boston, MA
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