About Skye

Star Sign Libra
Political Party believing in equality for all and love is love
Religion Non applicable but I believe in ghosts
Favorite Food Strawberries with milk and sugar
Favorite Band Patd,or the 1975, Or the neighborhood
Favorite YouTuber Pewdiepie (grew up watching him) since I was little And onision (found the banana video and was hooked with random skits)
Favorite Movie The Dark Knight, IT, The possession, Dead Silence,
Favorite Show Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural/Black mirror/stranger Things
Gender Biologically I'm female I tend to shy away from labels
About Socially Awkward. I run my dogs Instagram. I love reading. I love horror movies. I'm a Photographer. the about me section won't accurately describe my personality. A part of multiple fandoms AND I'm an oddball. (that's all I have for now)
Location New York
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