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Star Sign Libra, Moon in Scorpio
Favorite Food Tacos
Favorite Band Probably Modest Mouse or MSI
Favorite YouTuber MichaelCera (^:
Favorite Movie Youth in Revolt
Favorite Show Bob's Burgers
Gender Gender-fluid (He, She, They)
About First off

I re-blog.
I blog. I facebook.
I love music. I hate music.
I'm imperfect. I'm perfect. I'm learning.
My birthday is today, and tomorrow.
I'm twelve years old. I'm 24 years old.
I know it all. I'm awesome. I love myself.
I hate myself. I'm you. I'm me. so just follow me here!~..
haha jk i'm too lazy to create a cool link to make you follow me so ...just click it over there somewhere ➹

I'm a fun-guy and
need more
friends~ hmu

somethings you'll never know
- Me 2019
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