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  1. Our Lives

    1. Introduce Yourself

      A great place to find friends. Say hi and make a few friends right here! When you join, be sure to post and say hello. Please also welcome new members. If you have stories, please share them here as well!

    2. Body Image & Health

      Discuss body image, health & more. How is your health? Are you addicted to anything? Do you have a special diet? Vegan? Vegetarian? Have you been diagnosed with anything? What is your world philosophy, how is your state of mind? Talk about it all here.

    3. Help & Advice Forum

      Struggling with depression, ed, anxiety or something else? Need friend, family or dating advice? Talk to us here! A lot of us would like to help you!

    4. Everything Else

      Talk about whatever comes to mind that isn't covered elsewhere on this forum. So long as it follows board rules, you're welcome to bring it up! Thank you!

  2. For Fun

    1. Movies, TV, Music & YouTube

      Discuss YouTube videos, your favorite web sites, social media celebrities, movies, TV shows and most anything  else associated with the online world. Talk about pretty much everything that entertains you here! So much fun to be had!

    2. Memes & Games

      Post funny memes, play forum games & have a great time! Start your own forum game here, or participate in games already running. Also tell jokes and just be funny 🙂 You know, let's have a good time.

    3. Onision

      Write a message to Onision. Talk about Onision, post video suggestions & your favorite Onision videos here. Need to ask Onision a question? Have a video suggestion? Want to simply just write Onision a message? You can get in touch with him by posting to this forum! Good luck to you and getting a response soon!

  3. Extra

    1. Patron-Only Content

      Content that belong to top members/patrons only via patreon.com/onision... these ones are more sensitive, and need to be treated accordingly. Onision provides song downloads, book downloads and more. If you'd like to request a specific song be available, please post to this forum!


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