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I read this somewhere, but it's so simple and Im going to live by this genius idea!

Always put your coat on before answering the front door.

If it's someone you don't want to see, you can tell them you were just leaving.

If on the rare chance you see someone you want to have in your home, say you're just coming back. 

You're welcome! 

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This does not apply to the jane plains and joe blows of the world, this is more toward anyone with a numbered following,  If you make a statement, and people get mad, then you recant it, more people WILL get mad at you.  Let's say half the people get mad, but half support, well then you go and apologize, and the people that stood by you originally will then also be angry for back peddling what they believed in you for.  Now this next part,  I do not feel that Rosanne Barr was in t

Sloppy Mommy

Sloppy Mommy



Back in my younger years, I would have a FWB or two here and there, once in a blue moon kinda thing Now I'm like "Too much work" ... I would have to shave my legs! I call bullS●●●! Not happening! KEEPING IT SLOPPY! 

Sloppy Mommy

Sloppy Mommy



If people tell you that "Babies" are the hardest stage, DONT LISTEN TO THEM!! Babies might cry and fuss, but they give hugs and  they want to cuddle, sleep andeat. Toddlers are ruthless, they be savage and dont even care! Lol

Sloppy Mommy

Sloppy Mommy

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