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Eugenia Cooney, The Mystery Solved?



Do you think Eugenia Cooney really is safe now? In professional care?  

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  1. 1. How is Eugenia doing now?

    • I think she is getting help. I wish the best for her!
    • I don't think she really got help, unfortuately.

So today I removed a bunch of Eugenia videos from public viewing and I came to realize how many videos I've made... she's getting help now, so it's basically mission accomplished. No matter who was responsible for getting her there, including herself, she is there now... so what is the point in making more videos?

Well... I asked myself that, and here we are...

Regardless of my reluctance to make future videos on her... I have still been provided information that I feel the public would be interested in knowing, and that is... possibly who is really responsible for Eugenia Cooney finally getting help... and again, turns out, it probably wasn't me, probably wasn't Jaclyn Glenn, but actually... someone named... Godspeed?

I'm going to go ahead and quote Speedybird, a patron of mine (from patreon.com/onision) who DM'd me about a lot of this.


I don't know if you've come across this video but its a live call from a guy reporting Eugenia's issue to the police. He's very knowledgeable about laws etc (Obama passed a law into effect giving police powers to intervene in 2016). You will be shocked to hear that not only is the Mother enabling by moving every time the Police get in touch, but she's appearing in monetized videos with Eugenia. Poor guy is passed from pillar to post during the calls. Eugenia's tweet went up after this.

So the video in question is at the bottom of this post... it doesn't have a lot of views, so... this guy probably hasn't gotten much credit, but apparently, he might deserve most, if not all of it.

I replied to this helpful person with "Do you have time stamps for this? It's a very long video. I really appreciate your help."

They eventually sent me this:


00:05 - 01:00 speaks to Sergeant Palmer at Winchester, Connecticut PD who confirms Winchester PD spoke to Debbie Cooney (Mother of Eugenia) on phone & is out at Los Angeles, CA with Eugenia - she claims Eugenia is safe, well and healthy. Corey (caller AKA Zoom) stops him and asks him to pull up computer screen.

03:20 -07:12 caller speaks to Officer who did wellness check on Eugenia. Gets him to look at Eugenia's last posted video. youtube.com/watch?v=X9tEZhw4GMM&t=183s Warns Officer he will be shocked. Officer confirms he spoke to Debbie Cooney who claimed her daughter is skinny but in good health. Mother complains of online rumours being spread and they've been subject to swatting, unwanted calls and online 'harassment' etc. Caller advises Officer to look at videos from a year ago where she wasn't as thin. Caller tells Officer that Eugenia has become thinner & skeletal over past 3 years.Caller tells Officer that Dr Phil has even invited her onto his show to help her, (***note by me, whilst searching for videos, I discovered that Eugenia and her condition has also been discussed on the TV show, 'The Doctors'***) apparently, Eugenia has admitted she's had Anorexia long time ago, but every time someone discovers where she lives and call the Police, Eugenia moves. He goes on to say that its almost like her Mother is allowing this to happen and he's concerned that if no one does anything soon, she will die. Tells Officer that in 2016 Obama signed it into law that Anorexics can be forcibly taken in for treatment. He says Mother is not only enabling, but capitalising on situation by appearing in monetized videos with Eugenia. Eugenia has another channel with her and her Mom called something like 'The Anorexia Recovery' but she not recovering, she getting considerably worse. Advises Officer that Eugenia's BMI is now approx 10 which is low enough to have her committed for mental issues. Officer passes him through to new Officer who will write report.

08:10 - 15:16 speaks to Officer DeCarlo. Caller provides official statement (gives false address (he explains that later on stream to chat) Tells Officer that Mother is accusing people of all sorts when its not that. People are putting calls to the Police wanting to report serious concern for Eugenia's mental and physical health. Quoted Law about Obama's care act which was passed by the Senate, again. Officer DeCarlo says he wasn't aware of that law. Caller explains that Eugenia is now in an impaired state due to lack of nourishment which affects the brain. Tells Officer that Mother has started making videos about Eugenia which are monetized on another channel (i'm looking for that Channel for you, not found it yet) Caller describes Eugenia's body to Officer. Officer says he will call GLENDALE CA. PD to request well being check on Eugenia as they not able to do anything from where they are. Officer asks if he can give caller's tel # to Glendale PD to which caller agrees. Caller expresses his concerns again by explaining that lining of your heart gets eaten away causing heart to fail when you starve yourself to which Officer confirms he didn't realise that was a danger and he too, offers concern and interest. Officer then asks what relation to Eugenia is, if any. Caller explains he fellow You Tuber who mixes in same social circles online as Eugenia. Caller explains that biggest celebrities on the platform are now expressing deep concern for Eugenia and are even contacting news outlets to try get some media coverage before its too late. Waits for reply from Officer DeCarlo or news from Glendale PD.

6:02 -17:00 plays voicemail Officer left him after speaking to Eugenia'a Mother. Mother convinced them that Eugenia is healthy and safe 🤦🏽🤬

20:35 - 22: 20 Receives call from Officer DeCarlo who confirms he spoke to Glendale CA. PD who are going to send an Officer to the house where she's staying in LA for a well being check. Its now in the hands of Glendale PD and Officer DeCarlo gives caller their phone number in case caller should wish to ring them and 'chase things up' himself. Is told to ask for 'Supervisor Cole'

24:50 - 26:05 Rings Supervisor Cole at Glendale LAPD (+1 818-548-4840 131 North Isabel Street, Glendale CA 91206.....in case you want it) who immediately stops him in his tracks by asking him his relationship to Eugenia, how or if he knows her and whether he's spoken to her Mother etc. He has to explain that her Mother seems complicit in Eugenia's bad health, (***note by me again....someone did mention Munchausens by Proxy to me the other day, does have me wondering if that maybe going on here with her Mother..food for thought at least? ***) and even profiting in it. She puts him on hold until....

29:10 - 29:44 when she, (Supervisor Cole) comes back and gives him an incident number #4051 and tells him that she's going to get Eugenia to call him (yeah right like that's gonna happen! ) and she's going to send someone 'out there to the house'. (***note from me....Supervisor Cole is extremely sharp and rude to the caller***) He says that he hopes they can get her the help she needs, to which she replies 'well, we can't make someone' (doesn't even give him chance to quote the Obama 2016 law🤬)and hangs up the call.

37:00 - 39:00 He tries to call Eugenia's Father's number but gets no reply.

Now I have not reviewed a lot of information, in this specific instance, I am merely passing on what I was told. I could make a video about this, but my heart is not in it. So this blog post, of me simply passing along information, should hopefully be helpful.

Here's the video, that Speedybird was so kind to lay out for us:



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I really hope she is safe and being treated. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever seen on any platform and she deserves to live a long and healthy life. 

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Wow that's heavy!

I had the feeling her mother was kind of "off" but this is a whole new level.

"Food for thought" LMAO Greg XD

But Munchausen by proxy is scary and I hope that's not what's happening.

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I really hope shes doing well and being treated...but we wont really know until she,her family or a close friend come out about it 

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I hope she got help but we just have to be patient. We can’t rush her recovery if she is in treatment of any sort. It takes time and patience for someone who is not well to get better... It may be a few months before we even see Eugenia if she went to an actual eating disorder clinic. But I wish her the best of luck and hope she finds the light she couldn’t find.

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I've seen Jaclyn's video put I don't think she's being fair on the people who've made videos. (Apart from Danny, he's just a delusional liar)

The community have all been genuinely concerned about Eugenia and the tweet that went up lead to more questions than answers. Eugenia's close community should realise that there are people out there that do know what the treatment for Anorexia is like and the 'I'm talking to my Doctor' tweet lead many of us (me included) to think that either her Mother (and I use that word loosely, knowing what I know now) put up that tweet or Eugenia herself did, just to try and 'shut everyone up'

All it needed was a statement from close family or friends to confirm that Eugenia IS in a care facility of some sort, something that Jaclyn's video did sorta confirm. The rest of the community didn't know that until she put out that video yesterday and even so, we still don't know whether Eugenia is in in patient treatment (which she should be) and I think Jaclyn was wrong in going after Greg like she did. You only have to watch Greg's videos or talk to him personally to realise how much he is genuinely concerned about her and to always assume he's trying to do it for monetary gain is just wrong.


I have no doubt that Greg's heart is in the right place and just wish he'd be given a break.




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 I'm not a fan of hers, but I still want the best for her. People can try to get her the help all they want, even if she is involuntarily committed and receives help for a time, unless she herself wants to recover from this, she will return to her old ways immediately.  

My hope for her is that she  is getting all the help she needs and more importantly, that she herself wants this as a positive change in her life 

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On 2/26/2019 at 1:40 AM, Lilith said:

I like the blog format. You should definitely write more blog posts.

This, it would be very interesting to get more blogs by @Onision regarding subjects he is passionate about 🙂

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