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Onision's Military Service (Truth With Proof)

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  1. 1. What most accurately describes how you feel about taking human life?

    • I would never do it.
    • I would in self-defense.
    • I would if my government told me to.
    • I would for pretty much whatever reason.

Some time ago I made a video showing my separation papers from the military (video at the bottom of this post.) In the video I point out that I was discharged Honorably.

People have released documents they looked up online showing that I was released "Under Honorable Conditions" as well, only those are not exactly the same. I'm not sure why they gave me the physical documents in person saying "Honorable" and then mailed me a copy later saying "Under Honorable Conditions" but either way, I am honored.

Here's the discharge papers that were posted to the internet, originally by someone who has made countless videos about me... not exactly sure what they were trying to prove, because they just proved I did serve a few years in the military, I was discharged honorably & under conscientious objector status... this is why people trust me, because I come with receipts:


I think the issue is, and this is only what I assume, Honorable Discharges are normally given to people who serve their full term. I served quite a few  months less than my term. I was signed up for 4 years, but in South Korea, I registered to be recognized as someone who would not be willing to end a human life. As a result, I was discharged early, again, under honorable conditions, which is great, I feel happy about it.

A popular idea online is that I did not even finish Basic Training... this is simply impossible. If I never finished Basic, I would have never wound up in South Korea serving at Osan, nor would I have ever served at Tinker AFB, or volunteered for so many temporary duty assignments to places like Canada & Arizona.

My point is, a lot of people talk about my life as if they know it, but the facts/documents simply do not match their claims.

Here's proof of being discharged as a conscientious objector:

Here's a video talking about my initial discharge papers, me pointing out the documents I was handed, stated honorable:


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