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Where cool people just hang out and talk.

For videos of me mostly just talking... like vlogs.

Where I post random pictures and videos. Much effort, buy stonks.

Facebook sucks, and I hate it... anyway, here is my page. Lol.

Great place to listen to Onision music.

Read Onision books in digital form!

YouTube has it's own music app... weird huh?

This is the place I talk to much on... like seriously, shut up, me.

It's where I released "I'm A Banana" and other good funny videos.

One of the best, but now not-so-relevant sites ever,

I posted to this site forever ago... it's like... an archive now.

Some of the weirdest Onision songs can be found here.

I guess it's another music site? Ok... cool!

Read Onision books in digital form!

A site where you get to see it all. 18+ only.

People get me things to help with videos and life... really cool of them!

This site should have never changed from the original design but ok... here's the new version.

I never stream here it seems, but oh well, here ya go.

Another cool place to listen to Onision music.

This is like Onision, only on the Radio? I donno.

A site where you can check my age... whatever it is today.

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