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  2. @Co_Mill That's cute haha

  3. unfortunately there so many posers they don't even know Jaclyn Glenn and they don't know that she's got a very big heart to me it seems like she really wanted to help Eugenia Cooney it's amazing how many people are trying to snack views talking about her and they don't even have a channel until they see a reason that they can use to make a channel they don't have any talent that just using her this is like really evil
  4. @dannidoesgore called it 😭

  5. @dannidoesgore bet

  6. @dannidoesgore I wanna met 32 & 34 mins ago are d●●● pics

  7. RT @itrevormoore: America has owned the Moon for 50 years now! I think it is time to officially declare the Moon to be the 51st state!!!!

  8. The Lion King was good and yes, I cried lol. It would have been better though if there wasn't a 2 or 3 year old tal… https://t.co/JJhYwuJ3Bf

  9. RT @WynonnaEarp: But before we really dive in, @realtimrozon and @DominiqueP_C had a special message for all you #Earpers. #WynonnaEarp #SD…

  10. theres a video that Jaclyn Glenn uploaded regarding Eugenia Cooney's recovery video with Shane Dawson. She seems completely distraught. Some comments from EC regarding bullying and friends take Jaclyn by surprise as if they were directed to her. She seems really shaken up. Have you seen this video? this isn't the original upload this is a commentators upload with their opinion.
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  12. Michael Mando - Vaas Michael Cera - Scott Pilgrim Lex Luthor - Doesn't Matter Who Plays'M
  13. Going to see #TheLionKing with my mom and sister tonight! I've been waiting so long for this moment. I'm ready to cry lol

  14. @shanedawson I'm sure you needed it lol

  15. @kai92229432 I'm so happy for you!! Hope all your super cool secret family is super cool

  16. @Onision All good on this end ! https://t.co/1vhUnWvv6n

  17. @parscale Metal straws work great.Reusable Stainless Steel eco Friendly Straws, 6.5mm Pack of 6 Straws, Steel and R… https://t.co/NCeJJvITT5

  18. RT @jordanbpeterson: A thoughtful piece on the dangers of misplaced empathy: https://t.co/LHoOAMUqNr

  19. RT @TwatOnision: What have we learned tonight so far:
    -Never tell someone else’s story without their consent.
    -Respect people’s health and…

  20. RT @DDsulzbach: She asked you to stop. You're not even in the position to graduate someone for doing something when you've knowingly mocke…

  21. RT @BigMoneyOnision: @Onision @Eugenia_Cooney @shanedawson You didn't help her at all.

    You bullied her to no end and body shaming doesn't…

  22. If you're going to say anything, please refrain from insulting me. The last thing I need is someone trying to attac… https://t.co/9BL0J6jxXm

  23. and my best friend.

    My Instagram is @/just.m0n1ka_
    Thank you.

  24. I might go live on my Instagram today about my abuse. I'm either going to be very emotional or very numb. I may rep… https://t.co/BFp8doU1mp

  25. •Trigger warnings
    •Overview of the types of abuse
    •What he has done to me
    •Things I have done
    •How he and I split
    •… https://t.co/hWxyEZW0of

  26. RT @linkinpark: Remembering Chester today. Feel free to share your favorite photo or video of Chester / LP below. https://t.co/vHmzCZVYCb

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