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  2. Another reason why dogs are amazing ❤ https://t.co/fmVMF1p10y

  3. Nope. I'm leaving this planet lol https://t.co/jSD3kWnpPG

  4. @JoeyGraceffa Love you too Joey! Goodnight 😄

  5. Account: *has requirements*
    Me: *doesn't meet requirements*
    Account: "You must—"
    Me: *still slides in the DMs*

  6. I'm not necessarily in this mood, but:

    You know you're lonely when you miss that one person who broke you.

  7. @candy_savvy @Onision Yesss 🐷

  8. "Did you know that labels disable?" "...That's deep." - From a new episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway I'm watching haha

  9. @Onision Haha cute! I love pigs too and want one as a pet so bad lol

  10. What does your girlfriend think about your account and politics? — Umm I don't know. I certainly hope she doesn't m… https://t.co/7C12AZfT1k

  11. Working on my history project. My ADHD is starting to kick in (I took some booster medicine to try to focus). Any a… https://t.co/iJQg1Z5zMM

  12. @saintofstars YOU GOT THISS

  13. RT @Amy13Rose: today really made me realize how important it is to get complete closure with another person. wowie, is my heart tired or wh…

  14. @saintofstars YOU GO

  15. Yesterday
  16. @PandorasJarOpen It's not very clear, but here https://t.co/06AKbH3l38

  17. Y'all chose the first option. I'm going to post a sketch I've made and I want your opinion on it.

    This idea actual… https://t.co/OW0gtnh5CH

  18. @BxtchyBxthxny I'm not really twelve

  19. https://t.co/zUw1L6Zn93

  20. >Religion shouldn't be taught in public schools.
    >Homos●●ual people shouldn't be attacked for being attracted to th… https://t.co/D4PuNRQIug

  21. If y'all curious as to why I never talk about conservatives the same way I do with liberals, it's because I'm not e… https://t.co/uIKD4dQIp5

  22. @Onision I'm already eating cookies but I'll take a cupcake too 😋

  23. "If you want to make a point, don't respond to anyone who comments on your statement. There are people who aren't c… https://t.co/1GYZn1ifz4

  24. accused of horrible things. I'm talking about everyone, the left, the right, and the center.
    Again, this is my opin… https://t.co/BJW9yYHPOQ

  25. just like there are racist liberals, but a majority of the racist actions aren't intentional.
    A large number of lef… https://t.co/3B15ja0nlh


    The left (Left-leaning centrists not included) are the people who keep racism alive.
    I'm not saying th… https://t.co/IajTcmLMWg

  27. @OnisionPrime These people need to stop lol

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