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  2. RT @brendonisdead: me coming in to work and seeing my favorite coworker is there too https://t.co/4g2SWGC1je

  3. @greygirlgrace Thanks! Hopefully next year I'll have a different job where I'll be off on Holidays lol

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  5. I feel like you're punishing the victims instead of the perpetrators, because you can't punish them, so we (your fans) are the ones who lose out on getting to know more about you, you, the real you behind the characters unless we pay money to Patreon. I gather here that THAT is NOT your intention, I know you want to keep yourself and loved ones (including pets) safe, and thats cool, but the fact is not everyone is always going to like you, and out of those that don't like you, not everyone is going to be silent with their dislike. On a place like your forum, you have a little more control of who remains and who goes, if someone comes on here that offers critisizm (not the constructive kind.. Like "I liked thing A you did, but wasnt crazy about thing B) VS "I hope you rot in hell after you die, you turtle killer"... See the difference? I would think most all of us (if not all of us in general) are here because we're your fans. With that said, I understand WHY you're doing what you're doing and you have good reason to do so, but it's almost like telling your fans "You're not good enough to receive the real me unless you pay me". I know that's not your intention, but why should we have to be the ones to suffer because of trolls in your comment section? I am a fan, I like your overall content, but I don't see this as a good or friendly move to those that are here, because we're here because we want to be here and we want to be here because we're fans.
  6. @EmmaRosie3 @Onision "Feminist as f●●●" shirt, welcomes pedophilia and makes fun of other women. has no evidence to… https://t.co/d4zjgX6Huy

  7. @EmmaRosie3 @Onision yikes https://t.co/3Zk7GTQN32

  8. RT @sadlxst: no girl wants to hear about another girl fam

  9. @EmmaRosie3 @Onision You look like a fantastic human keep up the good work ✌🏻

  10. @EmmaRosie3 @Onision Uuuuuuhhh https://t.co/0zBVsv2qm9

  11. I'm so f●●●ing sad

  12. @EliasBriggs_ I'm going to indy to @DairyQueen so I'm definitely stopping in to say hey. Its gonna be awkward but 🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. I feel the same. I only recently started watching your videos and I didn't even really have time to become a fan before you decided you were only going to be on patreon. I know you're uploading those character videos or whatever, but they're not my thing. I like when you're in front of a camera speaking candidly. I get that everyone deserves a certain amount of privacy, but I think refusing to show/discuss your family life and instead focusing on certain topics of discussion would accomplish that just as well as putting everything behind a paywall. Anyways it's pretty obvious you're not going to budge on this, I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I hope you change your mind at some point in the future, bye 'til then.
  14. How was your Easter? Mine didn't even feel like Easter because I had to work and I didn't even go to Church lol. It… https://t.co/63BFtB0hNk

  15. I deadass miss the dudes at Casey's 😭😭😭

  16. RT @sproutemy: i just really love girls

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  18. RT @supershayne: PETER: Cmon guys, we can still win the battle of the bands tonight.

    JOHN: But our band hasn’t been the same since our lea…

  19. @tanamongeau I have no idea. I literally don't understand why someone would even consider doing that. I'm sorry 😔

  20. RT @tanamongeau: how could you break the heart of someone you love for moments with someone else

  21. @SmoshIan Broccoli > Weed

  22. RT @SmoshIan: Guys it’s 4/21 🥦

  23. Not diagnosed BPD, but bipolar 1(final diagnosis in Dec 2018 after 2 weeks being evaluated in a psych ward). I know they're not the same, there are some overlapping symptoms though. My advice is to not give up on therapy and be honest with your psychiatrist, if you're on medication, if your meds are not working. I cannot stress that enough. Also have a good support group around you, if you don't have one - find one. There are plenty of forums with people who have actual diagnosis like you to talk and converse about coping methods. It's a hard road, BPD comes with stigmas but don't let that S●●● define you. That was my biggest hurdle after my own diagnosis of bipolar 1, people just treated me differently and it felt like S●●● but you know what - we are still people, we have personalities, we're just dealing with some issues. Op I hope you can find something that works as far as coping methods go. It's hard but you got this!!
  24. "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." Wayne Dyer #quote

  25. notverysavvy Except they have a long history of not doing that towards us.

    And they still don't.

    So don't expect… https://t.co/qUUn66j2Mr

  26. notverysavvy Does this also apply to theists EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR?

    Until they stay quiet towards us, why sh… https://t.co/YtluOcOyqO

  27. actionnewsrep DineshDSouza TremblettRob Because we're here now, and can make the world better for us now, and for t… https://t.co/HVsXB7SCYk

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