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  2. Omg guys, the notifs are STILL going on. These people really need to get a life. One literally tried to say we're bad people. I've had worse than this, this isn't even that bad, but I still hate receiving it because it's negative.
  3. I agree. This trend is absolutely ridiculous. I get that some people might not like him or have any interest in him and that's fine, but they really need to stop spewing their DISGUSTING hate everywhere and including fans in it. They're literally a cult. They always call Greg and his fans a cult when they're really talking about themselves. We're just supporting someone we love who makes amazing content for us and tries to live his life. People are never going to stop hating on him for no reason at all. Greg literally takes ONE breath and people are omg "OMG CREEP" and all that rubbish, it's just UGH. I can't even think of words because it's THAT pathetic. I've not seen one person who hates Greg who's whole account isn't about him. Literally every single person who's ever argued with me one Twitter has their whole account dedicated to hating him. They must have sad, sad lives. They even try to say I'm a bad person and an idiot and called me a school dropout as an insult (I did drop out of school but for mental issues and autism which I didn't know I had back then) so really they made fun of my disability and mental issues. Oh that reminds me, they call Greg a horrible and bad person for making jokes about sensitive things yet they're using my issues and insulting me for it, a bit hypocritical don't you think? And that's ANOTHER thing, they're hypocrites yet call Greg a hypocrite. hypocritical AGAIN much?? Lmao they need to sort their lives out, it's SAD
  4. I really want to stop using Twitter sometimes because of this, but I won't let these idiots stop me. I've been using Twitter for 8 years, since I was 10 years old. I've been addicted since I was 11 or 12 years old. So I'd find it impossible to leave. I do enjoy Twitter, I just don't feel safe supporting Greg because of these people. I'm just going to ignore them or give them smart-ass replies if I can think of any lol!
  5. Thank you too for existing Greg.You're the best!😊❤️
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  7. I think its really pretty.
  8. I think its crazy. They need to stop obsessing over us. They don't even have valid points for hating Greg and they only hate us bananas because we like Greg! Its crazy. But I guess its a good thing we're all stronger than them and bigger people. Seriously, all I wanna do is have some fun and they attack us. Well not on here. I stopped using Twitter. I don't like it. I like this place. ☺️
  9. Aww thanks Greg. ☺️
  10. I think it's immature, draining, and serves no purpose for them to do this. These haters aren't really haters I don't think, they're just following a trend and a lot of it is just shell accounts. They cause enough fuss for Twitter to ban them, so they create account after account to evade that and continue with their pointless shenanigans. I've blocked hundreds of people, I can't even keep count anymore, yet as you said, they keep coming, so if I have anything to say, like a compliment or positive feedback, I often take it here because what good will it do to give energy vampires a way to target someone else? They don't even know what kind of content he creates, they just look at the title and go "Yep, he's trash. Let's bombard his Twitter and YouTube because we're #edgy and #cool like that! WOO!" Pretty sad if you ask me that no matter the year, there will always be someone out to get you, always be someone that has something antagonistic to say. Ultimately how we deal with it is what matters most. We can choose to come to these people with hard facts, but you won't get through to them. or we can choose to walk away because it's plain to see they don't care about truth, they only care about their warped little bubble. *shrug* No one has swayed me from supporting Greg, and they're not going to now, either. He's only human, I genuinely don't know what they expect. From the few occasions that he's responded to me, be it in a comment or a DM, he's really cool. Maybe if they tried to have a conversation instead of blowing smoke out of their rears, they'd probably gain a whole new perspective.
  11. So a lot of people are suggesting I go rose gold along with my blonde highlights and my hairdresser is like “we will start conservatively and work up to a certain shade.” (Meaning probably it won’t be as blunt/pastel I kinda wanted but I’m gonna take her word for it because she’s been doing my hair for 15 years/also the last pic is the shade I originally wanted but I’m gonna start small since it’s not a blonde color.) also I don’t want a ton of maintenance on it so I wanna start small. This will be my first color that’s not a natural hair color and I’m actually alittle excited because spring/summer is coming up so this maybe a fun little look to the warmer months. What do you guys think ?
  12. Thanks to LizzyAnn for contributing $5!!! She now has Former Funder status too!
  13. Goodnight lol insomnia rocks! 

  14. You guys are the strongest fans on Earth... thanks for existing.
  15. Hey I’m Twy or Twyla, I’ve been a fan of onion for a decade!
  16. Is this Billy the Fridge?

  17. I'm happy I could make you happy. ☺️
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