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  2. RT @jessedmisten: I can’t believe how this blew up & how you all are so so so sweet to my Ella bean!
    3 facts about Ella
    1. Her favorite m…

  3. @Co_Mill Hey thanks!

  4. The way he explains certain situations is everything 😆 #dashiegames #gameplay #gtasanandreas https://t.co/TAuMKwoerw

  5. When you are an entertainer, you have every reason to be more entertaining that you usually are... basically if expressing something can be done in a more entertaining way, people often do because they are rewarded.
  6. No not at all... the howl when they think they're home alone though.
  7. RT @VVanGone: the days are too long without you

  8. I am thinking to myself, as someone who has a mental condition that already makes it hard for me to read social cues, how can someone distinguish who people are online versus offline? Thoughts? In the past I have been carried away with the reality that is shown on YouTube that it made me think of people more like characters than full realized human beings and I want to learn from that. I am the kind of person who is willing to acknowledge my own mishaps but I want to keep learning.
  9. Cutest little girl I've ever seen! https://t.co/uZH0aoNp8W

  10. Yesterday
  11. @kai92229432 @Onision then who's the secret tiktok star 🤔🤔 either way I love this approach to the video

  12. @Onision kai's ability to mouth your words perfectly just outs him as a secret tiktok(er?)

  13. @Onision It should be obvious to focus on people you like instead of people you don't like, but that's what stalker… https://t.co/nUCs19k1DO

  14. @MisterPreda Your sleep self made you cheat on your healthy lifestyle 😆

  15. RT @PSYCHICTWINS: Body pulled from the East River is that of missing YouTuber and gamer Etika, New York police say. Rest in peace. @CNN htt…

  16. I have chickens as farm pets and I have one black old chicken that always sits on my lap all by herself and lets me pet her. She started acting like this once my pet rooster was chasing her and trying to beat her up either thinking she was a raven or for the fact that she used to beat up on and bully my rooster allot when he was a chick. He's REALLY fast, tall, big and strong looking for a rooster so I yelled at him and stopped him from chasing her and now she considers me her best friend. She always follows me, lets me handfeed her, pet her, hug her and sits on my lap whenever I am sitting. All the other chickens don't like her because they think she's a raven I guess. She's very black. Do you have any farm animal pets or wild animal pets that act like cats or dogs?
  17. My dog moans and groans whenever she's bored, annoyed or doesn't get her way. It's really cute and funny! she makes these "MMMMNNNNNN!" sounds with her mouth still closed. REAL moaning. Not howling or anything like that that some people call moaning. Sometimes when I hug and pet her too much, she also moans! it's so adorable!
  18. @OnisionPrime You look scary awesome haha

  19. I walked into work and my boss told me I was in big trouble as a joke. On the outside, I was like, "Why? Hahaha." O… https://t.co/BFI77Y4PLF

  20. @LedaCMuir Wow that's really cool and pretty!

  21. @DashieXP 😟💔

  22. https://t.co/TvqdYwevf6

  23. Your thoughts on Etika's death? — Don't watch him https://t.co/SZwvia5CWm

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