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  • Is Onision still making videos?
    Yes. Onision is making videos on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and maybe even Tumblr, just to be edgy.
  • What High School did Onision go to?
    When Onision was 15, he went to Miamisburg High School in Miamisburg, Ohio. Before and after that period, he went to Lakes High School, Washington State but also attended college simultaneously his Junior and Senior year.
  • Why is Onision still on YouTube?
    Because Onision respects and obeys YouTube policies.
  • What does Onision do now?
    Onision runs his own website, - Where he continues to entertain his fans, writing books, making songs and creating awesome videos.
  • Who is Onision and what did he do?
    Onision is the creator of multiple viral music videos, an author and comedian. As for what Onision did: Onision didn't do anything 😄
  • Is Onision cancelled?
    It depends on who you ask.
  • How old is Onision?
    Onision was born November 11th, 1985.
  • What is the Onision documentary about?
    The unpleasant story of two criminal ex-girlfriends who were paid money to spread, now-debunked, rumors.
  • Does Onision have beef with Strange Aeons?
    No. Onision is a Pescatarian.
  • How tall is Onision?
    Onision is 5 feet 11 inches tall or 180.34 cm
  • Why did Onision change his name?
    Onision's name as a kid (in school) was "Gregory James Jackson" Onision never really liked his first name as much as he did his middle name.
  • When did Onision become famous?
    Onision's first viral video was released in 2007. It was called "Gamer Song". Later success came from the song "I'm So Emo" released in 2008. The video "I'm a Banana", Onision's biggest video, was released about a year later.
  • What is Onision: In Real Life?
    It's a thoroughly debunked TV show.
  • What is Onision's Instagram?
    Onision's Instagram is:
  • What's the name of Onision’s Tumblr account?
    You can find the Onision Tumblr here:
  • Is Onision Shane Dawson?
    Many people say that Onision is, or looks like, Shane Dawson. This is, like most everything people online say about Onision, simply false.
  • Does Onision respond to fans?
    You can communicate with Onision on the Onision Discord:
  • Why do people believe & support what Onision says?
    That's what happens when you have a long track record of telling the truth and constantly bring receipts with you to establish how factual the information your presenting is.
  • Would Onision consider a Kevin Sorbo-like "Onision Cruise" where I can learn to maximize my potential in a way only he can teach?
    Only if Lois agrees to host.
  • Is Onision still on YouTube?
  • What happened to Onision?
    Onision was honest with people, they didn't listen to him, but in time, he was proven right. Let's just say, Onision is now living in Malaysia as a goat farmer.
  • How can I contact Onision?
    You can contact Onision here:
  • What does Onision mean?
    At first, it didn't mean anything, it was just a combination of letters that originally resulted in ZERO Google results. Now it results in millions of Google results, thanks to Onision.
  • Why was Onision discharged from the US Air Force?
    Onision realized he was a conscientious objector when he lived in South Korea and conclusively decided he had no right to take human lives. As a result, the Air Force discharged Onision "Under honorable conditions" due to the fact that after extensive interviews with his peers, his character was deemed genuine/honest.
  • Is Onision alive?
    One of many rumors people have spread about Onision is that he is dead. People online are really, really stupid, and will say anything.
  • What Is Onision's Real Name?
    Onision's real name is "Nunya"
  • Is Onision gay?
    Onision is best described as "pan".
  • Why is Onision on True Crime?
    True Crime is all about entertainment & money. The show has since been extensively debunked.
  • If Onision had one thing to say to lurkers what would it be?
  • What does Onision think of JK Rowling?
    You have to separate the art from the artist. No one is perfect.
  • What happened between Onision and Cyr?
    Initially, I terminated our friendship because we got over an argument about the Trump election. I was anti-Trump and I was upset that his vote, in my opinion (or literal fact, as it's a matter of math), only helped Trump win the election. Since then, I've removed myself a bit from politics, but still... the damage Trump did to innocent minority groups, pretty upsetting.
  • Why is Onision cancelled?
    Because most people believe dramatic rumors over boring hard facts.
  • What religion is Onision?
    Onision is Agnostic. From Merriam-Webster: 1: a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and probably unknowable broadly: one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god.
  • How does Onision make money?
    Onision makes money on OnlyFans.
  • How does Onision still have fans?
    Because some people pay attention to facts/reality and don't drink the social media Kool-Aid.
  • Is Onision guilty?
    Onision was vindicated and certified as a law-abiding citizen through witness testimony, investigator reporting & a polygraph. Onision's official statement, "Duh, I told you so, dummies."
  • Is Onision married?
    Onision was bullied a lot online, so he stopped sharing personal info like this.
  • What do you think of what happened to Creepshow Art?
    People who thrive off drama, are often eventually defeated by it. This is why it is better to make content that is positive, than negative.
  • When did Onision join the military?
    Onision joined the military in 2005.
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