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    I'm a health care aide. I've noticed alot of people leaving posts asking about health. Or just questions in general about the body. Now I can't diagnosis. But I can give tips or try and help out. Message below or my inbox. I'm here to help!
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    Hey so as I was writing my PewDiePie topic, I thought we should have a Topic where people can post their channel and we can support each other! Link your channel and i will happily check out your channel and subscribe! I have a YouTube channel but I only have one video and am not sure I will post more 😓 its here of anyone wants to check it out. Also if anyone has Instagram, Deviant Art, Twitter, etc. I'll happily check them out 😁 link it all!
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    Tw because I will mention r*ps ab*se ped*philia and s*xual ass*lt I know you haven’t spoke about this topic In a long while. And I want this to be as short as possible. I want to share my story because everything you’ve said about DDlg is the truth. Before any of that at a young age I was sexually abused and raped. But at the time I was 13 my family friend started grooming me. And because I’d been groomed before it was very easy to groom me. He was 19 (my dads friends son) and I’ve known him since I was young and he use to baby sit me when I was young. He introduced me to ddlg and started teaching me how to act like a child in sexual situations. It got so bad that I couldn’t function as a normal kid my age I was almost “little” 24/7 because he would manipulate and abuse me to keep me there. I was constantly terrified and it felt like everything that happened when I was young was happening all over again. He did things to me should have and he would tell me to talk to him about it in a baby voice. He got off when I told him no or when I would cry. He was a sick person and when he finally got his way he was done with me. To me ddlg looked so cute and innocent because it’s literally advertised like it’s for kids and it’s so easy for kids to get groomed into it. I’ve met several people who have told me they were groomed into at a young age. Many pedophiles and abusive people hide in the ddlg/CGL community because it’s the easiest way to manipulate children with being able to be a “kid” and a “big kid” The whole community triggers me and they literally get angry the moment someone doesn’t want interaction with them. They’re toxic and entitled brats who get off to children.
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    I have a joint channel with my partner. It’s kinda cluttered with streams right now, tho, haha. Just look up Nipnugs. Subscribe if you feel like it.
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    Recently just got this new Funko Pop from eBay. So beautiful 😍
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    Sure, it was attention-seeking to make those videos. That's kind of the point. Nothing has managed to get Eugenia's attention so far. I think the "why didn't they try talking to her before now?" argument is kind of dumb. Who says they didn't? You see how she dismisses questions and comments about her weight in her livestreams and on Instagram... I'm sure she acted the same way toward any of her friends who showed concern in real life. I try not to put too much stock into anonymous/unverified sources online, but some have stated that she would become incredibly defensive, upset, and even angry when asked about her weight by her friends and family. She's an adult living in the United States. Nobody can force her into treatment now. Her parents lost that chance when she turned 18. The only thing anyone can do is TRY to get through to her. I don't think these videos made by her friends were a bad way to do that. Unfortunately, I think someone with an ED mentality is going to feed off of this kind of attention. The concern is either going to fuel her ED, or she'll be inspired to go into recovery. Her history over the years suggests the former, but we can all hope and try our best. I think Onision was attacked for his videos because of the delivery and his reputation. I'm not saying I don't agree with him, I just don't think Eugenia was open to listening to his message.
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    Aleve is the best in my mind. But each helps with certain problems. Like tylonel is more for inflammation... and where Advil is for pain. Espom salts help with pain response, go for a long bubble bath with a cup or two of Epsom salts in the water. It does wonders. Add lavender and your ready to sleep. Good luck!
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    I actually do have advice. The scaitic nerve pain is usually 80% of the time because the piriformis muscle has contracted. This tiny muscle is layered over top of your nerve which is as thick as your thumb. Try these excercises to help relieve the pressure. Take an Epsom salt bath.. and most importantly drink water after these excercises to help replenish your body. https://youtu.be/ip0xXylip0xXylORVM Good luck! Let me know how it helps! Don't take my advice over a doctors, but this might help you feel better.
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    God I love all you guys so much. I don't feel so lonely
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    Don't blame her friends, they were probably trying to respect her privacy like any good friend should. They are now utilizing their fan bases to up the support because she's getting worse, and you know what they're doing what they can. That deserves credit, no use in asking "where were they?" When you don't know the situation intimately like a close friend would.. Just my thoughts on it. I'm glad her actual friends are speaking out
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    I'm so sorry you went through that 😞 sexualizing children is gross.
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    Whether it is your favorite band or musician, what is your favorite live performance of them? This is one of my top favorite performances of Lady Gaga because Julie Andrews actually gave her a standing ovation for this performance. I love her because she’s a very versatile artist and very captivating.
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    Post jokes here! The following is a list I found.
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    @Sheila Motko I subscribed to your channel! You have so many videos! I'm a little busy today but I'll watch some of your videos when I get home! Looking forward to it! 😁 if anyone else wants to check out Sheila's channel its here! Also Sheila is one of my favorite names it's so pretty! And all the Sheilas I know (which are only 2) were both badass rebel girls! You would be the third Sheila I know!
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    Thank you!! ^_^ Right!? I'll eat it from the jar! XD
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    Hehe I appreciate puns :3
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    Aweee it’s okay!!!!! XD my memes are up for grabs XD
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    Fun with onision coming.. yessssssssssss
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    She can, but I think it would be tough. Eugenia is kind of a unique case because I'd say she has the resources ($$$) to fight back legally if her parents were to pursue guardianship or court-ordered treatment. I think if it were an easy process, her parents or some other family member would have tried and succeeded by now. But I can only speculate.
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    One of the videos stated, they can’t get access to her anywhere and all her social media messaging is dead. So the only way they have to speak to her now is by posting a video 😞
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    I have a new-found love for Dijon Mustard. 😮
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    This guy too omg XD I love Pokémon so much hahahaha
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    Man there are so many Pokémon I love
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    Pink floyds pulse concert is the beeeeeeest! Great gig in the sky gives me the chills its so relaxing, takes me to another flucking world ! Lol i know ppl dont really like that song, i do, judge me all you want 😌 The entire show from the beginning to the end just feels ugh... Can't describe it
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    And I forgot to add, thank you so much for this, it's very kind and generous of you!
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    Do you have any advice for sciatic nerve pain? I have an appointment this upcoming Wednesday but the pain is getting worse as the days go on. It starts from my lower back shoots all the way down my right leg into my toes. The past 3 days it has traveled up to my right shoulder down through my right arm. It has made my right hand weak I dropped the juice container because my hand gave out. It's disheartening to be this weak and in so much pain. I would love any kind of pain relief advice!
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    I personally think if these people knew her they wouldn't be posting a video they would be talking to her and getting her help. ATTENTION.SEEKING.
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    Jesus, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I've never really thought it was a good thing that DDLG/CGL/ABDL(idk if that last one is correct but it's adult baby diaper lover or something) was so prominent. I'm sending you love and positivity though because you deserve nothing but good things OP, no one should have to go through that shit. ;-; <3
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    I love me some Jason Statham 😍
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    Oh yes Evan Peters!!! 🤤🤤🤤
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    Thank you so much for saying so. Really kind of you!
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    Fat Lip Sum41 Oh, my teen years.
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    seems like a troll post
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    I actually do enjoy some of Strange Aeons' content, but not when she mocks onision without any real points.

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