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    Thanks to Corronna Fly funding this forum for the month of February, I've started a new forum group called "Forum Funders" - It has the same access level as Patrons to show my appreciation for people helping keep the forums alive and well. Thank you so much!
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    Omg! Wow I didnt think it would be recognized I just did this to be nice 😅 I didnt expect even a thanks, this has definitely made my Friday night EPIC! Thank you @Onision for the title! I appreciate it so much! And thank you too @XerinaNova!
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    Pikachu is my top favorite! Otherwise my other favorite is Mightyena! My favorite starter is Cyndaquil and my favorite legendary is Zapdos! Which ones are your favorite?
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    Mmm... I also just added these. .. The now represent how much we post here... apparently I'm doing ok 😛 "Contributor" at the moment.
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    Gizmo upset Bc I couldn’t give him more turkey.
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    Thanks for the positive reinforcement! I appreciate the compliments! As for shoes in a crowd... hmmm.
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    That's awesome 😊 💜 thanks @Corronna Fly!!!!
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    Corporation: Made up of a bunch of regular people. PewDiePie: One guy. Sounds like voting for one king over the entire kingdom. Make one guy even more rich while the thousands that make up most companies continue to make almost nothing... It's just... confusing, the logic. Let me put it to you this way, PewDiePie, part of the 1% multimillionaire elites. The corporation, made up of people like you and me. So???
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    Out of everywhere in the world, what is your favorite place? Mine is Mt. Rainier in the summer 🙂
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    Name a song that had a influence on you I’ll start. Love is pain Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
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    I've been dying my hair way too much lately. Someone stop me before I'm bald.
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    Yep! Will be adding more cool stuff in time, but right now I should probably start making videos 😛
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    I like them :3 looks sharp and crisp.
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    Just wanted to say I’ve been watching your videos for almost ten years. Thanks for hanging in there through all the drama and continuing to put out great content! Love your channel, stay positive!
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    Just do what makes you happy!
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    See ya all when I wake up later😊👀💤💤💤💤💤💤
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    I like to listen to whale sounds. It relaxes me and helps me fall asleep.
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    This is my puppy Riley, he's super cute ♡
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    I've been working on an at-home routine to start, especially since it's frigid right now. I've been thinking of trying out zumba videos and using resistance bands. Once it warms up I'll be walking my dogs a lot.
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    Any fans of Avatar the Last Airbender? Would you be a water, earth, air or fire bender? And why? I think I would be a water bender! I love water and work as a lifeguard and love my job! Plus I would love to use water to heal. But blood bending is wicked cool!
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    Trust me, I have a fear of breaking my teeth, they aren't *that* appealing. I need a cluster like that, damn.
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    To be honest, I've never looked into the different effects crystals are supposed to have, but it's always been my dream to have a tiny treasure chest full of different minerals and crystals because that would be amazing. Edit: Plus - and I know this is crazy - some of them look very appetizing.
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    I had to search Google for it, but I personally loved this:
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    Hey since there was already a favorite YouTuber topic, I merged it with Greg's topic that already existed ^-^
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    Thank you 😊 I appreciate it !!!
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    The sunflowers fit Kai so well! I agree with you!
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    black #1 - type 0 negative XD
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    THAT IS ME! 😂
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    This guy too omg XD I love Pokémon so much hahahaha
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    Man there are so many Pokémon I love
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    Tools of witchcraft and alters: http://wiccaliving.com/wiccan-ritual-tools/ https://www.mookychick.co.uk/health/spirituality/pagan_tools.php https://www.thoughtco.com/magical-tools-for-pagan-practice-4064607 http://sacredwicca.com/ritual-tools https://thetravelingwitch.com/blog/2018/4/28/do-you-know-how-to-create-an-altar
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    Wiccan symbols and symbolism: https://www.thoughtco.com/pagan-and-wiccan-symbols-4123036 https://wiccanspells.info/wiccan-pagan-articles/wiccan-and-pagan-symbols/ http://www.wiccanuniverse.com/what-is-wicca/wiccan-symbolism/ https://www.ancient-symbols.com/wiccan_symbols.html https://thoughtcatalog.com/christine-stockton/2018/05/witchcraft-symbols-and-meanings/
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    This isn't attacking your relationship though. This person is sharing an experience they had with actual abuse. Your relationship may not have anything bad happening and be healthy, and that's great! You do you and I hope it continues to be healthy. However, there are tons of stories of men using the DDLG label as an excuse to manipulate/abuse women though. The bigger picture here is about abuse, not putting down people in stable relationships hun. I'm not trying to fight fyi, just kind of explain where OP is coming from. It's not a personal attack.
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    Angels_Founder theres sophie with him as an adult... finding her kitten pictures might be a little more work to find but if i find them i'll share.... it was the cutest thing ever to see her wrapped up in his tail lol
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