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    Out of all the YouTube Genres, which do you think is the worst? I really really don't like the creepy kids channels... like there is this dude who pretends to be a kid-like person and runs around paying on kids toys... oh crap, NOT CHIBI DERF, I mean a guy who's actually serious about it... like... legitimately might have a personality disorder... Imagine Mr. Rogers, in kids clothes, acting like a kid, only he looks like Jared from Subway. So... not Mr. Rogers. I also don't like ANY channel dedicated to making ANY other YouTuber's life hell... like if there were a "Jake Paul Drama Only" channel I'd be like... eek.
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    I personally love Sea Turtles.
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    yes, exactly- those animals shouldnt be in captivity ESPECIALLY in the size tanks they keep them in which is actually dangerous to their health - they dont get enough excercise and the small amount of space just swimming in circles gives them mental disorders, ocd, etc wheras that would usually swim long disances, like hundreds of MILES at a time, they can only swim in circles (and they can live to over a 100 years in the wild, and most barely live to maybe 50 tops in captivity--- thats HALF their natural lifespan cut from them) and maybe they are a little more used to this if born in captivity, but like i said, a lot of them are born IN the wild and captured, taken from their families, etc. and being such social animals, this is also detrimental to their health and quality of life. they are SEVERELY affected by the loss of family - like a human would be, perhaps even more- they have very HIGH levels of emotion and consciousness and actually i think use more of their brains than humans even do, which would make them even more in touch with their thought and emotion. so yea, i wasnt defending Sea World for what they are, i was just saying at least in the past they TRIED to treat the animals well and didnt force them to work, but i read a lot of articles recenntly and documentaries about how they would beat and starve the animals and use tactics to force them to perform and a lot of that is what causes them to lash out in the instances where trainers get killed and dragged under, etc. the animals are just....essentially mentally ill at that point and even if they love the trainer and have a relationship with them, they dont care in the moment and act out in frustration. they are not BAD animals, just ill and being mistreated. i feel like sea world has gone way downhill like they dont even try anymore. like when i was there i was bummed that we didnt get to see the dolphin show but i was also happy that they didnt force the animals to work and just seeing the feeding and everything was fine. (and the dolphins actually looked happy when they were getting fed, but then dolphins are a LOT smaller and maybe dont require as much space... they're able to keep multiple dolphins in an area whereas can probably only fit one whale per tank which keeps them in isolation -- like the dolphins are prob. happier since they at least have someone to hang out with, whales and dolphins are both very social-- the whale has nobody 😞
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    I do not doubt that trainers or people working with the orcas in captivity care deeply for the orcas and their well-being. When you work with an animal like that you're going to get attached and try and make the situation as easy for them as possible. I have a problem with animals like that being in captivity at all. I especially have a problem with the amount of space they give them. These animals are very smart, very large, and social. They need their group to go on. It's not right to keep them in a pool. I'd much rather go whale watching from a boat and see they're magnificence on they're terms. Also I'm one of those kids that never got to go to Sea world or anything like that, so maybe I'm a little bitter? πŸ˜‚
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    i feel like we're all just kind of food for the earth so just enjoy your time while you're here. (like the earth is essentially the 'god' and we were all put here to keep the universe and the earth itself thriving. big ol' circle of live... we live we die, we decompose and feed back into the soil.... all animals have a small purpose in keeping the cycle going and all of us should just do our best to enjoy our time here and hopefully spread positivity while we're at it, to make others life better as well.
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    I'm not gonna lie. I just wanted an excuse to take a second and just LOVE the sunflower background. It's just so great. 🌻🌻🌻
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    It's a sexuality. It should be included
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    i absolutely L O V E kai's sunflowers ❀️
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    For me country is too quiet, and the city is too busy. I like where I am right now access to the city right outside of it. If I had to pick something different for a change of scenery I would love to be near water. ✨✨✨😊
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    Danger 5! It's an Australian comedy action. I love it because it makes fun of the 50's and 80's, with such weird humor and it just never takes itself seriously. The 5 protagonist main goal is to kill Hitler. Nazi Dinosaurs
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    You guys are so supportive. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
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    That's a lot of open minded people!
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    There are 2 sexes (intersex is a medical condition where you're psysically a mix of both) and genders are literally based on sexes... There can't be more, cause where would that be based on? The colour of your socks? (I actually read this somewhere, hilarious and utter bullshit) If you identify as bigender, you're both male and female, not a 3rd gender If you identify as genderless/agender, you have no gender (or don't wanna label yourself) how can not having a gender possibly be a gender... lol If you identify as genderfluid, you switch between male and female (and maybe genderless) but that fluidity is not a different gender, you're both just not at the same time If you identify as somewhere inbetween male and female, you're still kinda both or leaning towards one Butch, femme and androgynous are NOT genders, they're gender expressions Pangender, being ALL genders while there's 2... It's the same as bigender. This is also why pansexuality doesn't exist, if you like both sexes, you're bi, stop being special Oh and umm... Trans female is not a gender, the whole fucking point is that she's a woman (just born in the wrong body) same as trans male
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    I'm a sucker for dolphins. They're just so precious.
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    Lest we forget these little cuties who can survive the cold, irradiated vacuum of outer space. On a non-microscopic scale I think normal sized bears are pretty neato.
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    Deer or moose. Both beautiful and awkward in their own wayπŸ˜‚
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    wolves and tigers. and other big cats but ive always loved tigers. mountain lions/cougars as well. orcas and elephants for big ol' mammals. their sense of family and emotion is amazing.
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    non binary / agender...... dont care what you use for pronouns just get squicked out if people call me a 'woman' or a 'lady' or to act 'ladylike' but she/her pronouns are fine since thats what i AM, i just don't really ..... feel it and if feminine gender roles are put upon me or expected of me i feel icky and weird. also asexual but not aromantic. primarily hetero-romantic but open - like, aesthetically attracted to all genders if its someone who catches my eye its not necessarily even based on gender, it could be style or vibe or personality or a number of diff. things. but i wouldnt consider myself bisexual either because i'm not just.... attracted to both sexes, im kind of not attracted to EITHER sex but when i am its more towards the opposite sex but just there are exceptions to the rules- i would date a woman or trans person if there was a connection.
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    I like kinkajous (pictured here) I also like llamas and lemurs. All different kinds of wild animals, but those are my faves. I like any kind of exotic/rare wild animals. 😊
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    Old school! Hell yeah 😎 πŸ€™
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    Gotta always talk to a doctor about these things... opinions on weight are often... not reliable.
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    Well at least you come in peace πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘½πŸ‘Ύ
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    I'll explain this. (Hypothetical situation) There are 2 types of fruit in the universe: there are bananas and there are strawberries. Every person has one milkshake. Some people have a banana milkshake and some people have a strawberry milkshake. Then you fint this people who have milkshakes that can't be described as a banana milkshake or a strawberry milkshake. The flavor is in between, they have some of both. Some people have half a banana and 3 strawberries, some have 5 strawberries and just one circle slice of banana. They have different percentages of each. Some have more of one than the other, some are right in the middle, either way, none of them can be accurately described as a banana milkshake or a strawberry milkshake. This doesn't disprove the initial statement that there are only 2 fruits in the universe. Of course their milkshakes are completely real and these people's variety of flavors are completely valid, but they're not a third fruit. Non-binary people are somewhere in a scale from femeninity to masculinity, no third gender, yes it is different but you won't find pineaple taste on the strawberry-banana milkshake, even though it doesn't taste like a banana or a strawberry. There is no third gender, or a third sex with it's own genitalia. Gender varies from male to Female and the entire spectrum is valid.
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    Recommend Vegetarian Brands πŸ˜ƒπŸŒΏπŸ΄
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    Sonic the Hedgehog! I love all the sonic games!
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    Take all of the characters and mash them together.....I suppose that's me....eh.
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    honestly probably Emo Charlie
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    Can you do like a super basic white girl parody video? Like where you do "your" morning routine, such as working out, writing in your gratitude journal, and drinking an overpriced smoothie?
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    I usually hate asmr. But these two together are so fun I just CANT.
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    Chibi for sure. I can get pretty random and spontaneous when I'm comfortable around people πŸ‘€
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    I actually really enjoy all Kai's content. I know, I know, it's a cop out of an answer, but true. πŸ™‚
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    I've missed those videos.. unless I've missed one that was recently uploaded. Those were the best. And hilarious Anyone agree?
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    Or any video with Greg includedπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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    I love the emo turned prep and prep turned emo.
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    Anytime she reacts to your videos. My most recent fav is
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    Because a lot of times I feel like I'm the calm person in a room full of crazy stuff πŸ˜› Like IRL.
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    Those are great... when I find a chance, that will be probably the first sketch thing I do πŸ˜›

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