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    Basically if you're not straight or a total creep, you're LGBT.
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    But that is due to the Asian investors in all of angloworld, aka them smuggling money out of china by buying real estate in case they get in the bad rep of the communist party. That would require legislation no one would allow to pass, because of "free market" and "trickledown effect" (which in this case is empty houses ). But real estate prices have dropped 2.6% in Canada during 2018, which is good. Homelessness is due to the cut in social assistance, which was moved to be a state funded affair by the CONSERVATIVES in 1998 or so. This means Trudeau would not even be allowed to legally help it, unless that change was reverted back to the ruling power of the federal government. In 2002 Conservatives introduced even more cuts to the power of the government to help with social affairs in Canada. The homelessness and real estate prices are 100% conservative legislation and policies that have, you guessed it, trickled down to affect the average person. Trudeau would not be able to affect those unless he would revert those, which luckily he is trying to do.
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    The carbon tax is to battle climate change, the pipeline I get and I wonder who is actually behind lobbying it lol.
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    How can you dislike Trudeau? He is the single most underappreciated politician. He has lowered taxes for middle class, he has put forth legislation that improves the position of indigenous people and other marginalized groups (like transpeople) and achieved close to 50% of his campaign promises. Those are super impressive stats, all that while being the best looking world leader. How can you NOT like this snack of a man?? https://www.mtlblog.com/news/justin-trudeau-canada-prime-minster https://trudeaumetre.polimeter.org/
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    I hope Elizabeth Warren runs for president. Bernie will be 80, that is way too old for a president, we already have one crazy old man in the office. We don't need another old man who's memory and stamina are just getting worse.
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    I’m personally voting for Bernie. Amazing guy.
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    I've seen a lot of debate surrounding that whole topic recently. Do you personally believe that as●●uals should be included under the LGBT umbrella? The arguments for each side that I've heard/read are: Pro: As●●uality is not a "mainstream" orientation and leads to people questioning and doubting your lifestyle, similar to how gay/bi people are often questioned and belittled or told they just need to find the right person for a heteros●●ual lifestyle or that it's a phase they will grow out of, therefore as●●uality belongs under the LGBT umbrella. Con: As●●uality isn't oppressed and annoying comments such as the above don't count as discrimination, it's not a s●●ual orientation and is not gay or aligned with homos●●ual tendencies, therefore as●●uality does not belong under the LGBT umbrella. Historically, gay/lesbian/bis●●ual/trans people have been oppressed not only societally but also by criminalizing their lives and governing them with laws specifically made to oppress them. This does not apply to as●●uals, but it's also undeniable that many people still struggle to understand that anyone could legitimately be as●●ual without blaming it on being "broken", immature, abused, or just not in touch with their own mind and body, which is insulting. Here is an article by an as●●ual person who believes they shouldn't be included: https://medium.com/the-as●●ual-experience/as●●uals-are-not-queer-3b5290acc6ae Here is an article that argues for the inclusion: https://www.galop.org.uk/the-a-in-lgbtqia-is-for-as●●ual-not-ally/
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    I've been reducing the amount of categories/forums etc to make this place more reasonable. Also will be updating icons soon I hope as well as the whole look and feel of the place... trying to keep things simple, but also cool 🙂 Anyway! Just letting you guys know, I've been aiming towards improving the place... One thing I did not is that we've been having a lot of... like "Marry people from out of the country" type banners showing up ~ I figured that's probably because of certain sections of the forum involving the topic of dating. To solve this problem, I changed the wording and hopefully we won't be getting much more ads asking us to import people and mary them... jeepers. As you guys may know, ads are triggered by the conversations/content of each page ~ So! Let's aim toward what is actually relevant, not some crazy remote bride thing... ack.
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    Ever feel like everyday just, I don't know. Sucks?
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    I'm in your boat and a similar age. It does get harder, mainly due to - in my opinion - becoming disillusioned with the cyclical nature of dating, but it's not the end. It just changes. Be patient and good things will come to you.
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    The last episode was the best 😛 Kira finally facing reality.
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    Art first because there's no point in life without happiness and comfortability even though you can be protected well. Learning the ways of war can be learned quickly possibly I think.
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    Nothing wrong with wanting privacy 🤷‍♀️
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    Trudeau could lay down pipe in my oilfield any day.
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    IMO self sufficiency is such a meme! It is not as easy as people make it out to be, it is made out to be this easy, almost hippie like state of Zen. In reality farmwork is backbreaking work that is either idealized or demonized. My aunt and her husband run a farm, which I got sentenced to work at for a summer (reason ; don't try to replace vodka with water, parents will notice. Also, don't bribe your sister to give her expired license for you to use as an ID to go out, eventually your parents will catch you). They have an organic farm with dairy cattle. The amount of work that went into their self sufficient gardening would be impossible for the average person. During the summer they would grow their own tomatoes, salads, cucumber, herbs etc. Every day you have to weed the plants, water them and pick up stuff that is ripe. Livestock especially is SUPER hard work, take them out daily, rug them if needed, take them in, feed them, make sure they have water, clean the S●●● INCLUDING S●●● FROM THE FIELDS (animals refuse to eat grass that has S●●● on it, or has S●●● near it), check them daily for injuries, among other things. Livestock is a 24/7 commitment, and you should never have only one animal of a type. Always get them a friend of same species, and always vaccinate your livestock! /end of rant
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    Currently in the process of moving from a big city to a small town. I hope to find a farmer boy to date. Id love to live on the country side
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    This! I think he responds to emails pretty quickly.
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    N.I.N ooh wait now a song he sings. Okay...okay so I love no one will remember your name!
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    So long as it's not those damn dating ones.
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    Hi, Demi/Pan/Post-gender person here. Speaking as someone on the as●●ual spectrum, I think it's right to include aces. While we may not feel s●●ual attraction, our romantic orientation is still a thing. Panromantics/Biromantics, etc. face similar circumstances to the other queer identities, and often face a more intensified stigma from both "sides" due to the s●●-positivity in queer culture and the s●●-driven heteronormativity of the rest of culture. While I'm not heteroromantic, nor am I cisgendered, I've found that with hetero men, language about aces can be cruel. I've been called a monster, alien, and even inhuman, just while searching for a partner who can tolerate the idea that I'm not very interested in s●●. There is an inherent struggle. People treat you differently, like some sort of foreign object, and family can be pretty upset about it, too, especially for those of us from religious families that expect reproduction. Look, I'm sorry I'm not like you. I didn't choose to be this way. I wish I could just be straight, cisgendered, accepted s●●ual. Why are you being so mean? Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe I am a monster.... The queer rhetoric isn't limited just to s●●ual orientation--it prides itself on accepting people who are different in terms of gender, s●●, s●●uality and/or romantic orientation.
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    It's more of a city thing but, a Philly cheesesteak 😋
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    I think you should definitely be with someone a long time before moving in together. Living together can completely change a relationship and you want to make sure your relationship is strong before getting yourself into something like that.
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    I agree, I hope Greg makes a video on this!
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    I think the question should be, who are you voting for in the primary election? Bernie needs to be nominated first before you can vote for him :)
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    Hi, I just want to say thank you, as someone who has dealt with an eating disorder for half my life. I am really glad you were doing things to help Eugenia. I like that you have actively been advocating for her. I also want to say that your research on eating disorders was spot on. I am a psychology major, and there are numerous factors that determine how people deal with stressors in their lives, and how likely people are to develop an eating disorder. I am very concerned for her as well, but am not writing comments on how she is going to die. I know that won't help. I know she needs support, and she needs those around her to help convince her to actively focus on recovery (as it is so easy to "fake" recovery enough to get out of hospital and then relapse again). So yeah, Thank you for not only supporting Eugenia, but also just bringing more awareness to the severity and complexity in eating disorders such as anorexia. I do have to say that mentioning what she ate for one meal, even if it's just a rumour from friends, has the ability to trigger someone. I realize videos can not be blamed for causing an eating disorder, but they can definitely heighten the severity of one in someone who is susceptible. I know this because I watched many "pro-ana" videos as a teen to trigger myself into more severe symptoms. I know you likely won't reply to this and that is okay. but I felt the need to send it because your last video shows how much you care about both Eugenia and the topic of eating disorders/mental health in general and that's really refreshing. Heather
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    I think it’s for the best for it to be 18+
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    And if being exposed to images of underweight people and the “thin ideal” were the sole cause of an individual developing an eating disorder, then anyone who saw Eugenia, or another individual who is very underweight, would develop the disorder. There are so many people who it doesn’t affect and so there has to be more significant factors attributing to who does and doesn’t develop an eating disorder. The individual is most likely already predisposed to have the disorder. Yes, some media is going to affect them negatively, but it is not the CAUSE of them developing an eating disorder. I agree that how we talk about eating disorders matters. I believe there needs to be awareness about eating disorders, and I know that for a lot of individuals showing pictures from before and after treatment and how far they’ve come is something they do to promote awareness, and it doesn’t help as it’s just contributing to more media which influences individuals negatively. I was ONLY talking about the last video. I thought it was important that it was done. And I thought it was handled pretty respectfully. I try to be as conscious as I can when it comes to most topics In mental health, and I’m sorry if it didn’t come across that way. Have a a good night
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    Thanks for sharing your story heather, and I hope you’re doing much better now ❤️❤️ Also @nin brought up some great points to consider. I think it would be helpful for us all as a society to think about how we talk about eating disorders. It can play a big role in the recovery process.
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    I want to vote for Bernie...but we will see how the primaries go... anything is better than Trump level crazziness...
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    I think we all agree.
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    30 is still young! You’ll be fine! Focus on yourself and not finding love and it’ll find you when the times right 🙂
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    I’m not sure yet, I’d rather wait for all the candidates to announce their run and watch the debates to get a good feel for them all. Do you watch political debates?
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    Gotta love snow days.
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    It's my signature. I change it every week
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    how do i send him an email i dont understand how. Im not on Patron yet, but how can i send him an email that is private and not public?
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    If we're talking youtubers for example, they can "love" the community they've created, and it's their way of expressing their appreciation for them and their pride in creating a great community. Their fans can bring them a great deal of happiness and sometimes the way they choose to express it is through saying I love you. It doesn't have to be taken so literally, it's just their personal choice to say it. Exactly. It's not that deep.
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    Bipolar, though I'm in therapy and well-medicated and haven't struggled with it in a few years. Life is pretty good.
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    I think I'm very empathetic, but I'm not an Empath.
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    6 months 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
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    I understand that sentiment exactly. We all have limits to what we can handle without sacrificing our own mental state of being in the process. I am completing my graduate degree in Psychology this spring and still not sure if I can work as a counselor. The stress 😕 and conflict is real.
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    I think the fact that you’re both willing to go to therapy is a good sign that you’re dedicated to fixing your relationship. I think you should make sure that’s really what you want and if it is, make sure you’re both putting in work at therapy to rebuild your relationship. Good luck! 🙂
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    Yea, i always figured it just means that they "love" and appreciate the support of their fanbase. Anyone who takes that too seriously or deeply probably have some sort of mental/psychiatric deficit...delusional. Its just a normal hyperbole.

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