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    I wish them well. No sense in holding on.
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    Just be real. Real people will love you. Fake people won’t... But it’s no offense, they probably don’t love themsel… https://t.co/fA97ZlHzjB
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    Can't we just be civil?...lol...
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    Just stepping in as a friendly reminder for everyone to please be respectful of other users.
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    I feel like people who are friends with their ex's are problematic... and this is why. 1. Great, you broke up on good terms. Good for you. 2. You get a new girlfriend/boyfriend. 3. "Hey, honey, mind if I hang out with my ex who is my friend?" 4. Oh weird, my ex bf/gf is actively f****ing me, weird. 5. Sorry honey! I speak from personal experience. People say "There is nothing to worry about, we're just friends." then they mindlessly breed because they are puppets like everyone else to the high demand of human reproduction. Long story short, don't hang out with your ex's if you're in a relationship. "You're not supposed to be friends with your dinner." translation: If you are romantically involved with someone, there will always be that connection, that gateway to something more. And friendship becomes a joke, as everyone knows you are more than friends.
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    Hello, I just wanna tell you that I don’t think it’s right that people are attacking you over your video on the Onision channel. I understand that it was a joke and it wasn’t meant to upset people. The people turning on you and accusing you of harassment...it’s all just insane. You weren’t harassing that girl from Patreon. I saw it all..you were just talking about what happened..kinda like she did herself. There isn’t any harassment in my eyes and that claim likely wouldn’t stand in court. Sorry, my point just is that I hope you aren’t too upset about what’s happening. I love your channels and I appreciate what you do for your fans. I just have been seeing all the videos and stuff about this issue that in my opinion is being blown out of proportion. I’m sorry you have to deal with so much crazy stuff. I wish the best of luck to you and your family. 😊
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    for me, i still miss my original ex, especially since she was my best friend and that didn't last after we broke up.
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    They're currently a feature for Patrons afaik. Try going here and clicking the "Create Blog" button in the top left corner: https://www.onision.com/blogs/
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    Chinese Strawberry Cake is my absolute favorite, not too sweet and light, airy with whipped cream. 🎂
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    My ex and I are on good terms because I personally believe forgiveness is a crucial part of moving on from a relationship. I’m sorry but I’d have to strongly disagree with that. It’s completely possibly to be friends with an ex without there still being a connection. Saying “everyone knows you’re more than friends” is merely an assumption based on your personal experience, which doesn’t make it the case for everyone. As for the mindlessly breeding I’m not sure where you’re going with that.
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    non oven cheesecake and creme brulee 🙂
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    if you have a child with your ex you need to be (maybe not friends) civil with your ex....
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    Nah, I'm more of an interpreter.
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    I don't really have a fave dessert, brownies are cool/brownie sundae. Apple crisp is nice sometimes. I really dig Hershey Sundae pie I don't eat too much desserts, but yea... those are good. 😊😋
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    I feel like I vaguely remember it being a p fun game. But I can’t remember much else than that, haha.
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    I remember watching this show when I was younger. They also had a video game they released on Super Nintendo. 😊😂
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    I have three warning points, what does that mean? If I get three warnings do I get banned?
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    @JolyneKujo Be civil to other users. I know this is a sensitive topic and you're free to post your opinions just like everyone else, but don't make it personal.
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    What? I never said he didn't R●●● them...
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    I cannot believe the psychopath above me is trying to justify this alleged abuse. What on Earth, forget Michael, get this man Drifter on lockdown. I believe that Michael most likely did it but it can never be said that he has without a shadow of a doubt. Just because someone has not been sentenced previously does not mean it is is not still possible. I hope you all remember that semen was found on his bed, he had pseudo-s●●ual magazines of children in swimming trunks under his bed and he would frequently sleep naked with kids - it's just the s●●ual acts that have not been proven.
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    Think that's called "I'm So Cult" 😄
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    They’re painfully unfunny imo
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    I'm a little... not so much into them these days 😛
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    What is the meanest way someone has dumped you? I got broken up through a letter... they said they liked me, and asking me out was a joke, so they felt bad, and dumped me.
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    I just can't deal with even thinking about them really... they all either cheated, or abused me by throwing me around etc... and slamming me against the wall..... Ex's suuuuuuuuuuuuck
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    Agreed fella we need to stop making this so intense. I apologize for the use of the word psychopath but I stand by the fact I believe that trying to understand and accept child M●●●●●ers (alleged child M●●●●●ers in this case) is a dangerous mindset. I like this fella so I'll leave it at that, my bad.
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    Absolutely agree with a lot of what youre saying mate keep it real
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    Well, maybe he just felt alone, you know?...feeling all these things in life making him sad...maybe it was a way for him to say, 'hey, I'm here...will someone help me...'people coming up to him constantly bombarding him with praise when he just wanted some peace...and with all these things of praise...maybe he got so much attention all his life that he saw so much corruption...he sos desperately tried to breathe to understand the innocence he once knew about himself...trying to remember himself as a starting point...just trying to...breathe in the way of being a child that he never got to really be too much...that he did what he did to children that he just wanted to...be a spirit of a child...that he thirsted so much to become a child that he did what he did to children because the thirst was so severe to become back to what he wants to connect with some sort of childhood true self of himself that it was just too...severe...but who knows...
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    Like I said we will never know the truth He was found not guilty twice. The man is dead now. There's a possibility he was totally innocent There is a possibility he's not either. The only people who really knows aren't around..MJ and one the boys are dead,the other isn't talking either way. The one who passed, it's alledged he left it full confession that he made it up to get money. I don't know if that is true though. I'm not sticking up for MJ..if he did he was a very sick individual.
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    Pretty woman looking down the street pretty woman the kind id like to meet pretty woman oh yes youre lovely it must be true no girl can loooook as goooood as you mercies

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