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    Absolutely. Depression can be as "simple" as a hormonal dysfunction. It can even be genetic. I know the last time I commented this you said therapists wouldn't be able to help with your form of depression, but if you're concerned about this, then that's just one more sign that it's time to look for help, because if this is the case, then it's absolutely treatable and if not, then you'll still benefit from using therapy to learn about the root of your depression, since you don't seem to have found it yet.
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    Does anyone go to their local Pride parades? I know that Pride isn't until June (at least for most of the US), but I was curious! I've only gone once and that was after I moved a few years ago (before my boyfriend moved up with me) and I went with friends and had a lot of fun! My boyfriend and I are planning to go this year, though, but we'll see how our plans shake out then. I even started planning it out with some cute LGBT pins (I've gotten a few Bi Pride pins that I'll use on a bag I bought), so I'm excited! And what is everyone's experience at their local Pride parades? Or, if you haven't gone, would you like to and why/why not?
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    But forums are a valid replacement?
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    I like PC for gaming and I can use my Mac for my artsy stuff. I can always use my PC as backup for my artsy stuff, though, since the programs I have can be used cross platform.
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    "The real voyage of discovery consists not in making new landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust #quote
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    RT mwtyler: Being Authentic never goes out of fashion.
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    “When we can't think for ourselves, we can always quote” Ludwig Wittgenstein
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    “Not how the world is, but that it is, is the mystery.” Ludwig Wittgenstein
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    New quote posted from Andrew Sean Greer, Less: https://t.co/afL8gF32c8
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    Why should I allow that same #God to tell me how to raise my kids, who had to drown His own? - Robert G. Ingersoll #atheism 1723
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    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.--Sigmund Freud
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    Congratulations to Jonah N Schupbach, winner of TheBJPS Popper Prize, for his article ‘Robustness Analysis as Expla… https://t.co/J7evJBXpb9
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    The easy answer for this one? You made it up. #atheism 1717 https://t.co/DKPiyxq18p
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    I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top shows a lack of confidence. - Doug McLeod #atheism 1715
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    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” — Oscar Wilde, “The Nightingal… https://t.co/sO4UaTR3O6
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    I agree... "Don't S●●● where you eat" 😂
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    We’re on good terms and we will catch up once in a while. No sense in holding onto anger and hatred for anyone.
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    I suffered so much because of your post. Why do you make people suffer? Can I recommend Jesus to you?
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    Tell her what your boundaries are and that it's not okay for her to keep walking all over you. And, if she doesn't like that answer, bail out of the friendship.
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    I think the answer is pretty obvious that body shaming anyone, skinny or fat is not beneficial to anyone. Trying to bully someone into gaining or losing weight doesn’t work, people need to want to help themselves. It just makes you a S●●●ty person, imo.
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    Personally I'd love to have extended talks about 9-11 and laugh over dessert. The laughter would obviously not be related to the first topic as it is very very serious.
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    HIKING definitely hiking with a pretty view or rock climbing or even going to the gym OR RUNNING A MARATHON anything outdoorsy i love to be outside im so excited for summer
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    I don’t think it’s my favorite show per se, but Homeland is always the first to come to mind. I love it.
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    Yeah I’d say so. I’m pretty comfortable expressing myself and my feelings. There’s obviously times when I can’t completely express how I feel, like in a professional setting for ex. lol. It’s important to find balance between expressing yourself and still having respect for those around you. Like if you use the excuse of “expressing yourself” to treat others like S●●●, that’s not cool.
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    I’d love to have a garden of veggies. I live in an apartment so I don’t have much space but I have had a little garden on my balcony where I’d grow my own herbs and little cherry tomatoes ☺️
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    If we're talking youtubers for example, they can "love" the community they've created, and it's their way of expressing their appreciation for them and their pride in creating a great community. Their fans can bring them a great deal of happiness and sometimes the way they choose to express it is through saying I love you. It doesn't have to be taken so literally, it's just their personal choice to say it. Exactly. It's not that deep.
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    I think the question should be, who are you voting for in the primary election? Bernie needs to be nominated first before you can vote for him :)
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    yeah I’m all for it 🙂
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    30 is still young! You’ll be fine! Focus on yourself and not finding love and it’ll find you when the times right 🙂
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    Can we suggest more reactions? Maybe you could make a thread for it?
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    I think everyone is capable of change depending on how open they are to it. They have to really want it and put in the effort, and that’s where they usually fail and revert back to their old ways.
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    What made you initally want to make the switch to animations?
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    I’ll never stop loving you. Such a sweet song.
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    No clue but he’s so fascinating. Do you have any theories?
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    The staircase is a good one (but extremely biased) The imposter fucked me up!
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    I don’t think writing your local congressman if you agree/disagree with a law is an unpopular opinion, that’s just how the system works. I guess my unpopular opinion is that I don’t like Star Wars 🤷‍♀️
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    You seem like you’ve made up your mind already so, in my opinion, I think you should break up with him. Nobody deserves to be in a relationship that isn’t mutual. As far as it being right or wrong (or transphobic) to be feeling this way, I don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But if at the end of the day you don’t want to be with him anymore, let him go. I think if he means that much to you, you should still be there for him as a friend throughout his transition, if he still wants you to be.
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    I haven't had a lot of time to play games recently, so I've mostly just been playing BotW on my switch when I have time.
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    It’s a useless degree if you want brutal honesty

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