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    Well thank you for the support. I appreciate it. So sorry about ur loss.
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    I have 5 tattoos, no piercings, I only have the holes I was born with 😛
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    all i have is just my regular basic ear holes and my dont wear anything in them often enough so they always close up almost all the way... then when i DO want to wear something in them i have to SHOVE the earing through ...and sometimes it only goes through the front hole but it doesnt go all the way through and i end up fishing around INSIDE me ear cartilage trying to find the other side of the ear hole lol. first world problems.
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    0 piercings(do ears count, if yes then ears.) 0 tattoos.
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    Just curious... How many tattoos or piercings do you have? I have 14 piercings & only 3 tattoos... 🖤🖤🖤
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    April is a hard month for my family/myself because my father passed away April 19th,2008. So it will be 11 years this month since my father passed away very suddenly. It’s a very empty hallow feeling when you lose something that close to you and it’s something I will never fully get over because it was very traumatic being only 9 at the time. You think that eventually what you feel goes away but it doesn’t really ever go away fully. You are kinda stuck emotionally dealing with it to put it simply because you feel like your not the same person anymore. I do miss my father very much and wish I could hear his voice again. I often get very depressed, moody, negative etc this cluster f●●● ton of emotions because it’s not easy to deal with sometimes. It’s just a sensitive topic I rarely bring up. So that’s what I’m currently dealing with. I’ll take advice.
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    I’m so sorry for your loss. It doesn’t really ever get easier. Maybe you could make it a traditon to celebrate his life on that day. I know it’s easier said than done, but your dad wouldn’t want you to be sad forever, try to find ways to honor his memory in a positive way, like watching old home movies, looking through old photos, listening to his favorite music. Cry, laugh, whatever helps. ❤️
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    Well thank you so much for your insight and support. I greatly appreciate your kind words.
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    I have one tattoo, between my shoulder blades. Used to have my lip pierced but now it’s just me and my halo of the sun
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    8 piercings (was 9 but my lip closed up) and 4 tattoos. Two of my tattoos are coverups though.
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    I am also in the same boat, my father died in July of 2012, also very sudden. My kid was like 6 at the time, My father had upper respetory failure and died in the ambulence on the way to the hospital. The only advice i can give is what I have gotten myself. Imagine grief as a box with a button against one of the walls, that button is called PAIN and in that box there is a ball that bounces around it. for me, some days the ball is small and bounces from corner to corner, wall to wall and misses that pain button, but some day a special song comes on the radio, or a food is mentioned that my father loved, or just any incident at all of talking about him, the ball gets big and sometimes it gets so big it fills up the box and jams right against the pain button, and then I cry. It's OK to cry! Never let anyone tell you its not okay., if you need to cry and get them emotions out, do it, and eventually your ball too will get smaller, but that ball and that memory, never really goes away. Greifing doesnt have a timeline, just make sure you take care of yourself while you're grieving. Speaking from a scientific standpoint here, and I hope this helps you as it has helped me, people are made of energy (We're made of more than that, I know, like skin, bones, organs and all that good stuff) but there is an energy people have, a life force. once a person dies, a few ounces of their body weight disappears, People call that state to be Heaven, Summerland, Nirvana, Jannah or any other religious terms... my point though is that energy cannot be created or destroyed, as it is always there and the people who love us never really truly leave us. I wish I could hug you all who have lost someone, if anyone needs to talk send me a message and Ill try my best to help talk you through it. Sending thoughts and prayers.
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    I've been through a lot of loss as well. April of last year I lost my little girl half way through my pregnancy, lost my cousin Kayla her (she was more of a sister to me) birthday is the 29th, my birthday is the 11th, I lost my best friend the same year (2014) as my cousin and me and my twin sister haven't celebrated our birthday together in years. I visited her this year but most of that visit had to do with me supporting her emotionally. She had just been R●●●d by her "best friends" husband. That "best friend" of course chose to side with her husband. No good advice from me though. I take joy in the little things daily. I love my son, my partner, where I live. I try to do stuff that makes me happy. I try to not let the little things get me down because life can of course be much worse. So enjoy what you have now.
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    Well, I don’t have any advice but I’m in kinda the same boat. My best friend took her life May 1st 2011, and every year since then may has been really hard. I wish I could tell you something to help you feel better. All I can say is that if you feel grief then that’s all you can do is feel it and let it pass, until it comes round again. good vibes to you my friend
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    I'm working on learning Wim Hof breathing excercises. They are used for endurance and physical stuff, but am interested in seeing if it helps with mental blockages as well. He has alot of videos about his stuff on Youtube. I first learned about him on the Yes Theory channel when they did the polar plunges and did the freezing mountain walk in their skivvies.
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    I admire his resilience. In the face of nearly a decade of adversity, he still smiles. He still laughs. He still makes videos, and takes the piss out of himself. He grew up with f●●●ing terrible parents, and has survived that trauma. He has gone through many emotional times with exes, liars, and so much more that we probably don't know about. One of the things that led me here was realizing how much of myself I see in him. He and I are much alike, and have a lot in common, which makes it all the more inspiring to see him thrive while others are actively trying to tear him down. It's also one of the reasons I fell in love with him, despite having literally no friends that are fans of his. It took me a year to realize how I felt, which made it even funnier when I realized I was "hate"-watching his videos because I liked hearing his voice and seeing him be a goof. I would be all "man, look at this *sshole", but that was definitely a front so people wouldn't find it weird that I watched his channel (I just didn't see it at the time). The first time I realized I didn't actually hate him was when I saw his spoken word on his parents (I just spent like 20 minutes looking for it and can't find it, so maybe it's deleted). It was poignant and heart-breaking from the first sentence: "I am a child of parents who do not love me". That's me. That's my life. I was raised by a narcissistic mother, and an emotionally absent father. I was abused and hit by my mum, and s*xually abused by my older brother (which he pled guilty in court for on March 15th). My mother absolutely ignored it and refused to do anything to support me. I eventually tried to join the army reserves to get away from my family, but despite my score of 94 on the ASVAB, my health both mentally and physically were not up to the task (not to mention I became homeless shortly after turning 18, and met some unsavory people at the base in Marysville after swearing in and it was really traumatizing). For me, I actually didn't make it to bootcamp (I say "actually" because Greg was in the service for several years and did in fact complete bootcamp before becoming a conscientious objector, but people who don't pay attention think he left before), so it agitates me when people disparage Greg and say he's a "wuss" for that or whatever. Even if he didn't make it through bootcamp, that wouldn't mean he didn't have the intention to serve his country. It's a very hard and frightening choice to make, and once you're through bootcamp you're on contract, so if you're gonna leave it's best to leave BEFORE going through it then after. I admire and respect him for having gone through all of that, especially because people now use it against him. I also admire and respect him for maintaining his moral stance on taking an innocent life and choosing what he saw as right over letting the military turn him into a lemming-meathead-killing-machine. Not to say that's what all military members are, but to kill for the sake of killing just because you were told to is... Morally questionable at best. ... My answer ended up being long, oof. 😅 I'm gonna stop here before I act even gayer than I am already being. TL;DR: Felix has the Big Gay and thinks Greg is a cool and relatable dude. 10/10, would rate 5 stars on Amazon.
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    Can you imagine how HORRIBLY AWKWARD that would be and the hilarity that would ensue? A skit where Onision meets a fan and that fan expects a boob squeeze like he does at the end of his videos! If you picked this idea to actually do, I know you could do better than anything I could come up with, but for S●●●s and giggles: Onision: It was nice meeting you, bye Vicky. Vicky: "Ummm aren't you forgetting something?" *Thrusts chest at Onision while making wierd noises* Hynugh ... Hynugh... Onision: *Looks confused and freaked out* Vicky would be a good character for that, IMO, and when Onision says no, Vicky goes on a "live stream" to complain to the internet how she didnt get a boob squeeze This would be like a parody in a parody. first parody would be like the celebrities that say "I love you" to their fans when they dont mean it, second would be the people that go online to complain about you. I think this would be hilarious to see played out.
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    I admire his confidence, creativity, personality, and the fact that he’s bluntly honest.
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    i like all my ppl 2 b unapologetically themselves! i also luv personalities u take w salt 😎 bravery 2 b tru no matter what is so rare n 2 b cherished!
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    I admire/envy his drive. The drive part of my brain is undeveloped apparently.
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    Remember: Always remain teachable... 🖤🖤🖤
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    That's a lot, wow!
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    Thanks for the suggestion... I'd totally expect that IRL to turn into a monster so of course it could never happen. I fan once asked to lick my face though... at like a public event... that was weird.

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