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    It's kinda funny how often people do this... like... the constant assumption that just deleting accounts will fix a problem. Delete Twitter, delete Instagram... people do it all the time, never realizing what really needs to be change, is the roller coaster they put themselves and everyone else through ~ I myself don't delete my accounts, but I do jump around, I too seek balance.
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    My favorite thing to do outside is stay inside.
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    For me? Like... other than the obvious, I really like really sunny days with a cool breeze and kinda just taking it all in out in nature... it's such an incredible world to be in on the right day you know?
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    I'm just really really frustrated right now... I don't really have much to say about it, but I wanted to express somewhere that I am generally feeling really... sad, and... ugh... maybe I'll make a patron video... yeah 😛 It's... I really just want to be happy, so badly. I want things to be ok, I want to enjoy life... and I keep... Eh... It's a work in progress right? The human experience?
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    Talking to him will just give him a way "in" to speak to you even more. He'll try to deflect your points about why he's an asshole and rope you into a debate so he can get your attention. He's best ignored.
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    And now she has more video views because of this post. She won.
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    This phenomenon is mostly happening online, and in my opinion, it's basically a pendulum effect after the crass and vulgar humor of the 00s - when dead baby jokes and such were cool and everyone wanted to be ultra edgy - now we're swinging in the opposite direction with people preaching empathy. By going through both extremes, we can figure out where our middle ground is.
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    The video was added out of context to the most dishonest degree possible.
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    I personally don't care what your race is. I'd date someone no matter what their race is. To be clear, I have no race preference. What about you?
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    Sorry some people are so problematic!
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    So..I made a topic the last week titled "Just something I want Emo Charlie to know". And I want to apologize for it. I watched the Onisionspeaks from yesterday and honestly...I completely understand why you're doing this. I didn't fully understand the point last week because I was just confused..but now I understand. I agree with this decision. I would do the same thing. You're just trying to keep your loved ones safe. Please stay strong. ❤️
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    As I understand, it's not sugar causing it: https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/diabetes-true-false.html
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    My problems are not unique, especially when it comes the feelings I have... it's nice to know people can relate.
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    Thanks for being so supportive.
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    Glad you get it!
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    Final Fantasy X. I've been playing it for 13 years and it's still my favorite. Here's a badass screenshot I took while playing.
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    Silent Hill!! 2 is my fav (there's a fan mod coming out this week which upgrades the graphics and gives the PC remaster the PS2 voices among other things so I'll have to play it when it's out). I also adore the Arkham series and can't wait for Rocksteady's new game! For indie games I really like Papers Please and the developer's recent game Tech Support Error Unknown. Graveyard Know is super fun and cute as well
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    Who's on Discord? I got it when I first became an Onision Patron because I wanted to see the community... and now I'm hooked. It's such a cool software with so many options for developers. So of course, I had to get my geek on and made a server for us. So share your contact info if you want, or join the server I made for us from the forum. I know there's already one just for Patrons, but I thought this would be cool specifically for forum users. 😃 I added some fun features such as: automatic updates whenever new Onision & Laineybot's Twitter statuses are made automatic updates whenever new forum posts are made (this is a work in progress because RSS is fickle) automatic updates whenever Onision or Laineybot upload new YouTube videos fun games to earn ranks and levels This is the invite link, just click it to join: https://discord.gg/2dUcffB Please note this server is not an official Onision server or even directly affiliated with the forum. If you're looking for interactions with Onision, consider joining his Patreon to get access to his own Discord server.
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    I'm not a vegetarian but I'm a health-conscious eater and don't eat meat very often. Will only eat meat that is ethically raised/ local/ organic/free range/grass fed like for beef or fed its natural diet for other animals (like how chickens should be free range so that they can eat bugs and natural proteins etc) I'm lucky to live in new hampshire where there are a lot of farms and ability to source healthy food. I garden in the summertime and have my own free range chickens and eat mostly out of my garden all summer. pictures of my garden, one day of my harvest (i bring in get harvests like that of different things every few days in the summer!) and the last pic is homemade veggie burgers made with soft tofu, a bunch of different chopped veggies from my garden a and flour (i also use a little bit of egg to help hold it all together since i'm not full vegetarian and eggs are from my own chickens) but if you wanted to make completely vegetarian without eggs i'm sure you could substitute something else for the eggs ... have to think of something else that would be good to help keep them from crumbling...egg is just what i had on hand to make them)
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    Greg I've been seeing what's going on for this last year or so and its half sad and half makes me mad. People love to try to paint you as the bad guy of YouTube. I'm amazed because your highly intelligent, logical and honest. People now a days dont know how to react to someone like that. Now this thing with Kalvin got me all different types of pissed off. He's using your name for views for one and 2 is so stuck in his box that he cant compute anything different than the same little lame repeated sentences about what he believes and how he feels . Seriously I wish we lived closer. I sound super nutty but I think we'd get along well.
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    Ayy, 200 reputation. Thanks y’all.
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    No I didn't try to get him haters. I just wanted to see Strange Aeons get bashed some more because she keeps talking crap about him, she's an annoying hipster and her fans are so rude. I thought he might say yes because he used to bash his rivals back allot anyways. By the way, I'm not a dude.
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    OMGOMG!!! I laughed so hard, couldnt breathe!!!!!!
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    People will believe what they want to, comments on or off, it is what it is 😛
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    My responsible brain would say “no contact” but f●●● that, tear him a new asshole and then block block block. Hope you are well today.
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    Nah fam, you just had S●●●ty coke. Coke is a cool drug, but it only lasts 20 min and it has a bad comedown (for me at least). Opiates and speed really do it for me.
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    Hey I had to step outta patreon a bit back and prob wont be in a place to be able to pledge again for a hot minute, and my status or whatever on here is still "Patron". I wasnt sure if yall wanted to change that, if im still in bits of the forum i technically dont have the rights to anymore? Idk! Just wanted to bring it to someones attention in case in needs to be changed. Thanks bruhs and bruhettes.
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    You're very honest ❤️
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    *shrugs* Not really a topic I'm suited to cover.
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    I have schizoaffective,but I wouldn't say I'm totally off my rocker. I work full time,pay bills,have a supportive family,drive a nice car,and have two cats that I love dearly. I just have to work a bit harder than most to sustain myself,and live a "normal" life. I'm also probably going to be on meds forever,but I can't change that unfortunately.
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    Hi Greg, I got a major urge to contact you. I strongly share your hate towards the majority of people on Youtube - the lifeless sheep idiots that poo on their own brains. I mean the ones that bandwagon hate on you, and the people who drive the wagons, just for the sake of being cool or whatnot. You are the bright shining star in the blue sky cuz you're a truly genuine person and a very rare persona. I wish you never had to experience the negativity you've endured and still do. I'm sorry for it all, I hope you don't have to feel sad all the time. I admire you from head to toe for staying strong through the S●●●storms and I hope you never start to believe in the bs that the sheep give you. I respect you so much for your argumentation skills and the way you really do your research before giving a detailed opinion, AS ALL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE SHOULD. I apologize for this incoherent text piece cus I'm rather sleepy atm. You're just so freaking awesome human I wish you were my neighbour, you would be the only neighbour I'd ever talk to (my people don't rly like neighbours). You remind me of Cillian Murphy and his angel eyes. If I could I'd hire you as my guardian angel. I get the feeling you have a pure soul. Purity is my favourite thing in people. You're most definitely very pure. I hope you age as well as Cillian Murphy does cus he's hot. You're very handsome too lol. I also adore your spouse, his aura is just so cute and you make such a sweet family. I hope I can someday become your patreon, I've got something stopping me atm but later on I will. I'm certain your content is top notch, cus it always is. The amount of effort you pour into your videos and art is so dazzling and I truly appreciate your hard work and commitment, you'd deserve so much more money LMAO. I hope you get everything you crave for. You deserve all the respect, appreciation and kindness for the warm heart you have and I wish I could give you a hug if you ever feel alone. Wow so disoriented path of text wow I guess it's fine. You're the funniest person cus you got that retarded humour I live for. Wow too many compliments. Well, it's because you need to hear from the speaker of truth that Panda God is awesome. I wish you'd dress up more in animal suits they suit you. Oh and just one other thing, Gregggggg, you're my favourite youtuber of all time. Have a great spring and day. 😸 BR. 21yo person from Finland
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    He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself, must be either a beast or a god.--Aristotle
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    There are many games that are near and dear to my heart, but my absolute favorite has to be The Last of Us. What about you guys?
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    Is anyone here diagnosed with borderline personality disorder? I'm just wondering what coping skills work best and CONSISTENTLY for you? And how are you managing it? Do you take medicine that consistently works or do you have to keep going back and getting it adjusted? How is your quality of life overall? Does that quality stay consistent or change day to day/ month to month? Please only comment on this if you are actually diagnosed, and not just self-diagnosing 🙂
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    For me it's probably a tie between Chloe Price (my big gay heart is forever bursting) ...
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    It's almost like there is a contest going on to see who can get the most offended/triggered. Of course there are times when these feelings are justified but for the last few years it seems like people have been going out of there way to find things to get upset about. Outrage culture sucks.
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    Grooming is awesome.
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    Pic 1 Edlewiss (grows in the alps mainly Austria) white flower Pic 2 Red Roses(actually any color🌹) Last on Shamrocks ( I know no flower but it is a plant it grows all over especially in Ireland.)
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    I know Greg doesn't usually care about sht like this but VG's ad hominem video trying to qualify what he said about the GoFundMe campaign for the little girl who needs heart surgery and just doing his best to deflect and smear Greg. Even if Greg were a bad person it doesnt excuse what VG said and his followers were guzzling it up like brainwashed weirdos. FCK
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    I claim to be straight, but Lightning Farron gives me a lady-boner
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    Liked her all the way back to Metroid Prime. (The first of the Metroid games i played)

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