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    I have schizoaffective,but I wouldn't say I'm totally off my rocker. I work full time,pay bills,have a supportive family,drive a nice car,and have two cats that I love dearly. I just have to work a bit harder than most to sustain myself,and live a "normal" life. I'm also probably going to be on meds forever,but I can't change that unfortunately.
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    What do you think the benefits of being gay are? I think a benefit is (1) No unplanned pregnancy. A disadvantage (1) many people will hate you, just for being you. What do you think?
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    Do you think people with mental issues should be with other people who have mental issues? You know... so you don't put one of the normal folks through hell? Or... do you know of a single person who is glad, they, as a normal person, dated someone totally off their rocker?
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    We all love dogs even if we are allergic to them!!!
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    I personally don't care what your race is. I'd date someone no matter what their race is. To be clear, I have no race preference. What about you?
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    Hi. So, I was just wondering is there still going to be Fun with Onision episodes anymore? If not then can there at least be Fun with Emo Charlie? :) I really love that series..they make me smile.
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    Yeah, fun with me 🙂
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    Just wanted to say hi!
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    It's CRAZY that anyone still discriminates against people based on things that hurt no one.
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    I thin it takes work on both parts, It takes work on the person struggling with mental illness to be fully open with their problems with their partner, and it's the partners job to try and find a happy medium with lots of patience. I'm not saying its ONE persons job to deal with the hard times, but BOTH people's job to try and work at a relationship if they both really want to make it work. As with any relationship, it's all give and take and if you don't have a strong friendship built with your partner BEFORE you partner them, it's bound to fail, mental illness or no mental illness, as that is how it works in my opinion. S-ex and romance are great tihngs to have, but that should be the icing on the cake, not the batter from which it's (The relationship) is made. If their ain't trust, there ain't nothing but rust. I'm a firm believer in love always winning, so even if one partner is nuttier than squirrel s-hit, if both people want it to work, It WILL find a way of making it work. I got dumped one time after telling someone about my disorder...I even hate that word because to me, I am comfortable this way, and this way to me, makes sense for me.. Maybe others feel differently. but I have come to accept each aspect that makes up a total "me" . Yes, I confessed and I was dumped, which did nothing at all for my self esteem., After we broke up, we activly avoided each other, and thats becuase we jumped into the relationship and were not friends first. Later on he found someone else who was able to make him understand more than I could, we said our apoligies for being ugly to each other and we're friends now to this day, but it was a lonely road. So in short, I think anything is possible when both people want it to work out.
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    My sisters bf broke up with her because he cant handle her issues. He tried for a couple of years. I love my sister, she's my twin, I'm really chill but the last time we lived together (years and years ago) she pushed me to the point of nearly murdering her. We get along now that we dont live together. No worries, never felt like that again thankfully. My spouse is a high strung, high stress, anxiety sufferer. It's hard to deal with sometimes. I have to take care of a lot of things on my own because if I include him he might have a meltdown. Its hard and takes a lot of patience on my part. I think it's all about an individual's ability to handle situations and willingness. I'm willing and able to stay calm and attempt to provide perspective. I think it comes down to how much you are willing to put up with. It's not romantic but not every single facet of a relationship/partnership is romantic. Its work, work for what you want. With those examples in mind: if the normal person cant handle the mentally ill person they would do both of them a favor and end it. I know I wouldn't appreciate someone sticking around who didn't want to be there. I'd want a chance to try to make it work with someone who wanted to be with me.
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    I think one advantage of being gay is the fact that you get to be with someone you love and not someone society wants you to love, no unplanned pregnancy and thr fact that you are your own self and not yourself that society wants you to be as for the disadvantages I think it's just dealing with all the hate gay people receive

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