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    Probably my first middle name Rochelle. I hate my first name. Anytime someone says it I flinch.
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    Ok the question is....( insert drum roll) If you could change your name what would ypu change it to?? I would change it to Emily Rose
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    If you need to talk, Send me a message and Il get back to you as soon as possible.
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    It means Mary,and calm gentle waters in Hawaiian
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    *shrugs* Not really a topic I'm suited to cover.
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    "Thinking is the soul talking to itself." Plato
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    Thanks. :) You're sweet 😃
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    I love your reply! ^.^ I can see Psychic fitting him for his mischievous side, ability to influence others, and how he sometimes talks about powers, aliens, demons, and spirits. Steel could match too.
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    She has such beautiful bouncing face.

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