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    Dear Onision, LOVED this video! I wanted to call this title comedy,but It wasn't really "comedy" in nature, it was you being yourself for all of us once again and it was refreshing AF! I really did enjoy this and found it very funny, but it was also truth, a good truth and one I am looking forward to seeing. I didn't even mind the way you handled the whole prayer/God thing because it wasnt at all offensive, at least not to me. I enjoyed every minute of this video, so much so that I started writing this review after only watching four minutes and seventeen seconds in. I don't know if this all reuires a response of much length from you, but I just wanted to send you a rave review about this video and express how much I liked it and all without burning any holy books! I'm very impressed. It's like this whole video of yours is the embodiment of why I personally am a fan and why I believe in the quality of your content. The overall feeling of this video left me hopeful, inspired and positive. I want to see some of what you decide in the near future with your videos, and you may have one patron more, because I also liked the fact that I was happier after watching the video, than I was when I started and that positivity there in the form as you did here. PS, Good Sir, you got me right in the giggle D●●● when you said "Yeah that's right, I pray on one knee 'cuz i'm not a b●●●●" WELL DONE!
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    you can't give yourself a diagnose! you need a doctor for that and what if you need medicine? you can't get that by yourself. I have had a really hard time to swallow my pride and call a psychiatrist...a childhood friend had to die before I could finally look for help. I have been s●●ually assaulted for 3years by an older student in farming school, my dad would hit me really bad everytime he was drunk (almost every day). All psychiatrists and doctors aren't bad at their job
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    This @Onision Video was very refreshing and positive, to say the least! Before judging, give it a chance!
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    use Google or just put away your pride and visit a professional
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    Love of confession helps one another...but does love of confessing leaving your whole heart out there for confessing strictly speaking...is it worth it?...to ones one truly loves...just for confessing though is what I mean...then again...is a confession style of love can help with all kinds of love is also what I'm asking?...I know...difficult to answer if at all possible but there are higher mysteries to life... because I mean love of confession can help one another when it comes to learning one's heart, no?...and with using love of confession...can't there be styles of natural ways to using confession to learn one's heart?...even confessing love?...
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    Personally I think it's completely fine to share a comfortable silence with someone you love. While i'm not entirely clear with what you're asking for the rest of your questions, but you really do ask thought provoking questions and I like to give my opinions on them.
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    hey, do you think i look nice?
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    Jesus, that signature...okay, so...it's funny, sorry about that. being involved in something doesn't make you guilty...depending upon how someone does something in whatever thing it is?...

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