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    It's kinda funny how often people do this... like... the constant assumption that just deleting accounts will fix a problem. Delete Twitter, delete Instagram... people do it all the time, never realizing what really needs to be change, is the roller coaster they put themselves and everyone else through ~ I myself don't delete my accounts, but I do jump around, I too seek balance.
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    Sorry some people are so problematic!
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    Hello...so, I had another account on here titled Lzzy11. Me and my friend Anna (she's on here too) had a little problem with another user who is no longer active on this forum. We were both allegedly handed out temporary bans for the problem..mainly because we were publicly arguing and this place is supposed to be for fun. So, anyways Anna got her account back a long time ago as you've probably noticed..mine has continued to not allow me to sign in and it says I'm banned. Now, I honestly don't feel like the argument I had with another user was enough to permanently ban me. To be honest, I even apologized to a mod for all the trouble because she said if we didn't stop we would get temporary bans (which we did stop and got banned anyways..which is kinda odd) So all this took place a long time ago..like over a month ago I think. I'm a supporter and fan of you and I enjoyed coming on this site..so it upsets me that I'm still banned. I made this account to ask you if it's ok if I continue to use this account, or if you can unblock the Lzzy11 account. 😊 Thanks, Lzzy
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    Looks like an endless cycle to me.
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    Talking to him will just give him a way "in" to speak to you even more. He'll try to deflect your points about why he's an asshole and rope you into a debate so he can get your attention. He's best ignored.
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    Well I'd probably do the first option. Tell him what a piece of S●●● he is. In fact I'd tell everyone that he had friended on facebook what a piece of S●●● he is. Well i mean, maybe. If it was as bad as you're saying then I would. Honestly, thats really f●●●ed up. Hope you're ok!
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    Hello. This is Lzzy. I had this account a while back and haven't used it due to an issue that happened with another user. I'm glad to be back though and be around so many cool people. I will post more later or tomorrow! :)
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    Thank you! :)
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    It’s always something really mundane for me, as well. Like a conversation about stupid S●●● at work or seeing some random person walk down the road. So strange.
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    This is exactly how it feels for me. Sometimes, it's pictures of some point of view I will have eventually. They always happen, even if it is months later, and I usually recognize it's about to happen before it does. Whatever it is. PS. I hope this is how I respond. Still learning.
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    I have. Nothing crazy, just situations and conversations that I know I dreamed. Usually it’s an older dream too, never a recent one, so it takes a minute for me to go from “huh weird deja vu” to “wait tf up I dreamed this”
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    I would never delete my account , I get interested in someone or something I don't jump ship . I also never listen to haters . 🤣😂They are just pathetic ,so I just laugh at them.
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    This looks like fun... don't have my phone on me though 😛
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    Thanks so much guys 🙂
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    I am still fuming over it, honestly. Just because Greg is male doesn't mean he's impervious to being abused, so this was f●●●ed in multiple ways (it hurt my heart for him to feel the need to validate that he was in fact s●●ually harassed/abused). Jeffree Star needs to be removed from pretty much all platforms imho
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    you can't give yourself a diagnose! you need a doctor for that and what if you need medicine? you can't get that by yourself. I have had a really hard time to swallow my pride and call a psychiatrist...a childhood friend had to die before I could finally look for help. I have been s●●ually assaulted for 3years by an older student in farming school, my dad would hit me really bad everytime he was drunk (almost every day). All psychiatrists and doctors aren't bad at their job
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    Oh...I actually don't use Twitter. And I hope you're ok! Sorry to see you go.
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    use Google or just put away your pride and visit a professional
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    My favorite thing to do outside is stay inside.
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    Ah! Yeah... I just have issues with my father... not having one most my childhood, and most every father figure letting me down... it's just a huge bummer.
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    April 2005, joined US Air Force. November 2005, arrived at first base, Tinker AFB. April 2007, arrived at second base, Osan AFB. October 2008, Discharged under honorable conditions. Primary occupation during this time: Security Forces All dates are approximate.

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