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    I'm trying harder than usual... things should get better if I actually stay focused 🙂
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    No problemo 😛 Thank you for caring!
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    My depression is often significantly influenced by my actual life... changing my life for the better helped in ways.
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    What are the reasons you watch Onision? I'm a fan of Onision and watch Onision because he's freakishly handsome, he's honest, he's smart, he's a gentleman who has allot of respect for females, he's kind to children and kind to animals, he's nerdy, he's very funny, he's original, he's talented, he's creative, he's a good speaker, he doesn't take crap from anyone, he's a vegetarian, he makes great techno music, he's very nice, friendly and real (he even talks to none famous people like US) he shares his inside jokes such as his characters that he plays as and much more. Those are the reasons why I'm a fan. What are your reasons?
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    I have a reoccurring dream every now and then where I'm at my house and this car pulls up in the driveway and people get out and try to break in. Then I try to hide from them. Sometimes I dream about being chased too because someone is trying to kill me.
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    Congrats on getting healthier!!!
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    If you didn't read or respond to my apology on the thread. Sorry if I offended you and said it would be funny to see you and Diesel box each other. I would NEVER laugh at the sight of you getting hurt if you got hurt. That is NOT like me at ALL! I hope you forgive me Onision. I really respect you, look up to you and I'm quite a huge fan. I didn't mean to cause offense and I don't want someone famous now hating me.
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    Yeah I like the original one 🙂
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    Did you ever have a dream that made you wake up laughing instead of scared? I remember having a funny dream when I was a kid. I dreamt about a cartoon version of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf and at the end of the story just as the big bad wolf was done trying to blow down the brick house. He then started trying to break into the brick house by breaking the door down with a crowbar so he can kill the three pigs hiding in there. Then a cartoon version of Jesus came down from a shining cloud in the sky and bare bum spanked the wolf until his butt was red while stupid goofy music played in the back round that really went well with the ridiculous scene. That was a dream that made me wake up laughing my head off as a child.
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    I have an enlarged aorta... which I guess means I literally have a big heart. What about you?
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    One day people will see the harm they have done. Greg has love and knows there are people who hate him but he is strong to see past the hate and give us his ture sweet side. Greg knows life is crazy but in the end he knows who really is there for him and family.
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    I love salad. I eat it all the time
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    make more art, dance and play instruments, and maybe eat more broccoli
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    When I’m a “hardcore” fan of someone, I don’t send them messages like this. Saying all this would only reveal, I’m all about me, not about being a fan... Like I love Bill Burr’s comedy. You’d never catch me stabbing him in the back.
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    Hello. I have been diagnosed with major depression for a long 4 years now. No medicine or doctor seems to help. Any advice? (here's my face btw since i'm new here) Feel free to rate my appearance as well bc why not.

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