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    I'm trying harder than usual... things should get better if I actually stay focused 🙂
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    Just curious, what is your zodiac sign? Mine is Aquarius🖤
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    So the forum is in debt $135+ right now. Will be moving to a new free-ish forum so we can keep posting. Just wanted to give y’all a heads up.
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    What are the reasons you watch Onision? I'm a fan of Onision and watch Onision because he's freakishly handsome, he's honest, he's smart, he's a gentleman who has allot of respect for females, he's kind to children and kind to animals, he's nerdy, he's very funny, he's original, he's talented, he's creative, he's a good speaker, he doesn't take crap from anyone, he's a vegetarian, he makes great techno music, he's very nice, friendly and real (he even talks to none famous people like US) he shares his inside jokes such as his characters that he plays as and much more. Those are the reasons why I'm a fan. What are your reasons?
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    Congrats on getting healthier!!!
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    My depression is often significantly influenced by my actual life... changing my life for the better helped in ways.
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    The first mistake is reading the comments. If you ignore, it does not exist in your world.
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    He is in some of mine. I'm fascinated by other people's dreams and my own.
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    When I’m a “hardcore” fan of someone, I don’t send them messages like this. Saying all this would only reveal, I’m all about me, not about being a fan... Like I love Bill Burr’s comedy. You’d never catch me stabbing him in the back.
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    Hope all our dreams get better... I think I dreamt of someone doing art last night.
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    I love Onision art... because I'm a narcissist. Anyway, please post it if you find it 🙂
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    Something i did a while ago.
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    Today was a good debate video 😊 What did you all think ? 🤔
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    I've never really had dreams or at least never remember them, I just go to bed and what feels to be five seconds later it's morning . Can someone give me the gist of how dreams go?
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    I think the main reason I like him so much is his sense of humor. I find him hilarious. Plus, he’s always on top of drama, and I love to sip me some tea. 🍵👀
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    Scorpio. Born on Halloween
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    Let me correct myself... I see there is someone doing more than “just eating popcorn” with you 😂😂😂🍿
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    I actually have never dreamed of him... I don’t know, I kinda think it’s weird to fantasize about someone else’s spouse... Just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    The stressful part is when they yell, cuss, act creepy & ignore what I say...
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    Why does it have to have a specific purpose? Aren’t forums usually to talk about whatever is on people’s mind?
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    Making numerous changes to the forums 😛 You like?
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    When you are an entertainer, you have every reason to be more entertaining that you usually are... basically if expressing something can be done in a more entertaining way, people often do because they are rewarded.
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    I seriously thought we'd have flying cars by now.
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    Organic Man by Onision.
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    I really like the color. It’s very powerful and beautiful. ☺️
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    Yeah absolutely do not change that gorgeous hair
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    Yeah a few times. I had a dream where I saw him at a shopping mall and I tried to say something to him but I got so exited and nervous at the same time that I started gibbering and then he glared at me and looked at me like I was mental which was so cringey. Thank God it was just a dream. Then I had another dream where I saw him at this night club joking and playing ping pong with some other young people. I started doing my hair in a mirror before trying to talk to him. But I guess he saw me doing that since the mirror was in the same room with him so as soon as I tried to start a conservation with him, he glared at me and looked at me like I was a creep rather than answering my questions. It was so awkward and cringey. Thank God it was just a dream. lol!
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    seems like a troll post
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    I am painting this on a canvas ❤️ Or making it into pendants that you can wear 💕💕💕 I haven’t decided yet but I like how it turned out either way.

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