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    First of all, let's not beat around the metaphorical bush ...wherever it is...? IDK where it's at..? ANYWAYS! I am a Muslim girl, yup, that I am? I know... I didn't realise it till someone asked me: "Your Muslim why are you obsessing over Onison?" And I said and I quote: "More Muslims should watch Onisons videos cos they're actually very inspiring, educational and motivating"emails Back in the days of my long lost and miserably missed youth, I stumbled upon Onisons video. Which one? Well... I can't really remember😅 But I'm sure it was something to do with either BPD or Death Note. Either way after that I think I watched almost all his videos on the span of 2 days (this was back when I was 17 and about to be hospitalised for my unspecified psychosis) Well my family weren't to happy bout it. They thought my attitude changed cos I watch OnisionSpeaks but that's not logical, is it? I mean, everything OnisionSpeaks said was and is logical... May be not everything but at least about some topics.🤔 Anyways Onison if ur reading this I hope it well and old don't ever stop making YouTube vids cos they really make my day! also ur fast paced speaking and epic outlook on things is amazing! And I'm sad that some ppl are hating on you!😤😅 anyways I don't know if ur gonna read this... I don't know if there are any other Muslim girls who watch Onison I don't even know if any one has ever had unspecified psychosis (my doctor once said she had to treat it as BPD cos she had no clue what it was😑) Like why do you EVEN HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE OF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT DIAGNOSING ME WITH! Legit only a few ppl IRL know I have psychosis and sometimes I do tend to hallucinate. I don't tel my family tho cos they always seem to think it has something to do with demonic activity. (Yes I know😅 MADTING!) Anyways enough about me aha what was the topic even about! Yooooo😱 If Onison reacts to this imma be SHOOKETH!😂 I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY GUYS! AND TO ONISON TOO! And it may come as a suprise to Many ppl. Yes, it surprised me too...😅 Are you ready for it...? Are you sure you can handle it? Well... I don't know if you can handle it but let's go for it shall we. *JUMPS OUT FROM BEHIND METAPHORICAL BUSH AND SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS!* ONISION IS THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER COS I THINK HE'S AWESOME!🤗 PEACE AND LOVE AND SMILE EVERYONE COS YOUR BEAUTIFUL!😄
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    This was on Facebook, it’s said to be from a hairdresser’s photo feed but I don’t know who. If this is true, she does look like she’s getting healthier.
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    Hi, I'm a new subscriber to onisions channel and I just found out about the forum. I've been cautious about subscribing because of all the drama but I'll be happy to say that since its cooled down, I've been watching some of his videos. On the other hand, I'm new to forums and I don't really know what to do here. Everyone on here so far seems to be nice. I don't know how to end this.. Uhm... I hope that maybe I'll be friends with people on here and potentially become a fan of Onisions. 👋😁
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    Just curious, what is your zodiac sign? Mine is Aquarius🖤
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    Everyone doesn’t look great in some angles/lighting.
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    Hi Greg. My name is Gary Fuller. I was an Anti O member. Hear me out, they can be quite a handful. And not just the Tumblr ones, I have seen outrageous things from big YouTubers like Mikenactor and Repzion. For instance, Mikenactor being genuinely creepy..seriously the dude scares me. Repzion being a transphobic asshole. That’s not even the point of this though. Greg I am sorry for having such a strong negative bias towards you. I listened to what everyone else said about you and didn’t fit in enough time to even listen to your voice. You deserve to be heard too. I’m sick and tired of people only ever paying attention to anything that’s “bad” that you do. Seriously I can look on your Twitter and you can say something nice and they say “Hey stop talking about Eugenia” or “Dude I hate you” or even “BLOCK ME” like seriously dudes block yourselves. There’s a user on here that goes by Anna. She was a big topic on Tumblr for the antis. There must’ve been a problem on here and you were having trouble fixing it and the Anti o community went nutso cause you were too “vague”. I looked for myself and the whole time Anna was right! They didn’t add the whole conversation. Idiots... You did fix the issue. It was something with spam I think. That’s what I remember. The point is , you aren’t the big bad asshole that people make you out to be. I’m gonna have a voice of my own and decide that I’m not putting up with their s●●● anymore. I think all of Greg’s fans need to start a petition to stop these children before it gets any worse. I have a question for the Antis (cause I know they’ll be reading this..they’ve proved it themselves they stalk this website and yes I’ll call it stalking because they aren’t fans and only come here to get some sick pleasure I mean seriously Greg maybe you should feel proud it’s like these people can’t live without you)... If Greg is such a big bad pedophile, child grooming, wetland destroying, tax evading criminal...then why do YOU obsess over a criminal. Do you have a thing for criminals? Or I should say people you think are pedophile, child grooming, wetland destroying, tax evading criminal. 1. You aren’t a pedophile as far as I know. People say that you have creepy forums..but your forums are 18+! And these forums aren’t at all creepy. You play counting games for God’s sake. Ugh 2. If you groomed that Sarah girl...then why were you “mean” to her as you said when she was a kid? Child groomers tend to build a very strong and close relationship with a child with ulterior motives. It doesn’t seem like that was the case. But honestly what do any of us even know, we are just a bunch of morons ferociously typing at our keyboards like maniacs. None of us even know you. 3. If you were removing weeds and dangerous plants from your backyard and something got a bit messed up and the county told you to fix it and then you fix it and everything’s all rainbows and sunshine again..then cmon who really cares? Anti- I HATE ONISION! HE’S THE WORST PERSON ONLINE. Everyone else- Why....? Anti- CAUSE HE REMOVED A PRECIOUS BABY BLACKBERRY BUSH!!!!!! SHE HAD A FAMILY!!! Everyone else- 😐🤔 4. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOUR TAXES AND I DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM EITHER. ITS YOURS AND YOUR HUSBANDS BUSINESS. NO ONE ELSE. Now that I’ve made a few things clear, let me say this. If people don’t wanna like you, whatever. Hate him for something he actually did though. Nobody’s perfect but hate him for something other than the bulls●●● made up false and bias narrative you made of Greg Jackson. It’s a shame and honestly Onision, I don’t know how you do it. Seriously you have to personally deal with these people and I feel bad for you. I am going to consider continuing to use this account and learn more about you, but I may not be active a lot cause I have two children and work a full time job, but I just wanted to come on here to apologize. Sorry for the rant but I felt pretty bad for what I’ve done. I’m an adult and I should know better. I hope you and your family have a great life. Bye! 😊
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    There is only one answer: Yes, if men can, then they can.
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    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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    Also Greg, there would be no reason for me have ever spent the time I did to write this if I wasn’t being truthful. I will even delete my blog on Tumblr later today. Please don’t put me in the same category as those people anymore. Thank you.
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    This p much sums up my feelings as well. Feel like a dink for s●●● I’ve believed and went nuts over in the past. Welcome, fellow former anti-o.
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    I say yes. It's ridiculous that female nipples are only allowed to be shown for the sake of male arousal, but then when it comes to our bodily autonomy, we're supposed to hold back BECAUSE we might cause male arousal. The female body is politicized to no end while men whip out their dicks for public urination and walk around shirtless. To insinuate that it's unhealthy for children to witness female breasts doesn't make sense to me. We grow up experiencing all nudity as something natural and neutral. Only once we start treating certain body parts as forbidden or scandalous is when we start considering it erotic. See any culture with casual nudity, including white people nude beaches. In fact, removing that context - by treating female breasts as no different from male chests - takes away the s●●ual response. The s●●ual attractiveness of female breasts is not inherent, it's socialized.
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    Hypocrisy is in most all of us. Like a meat eating person who says they would never harm an animal.
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    Eugenia Cooney is a beautiful woman.
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    Kai & Onision are pretty much incapable of trusting people online at this point. For obvious reasons.
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    I really like the color. It’s very powerful and beautiful. ☺️
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    Pisces ♓️
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    I'm a pisces
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    How do you feel about selective outrage? Hypocrisy at it’s worst? Aren’t we all hypocrites to some degree? Just something to think about and I’d love to hear your opinions...
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    Im a good ol two faced Gemini but my moon is in Capricorn, whatever that means
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    Yeah absolutely do not change that gorgeous hair
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    He is in some of mine. I'm fascinated by other people's dreams and my own.
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    I've been called Greg on Tumblr and Twitter and so have others. Some people I follow on Twitter get it too, and they end up frustrated. The truth is, Onision has no fans. You're him, I'm him, we are all him. In fact, we're not even real, we're all just figments of his imagination. xD
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    Is it sarcasm Onision? you're so handsome you're a freak. In what planet or heaven is your face even bellow a 9? I'm thin and pretty and you make me look ugly. lol!
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    I know you didn't..I was just stating beauty on the outside doesn't last. We all grow old. So please don't think I was saying you said that.
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    Yeah Mikenactor wishes. Mikenactor also says that he's a fan of Onision but then keeps trying to freak out at him and then keeps calling him very rude names. He sometimes even tries to make fun of his appearance. If I looked like fat average looking Mikenactor, I wouldn't make fun of anyone's looks. I think Mikenactor just secretly has a gay crush on Onision.
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    Kids should never experience abuse.
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    I'm not going to lie, this was a f●●●ing weird way to word this and I'm not even sure why you added the last sentence
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    ,If you people want equal rights, then promote equal rights.
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    Ayyy this was fun. Here’s my result.
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    The videos you requested are in que - Any other requests?
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    Humans have vices. It's just a realistic depiction of flawed people, especially considering the fact this is the villain character.
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    This makes my heart swell with joy. I wish her all the best in the world. I'm glad people were finally able to get her the help she needed. She's got a long battle ahead of her but I know she can do it. She's a strong and wonderful woman
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    She is, without debate. Found the IG it was shared on. As someone who’s battled ED, I’m simply thrilled to see this. I’m so happy she’s still here.
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    Thanks so much! 😛 I was born on Veterans Day... weird we have two days... or... wait, isn't today for like... the fallen?
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    Probably..I'm a Banana..it's just very authentic. It's a YouTube Classic! :)
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    My mental health story is very, very long haha. I think I've had it since I was very small because my family would always tell me to lose weight and my mother had really bad anger issues that caused a lot of emotional trauma I still go through. I started self harming when I was about 8 and it only got worse. I met some people along the way that didn't help my mental illnesses and it was just a big mess. My whole family gets plastic surgery, goes on diets, and for the longest time put me on diets and put me in sports so that I could lose weight. I developed an eating disorder (anorexia) and became severely underweight to the point I almost had a heart attack. I was hospitalized for a few months and when I got out, I was still underweight but not as much and I hated how I looked. I ended up trying to kill myself a few times and was hospitalized at least 4 times for suicide attempts. However, it's been one year since I've been hospitalized, I'm going to start going to therapy again (I stopped going a few months ago due to money) and I'm genuinely trying to be kinder to myself. From 2017-2018 I went on a kind of binge spree and gained a lot of weight, but I am now at a healthy weight and trying to fight the urge to listen to my eating disorder thoughts. My biggest struggle would have to be looking in the mirror and hating what I see and always being triggered by the comments made by others about me. I try coping with it by surrounding myself with positivity and trying not to push the people who love me away. Longggg story short, I'm a mess and have gone through a lot and still am going through a lot but I am working on it.
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    Poly is so much more work than people seem to think it is. It takes very strong and supportive people to make it work. I was in a poly relationship for a while, and although I loved every minute of it, the other female became jealous and I respected her decision and left. I was heartbroken and still feel a bit jaded by it. So, just know, they aren't sunshine and rainbows. It's a relationship. It takes even more work because you have two people to make happy. They're a beautiful dynamic, but they're not for everyone, it's not easy, and it's not as Shakespeare as you'd think. Just offering some much unsolicited advice. Love you all! Xo Liz

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