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    I need your guys help on this, so I really appreciate you taking part! On Patreon you can post videos exclusively for patrons or you can post them for everyone to see. Every time you post, you can decide this. For a long time I have mostly ONLY posted videos that are patron only to Patreon... but some people only use Patreon to get the latest, as YouTube is not as reliable with ensuring you see new content. So my question is in the poll 🙂
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    Just wanted to share this graph with you... it shows all the buttons this community clicked in reaction to other's posts... you guys are a great group:
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    For me? Like... other than the obvious, I really like really sunny days with a cool breeze and kinda just taking it all in out in nature... it's such an incredible world to be in on the right day you know?
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    I appreciate all the kindness guys 🙂
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    Guys, if you are ever thinking about something like this, please call 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741 But to answer the question, I have and tried many times. depression is a b●●●●
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    Thanks for the suggestion... I'd totally expect that IRL to turn into a monster so of course it could never happen. I fan once asked to lick my face though... at like a public event... that was weird.
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    Well, I went with the majority and got bangs again -- however, the lady kinda butchered my hair : ' ). I low-key have a mullet now and my bangs are S●●●ty but I guess I could look worse. Just gotta stay positive about it (or at least try to.) Thanks again everyone ,and I'll try to make the most of it! ❤️
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    The video was added out of context to the most dishonest degree possible.
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    I'll try and keep things short simple in order to avoid overwhelming sap....but I just want to thank Onision for -- well -- being himself. It's so refreshing to see someone be unapologetically themselves. As someone who struggles with some pretty low self-esteem and massive insecurities, you are an absolute inspiration to just accept who I am and own it (obviously fix my negative traits, but still). Thank you for providing me with helpful information, inspiration, and a much needed laugh over the years. ❤️ You absolutely rock.
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    Can you imagine how HORRIBLY AWKWARD that would be and the hilarity that would ensue? A skit where Onision meets a fan and that fan expects a boob squeeze like he does at the end of his videos! If you picked this idea to actually do, I know you could do better than anything I could come up with, but for S●●●s and giggles: Onision: It was nice meeting you, bye Vicky. Vicky: "Ummm aren't you forgetting something?" *Thrusts chest at Onision while making wierd noises* Hynugh ... Hynugh... Onision: *Looks confused and freaked out* Vicky would be a good character for that, IMO, and when Onision says no, Vicky goes on a "live stream" to complain to the internet how she didnt get a boob squeeze This would be like a parody in a parody. first parody would be like the celebrities that say "I love you" to their fans when they dont mean it, second would be the people that go online to complain about you. I think this would be hilarious to see played out.
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    I gotta be even less filtered in the future. Been holding back.
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    My husband and I have been married for 7 years but together since Dec. 2008. 🙂
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    Why is this forum 18+? Because, the internet is full of crazy people who freak out when you have a forum that is not 18+ even though everything on the forum is fine, we're still going to make it 18+ To be clear, there are STILL to be no inappropriate images posted, but we are STILL 18+ Thank you for understanding, obvious, and beyond undeniably clear statements, that this forum is 18+ only, and this is an appropriate images only site. God be with you.
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    Hi. So..I know this probably wont mean much, because I'm just one girl telling you her opinion, but I think you should know how I feel. I'm gonna be straight up, I miss Onision. I miss the REAL Onision, as in I miss Greg. Don't get me wrong, I love the Onision comedy sketches, but I love OnisionSpeaks and UhOhBro even more. I love watching Greg talk about his own opinions and his own thoughts. I like watching Emo Charlie, but when I say that I mean I like watching him in comedy sketches. I like watching Onision. I like Greg! I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings...but Greg has no idea how much he's helped me and I hate to see him pretend to be a full-time character when, in the beginning, that was never what he wanted. I know its not at all what he wants, because if it was then he wouldn't be still "Onision" on Patreon. I'm not going to pretend I like what Greg's doing to himself, because I don't. He never wanted to be a character...he wanted to be someone who shares his life online..someone who makes comedy sketches..someone who helps others...and now hes throwing it all away. And for what? Because people act like middle school bullies? Because the hate was driving him crazy? I understand that...but why let those people win. Well..if you read this, then thanks for letting me share my opinion. @Emo Charlie @Onision
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    My favorite thing to do outside is stay inside.
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    This phenomenon is mostly happening online, and in my opinion, it's basically a pendulum effect after the crass and vulgar humor of the 00s - when dead baby jokes and such were cool and everyone wanted to be ultra edgy - now we're swinging in the opposite direction with people preaching empathy. By going through both extremes, we can figure out where our middle ground is.
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    Absolutely I agree, we all want Greg to be comfortable/free on here and online in general. 😊
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    Final Fantasy X. I've been playing it for 13 years and it's still my favorite. Here's a badass screenshot I took while playing.
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    Silent Hill!! 2 is my fav (there's a fan mod coming out this week which upgrades the graphics and gives the PC remaster the PS2 voices among other things so I'll have to play it when it's out). I also adore the Arkham series and can't wait for Rocksteady's new game! For indie games I really like Papers Please and the developer's recent game Tech Support Error Unknown. Graveyard Know is super fun and cute as well
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    Also besides Patreon I would say that the Onision forums are pretty safe too, Twitter forget about it.
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    Onision is only on Patreon now. Exclusive videos, Discord events, Skypes etc ~ Anything else simply puts him & his loved ones at risk in numerous ways.
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    Who's on Discord? I got it when I first became an Onision Patron because I wanted to see the community... and now I'm hooked. It's such a cool software with so many options for developers. So of course, I had to get my geek on and made a server for us. So share your contact info if you want, or join the server I made for us from the forum. I know there's already one just for Patrons, but I thought this would be cool specifically for forum users. 😃 I added some fun features such as: automatic updates whenever new Onision & Laineybot's Twitter statuses are made automatic updates whenever new forum posts are made (this is a work in progress because RSS is fickle) automatic updates whenever Onision or Laineybot upload new YouTube videos fun games to earn ranks and levels This is the invite link, just click it to join: https://discord.gg/2dUcffB Please note this server is not an official Onision server or even directly affiliated with the forum. If you're looking for interactions with Onision, consider joining his Patreon to get access to his own Discord server.
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    I'm not a vegetarian but I'm a health-conscious eater and don't eat meat very often. Will only eat meat that is ethically raised/ local/ organic/free range/grass fed like for beef or fed its natural diet for other animals (like how chickens should be free range so that they can eat bugs and natural proteins etc) I'm lucky to live in new hampshire where there are a lot of farms and ability to source healthy food. I garden in the summertime and have my own free range chickens and eat mostly out of my garden all summer. pictures of my garden, one day of my harvest (i bring in get harvests like that of different things every few days in the summer!) and the last pic is homemade veggie burgers made with soft tofu, a bunch of different chopped veggies from my garden a and flour (i also use a little bit of egg to help hold it all together since i'm not full vegetarian and eggs are from my own chickens) but if you wanted to make completely vegetarian without eggs i'm sure you could substitute something else for the eggs ... have to think of something else that would be good to help keep them from crumbling...egg is just what i had on hand to make them)
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    I actually really like a nice rainy day, i live in the desert so they don't happen too much, but I like to sit outside, under the roofs awning with a lawn chair and just witness the rain and I love the smell of rain as it hits the dirt.
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    Just want to say you inspired me to get bangs too 🙂
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    I'm pretty hyped for Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima is a b o s s
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    I have one tattoo, between my shoulder blades. Used to have my lip pierced but now it’s just me and my halo of the sun
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    RIP KURT COBAIN. you are deeply missed. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/kurt-cobain-death-ex-girlfriend-musician-mary-lou-lord-sheds-light-on-rock-icon-before-stardom/
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    So I have been seeing my therapist as I am supposed, and was inpatient in a hospital for a week, and now I am recovering really well! I am learning how to lose weight in a healthy way through eating properly and exercising properly. I also have a healthy goal instead of an unrealistic goal that would kill me.
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    Being pranked gives me mixed feelings... I guess I never understood them.
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    People with anorexia have a much shorter life expectancy.
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    Non LGBT people defending LGBT people I think is fine. I personally feel like the difference is when someone tries to speak for them. We should be lifting them up and giving them a platform to talk about their experiences. I think a good way to do this, with YouTube for example, if you’re an ally trying to bring awareness to LGBT issues, a great thing to do could be to collaborate with LGBT people in your videos and talk to them about their own experiences as a gay, trans, etc. individual. We can be supportive and we can imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes but we will never experience it the way they have and they should be the ones to tell that story. Again, not saying there’s anything wrong with non lgbt people speaking on issues.
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    I think the coolest thing about me is that I am honest with people in my life & they really know who I am. What is cool about you?
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    Sometimes one might think it is gone... but it's sitting there... waiting to hit ya.
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    I'm thinking you should probably start a fan site. You seem very invested and that is a good place to put your energy... like a "LadyGagaIsTheBest.com" or something.
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    I miss my emo AIM away messages and MySpace playlists.
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    I remember dying of dysentery on the Oregon trail.
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    My name is not "Gerg" But yeah, I don't really have an interest in his channel at the moment. Happy to answer questions here though.
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    The bangs are really cute. You also have such a pretty face and I love the pic without bangs as well. ❤️
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    I love bangs in general, but with these two pics I say definitely get bangs again! Really cute and flattering.
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    on and off since 9th grade with with dude for about 9-10 years - prolly good that it's over now

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