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    I like how useful shovels are. I like fresh air. I like eating vegetarian Tacos. My name is Greg, who are you?
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    Thanks for introducing yourselves folks πŸ™‚
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    I have an enlarged aorta... which I guess means I literally have a big heart. What about you?
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    I like my eyes. I don’t like my sometimes intense redness.
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    A lot of people have walked away from her. That also did not help.
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    Post a favorite picture of your pet/pets 😊 this is oso when he was a puppy
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    My Luna girl πŸ’œπŸ’œ
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    Out of all your family, who do you connect with the most? Me personally... I know it's a cop out, but it's my spouse Laineybot πŸ˜›
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    I identify as Dale.
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    I find labels restricting and marginalizing. I am a living organism that prefers the company of other living organisms. One can not help who they love/like/lust after...I usually gravitate toward "cis males", though I hate to refer to it as thus as this pigeon holes perspective mates and at the same time narrows and restricts my options when ascribing to specific preferences.
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    The name's Wolfie uwu I love dank memes. Being an emo edgelord And spending my time sleeping. Yeet I'm cringe basically.
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    Thanks for taking this topic seriously guys. I'm going to kill myself.
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    hey I wish my name was Kyle but yo it's McFly I like eating pizza and my fave thing is music~ hmu I like frands~ ❀️ also enjoy this lovely .gif I added ~
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    I'm Megan I hate the smell of tuna I like to bake brownies I once put an ant in my sister's sandwich when i was 13
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    Out of everywhere in the world, what is your favorite place? Mine is Mt. Rainier in the summer πŸ™‚
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    My gender is... guyish, so, pretty much generic cis. My partner preference is kind of focused on the person more than the body ~ But personality aside, I'm naturally attracted to people with parts opposing mine ~ I'm not really into my own physical configuration/people who look like me ~ Anyway, what are you?
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    What is your favorite band? Why do you like them? I like: Nine Inch Nails Because... they're very intense, real with their music.
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    Post a picture of your favorite YouTuber and say why they're your favorite. Greg/Onision is my favorite because he's really real and really funny.
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    Hello! So I used to make videos educating people on anorexia, specifically in regards to Eugenia Cooney - Since I began making those videos, her condition did not get any better - so clearly me making videos isn't helping her (they did help tons of other people, but this is about Eugenia) ~ So I'm not making videos about her anymore as it does not help her --- my question is, how CAN we help her? Any ideas?
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    Is that kid ok? He seems confused.
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    I think permanent marker works 😊 No other option yet πŸ˜‹
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    Why is this forum 18+? Because, the internet is full of crazy people who freak out when you have a forum that is not 18+ even though everything on the forum is fine, we're still going to make it 18+ To be clear, there are STILL to be no inappropriate images posted, but we are STILL 18+ Thank you for understanding, obvious, and beyond undeniably clear statements, that this forum is 18+ only, and this is an appropriate images only site. God be with you.
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    I like tether ball. I don't trust escalators or snow tubes. I am intrigued by the outline of people's faces when they make words at me. I have problems with gravity sometimes. My name is Dev. You can call me Dev or even just Dev.


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