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    My life is much better without drama. Your life is no doubt better too. The new rule #5 is, no drama. If you see someone starting drama, please report them, do not engage directly with them etc ~ Thanks so much!
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    It's kinda funny how often people do this... like... the constant assumption that just deleting accounts will fix a problem. Delete Twitter, delete Instagram... people do it all the time, never realizing what really needs to be change, is the roller coaster they put themselves and everyone else through ~ I myself don't delete my accounts, but I do jump around, I too seek balance.
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    I'm just really really frustrated right now... I don't really have much to say about it, but I wanted to express somewhere that I am generally feeling really... sad, and... ugh... maybe I'll make a patron video... yeah 😛 It's... I really just want to be happy, so badly. I want things to be ok, I want to enjoy life... and I keep... Eh... It's a work in progress right? The human experience?
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    He's always been kind. I see no reason he would not say hi if we crossed paths 😛
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    Talking to him will just give him a way "in" to speak to you even more. He'll try to deflect your points about why he's an asshole and rope you into a debate so he can get your attention. He's best ignored.
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    And now she has more video views because of this post. She won.
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    No one needs to answer questions from people who abandon them over rumors online.
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    I heard half of YouTube is threatening to take Onision to court if he deletes their accounts with copyright strikes. As a fan, I respect Onision and no offense to Onision but I beg him to stop this for his sake. This is a very dangerous and scary thing he's doing that could get him put in prison for years and ruin his life. Mr. Repzion A.K.A Repzion is also threatening to take Onision to court if Onision gives his channel a third copy right strike. In the past, many YouTube users who got taken to court for false copyright striking other YouTubers got sued thousands of dollars and more. I love the Onision channel and I would hate to see Onision be put in jail for years, he already had a hard and sad enough life. He doesn't need more hurt in his life. There are many ways he can fight his enemies on YouTube without censoring their free speech and vandalizing their accounts. He can just insult them back like he always used to.
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    I personally don't care what your race is. I'd date someone no matter what their race is. To be clear, I have no race preference. What about you?
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    Sorry some people are so problematic!
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    I think that if someone with a mental issue and someone without a mental issue love each other then they should stay together. Someone with a mental issue is just as valuable and lovable as someone without one.
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    So..I made a topic the last week titled "Just something I want Emo Charlie to know". And I want to apologize for it. I watched the Onisionspeaks from yesterday and honestly...I completely understand why you're doing this. I didn't fully understand the point last week because I was just confused..but now I understand. I agree with this decision. I would do the same thing. You're just trying to keep your loved ones safe. Please stay strong. ❤️
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    As I understand, it's not sugar causing it: https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/diabetes-true-false.html
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    My problems are not unique, especially when it comes the feelings I have... it's nice to know people can relate.
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    Thanks for being so supportive.
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    Glad you get it!
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    My favorite thing to do outside is stay inside.
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    Thats right, you don't. No one does. Its bullS●●● what people do and then expect you to do for them.
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    Just a reminder to everyone! There's no adult content on this site, however this site is still for adults only! If you're not 18+ please do not use this site. If you see someone posting who you know is not 18+ please report their posts so we can keep this site free of anyone under 18 ¬ Again, no adult content here, but still want to keep it adults only! Thank you!
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    honestly i just wanted that title to exist
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    I believe in Christian deism. I believe in God and Jesus but I don't believe that The Bible applies to us. Just the people of the first century and older because The Bible says that it only applies to the people of Jesus time and older. My theory is the rest of us just go to heaven or some place where we live forever after we die no matter what we do.
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    You really... really misunderstood that video.
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    Greg I've been seeing what's going on for this last year or so and its half sad and half makes me mad. People love to try to paint you as the bad guy of YouTube. I'm amazed because your highly intelligent, logical and honest. People now a days dont know how to react to someone like that. Now this thing with Kalvin got me all different types of pissed off. He's using your name for views for one and 2 is so stuck in his box that he cant compute anything different than the same little lame repeated sentences about what he believes and how he feels . Seriously I wish we lived closer. I sound super nutty but I think we'd get along well.
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    Ayy, 200 reputation. Thanks y’all.
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    Yeah this is a safe space here and I enjoy the things I read and I enjoy posting here because I know no one behaves like a bag of buttholes here, it's legit all good here. As long as someone doesnt act like a D●●●, it's all gravy
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    Why would you encourage him to make fun of people? You're completely right - that would be controversial - but it would damage his reputation more. Not least when people with mental disorders who may be into Strange Aeons or whatever do actually exist. "ugly virgin"? "Tasch The Milf"? "mental and stupid like an SJW"? Dude, you need to stop your toxic behaviour and language - don't think for a second that your anonymous profile online won't come back to haunt you in the real world. Learn from someone who knows what they're talking about. Your behaviour reflects your internal state of mind, even if one is just trolling. I suffered for years because I couldn't control my urges and short term expediencies. Listen to Jordan Peterson. Take responsibility for your life.
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    I'm a conservative and even I am against anti abortion laws in all states. They violate the 13th amendment anyways.
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    OMGOMG!!! I laughed so hard, couldnt breathe!!!!!!
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    My responsible brain would say “no contact” but f●●● that, tear him a new asshole and then block block block. Hope you are well today.
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    Hello...so, I had another account on here titled Lzzy11. Me and my friend Anna (she's on here too) had a little problem with another user who is no longer active on this forum. We were both allegedly handed out temporary bans for the problem..mainly because we were publicly arguing and this place is supposed to be for fun. So, anyways Anna got her account back a long time ago as you've probably noticed..mine has continued to not allow me to sign in and it says I'm banned. Now, I honestly don't feel like the argument I had with another user was enough to permanently ban me. To be honest, I even apologized to a mod for all the trouble because she said if we didn't stop we would get temporary bans (which we did stop and got banned anyways..which is kinda odd) So all this took place a long time ago..like over a month ago I think. I'm a supporter and fan of you and I enjoyed coming on this site..so it upsets me that I'm still banned. I made this account to ask you if it's ok if I continue to use this account, or if you can unblock the Lzzy11 account. 😊 Thanks, Lzzy
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    Looks like an endless cycle to me.
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    use Google or just put away your pride and visit a professional
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    Well if you know me you know I have "depression" or something I guess. If you don't well I might have "depression" or something. So I just gotta say that I am just mad at myself. I never went through anything traumatic or significantly terrible to give me this "depression". That is what just pisses me off. It just f●●●ing happened. Makes me feel like a dumb f●●●ing b●●●●. Makes me feel weak. Like I'm that "depressed" guy but for no f●●●ing reason like what the f●●●! I don't know much and I've heard it can just happen but even if that is true I still feel like a weak little b●●●●. Maybe I'm just stupid and a lot of people go through this same kind of anger. Maybe I really am just a weak little b●●●●. If you have any insight on the matter well share I guess.
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    Hey I had to step outta patreon a bit back and prob wont be in a place to be able to pledge again for a hot minute, and my status or whatever on here is still "Patron". I wasnt sure if yall wanted to change that, if im still in bits of the forum i technically dont have the rights to anymore? Idk! Just wanted to bring it to someones attention in case in needs to be changed. Thanks bruhs and bruhettes.
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    You're very honest ❤️
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    Summer is when I find out if my cat loves me for more than just my body heat... 😏😼😂😹🖤
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    Very well said! I agree. Hollywood also pushes the stigma of mental health in a bad direction. I have problems when I tell people about mine, and they have seen the movie Split, as they think it means im gonna murder them in their sleep or some S●●● like that.
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    its not a fat people disease its a "people who eat too much sugar" disease. you can eat too much sugar and not be overweight . there are so many super sugary foods that just completely tank your pancreas (the organ that regulates insulin production) without neccesarily making you overweight
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    Hi Greg, I got a major urge to contact you. I strongly share your hate towards the majority of people on Youtube - the lifeless sheep idiots that poo on their own brains. I mean the ones that bandwagon hate on you, and the people who drive the wagons, just for the sake of being cool or whatnot. You are the bright shining star in the blue sky cuz you're a truly genuine person and a very rare persona. I wish you never had to experience the negativity you've endured and still do. I'm sorry for it all, I hope you don't have to feel sad all the time. I admire you from head to toe for staying strong through the S●●●storms and I hope you never start to believe in the bs that the sheep give you. I respect you so much for your argumentation skills and the way you really do your research before giving a detailed opinion, AS ALL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE SHOULD. I apologize for this incoherent text piece cus I'm rather sleepy atm. You're just so freaking awesome human I wish you were my neighbour, you would be the only neighbour I'd ever talk to (my people don't rly like neighbours). You remind me of Cillian Murphy and his angel eyes. If I could I'd hire you as my guardian angel. I get the feeling you have a pure soul. Purity is my favourite thing in people. You're most definitely very pure. I hope you age as well as Cillian Murphy does cus he's hot. You're very handsome too lol. I also adore your spouse, his aura is just so cute and you make such a sweet family. I hope I can someday become your patreon, I've got something stopping me atm but later on I will. I'm certain your content is top notch, cus it always is. The amount of effort you pour into your videos and art is so dazzling and I truly appreciate your hard work and commitment, you'd deserve so much more money LMAO. I hope you get everything you crave for. You deserve all the respect, appreciation and kindness for the warm heart you have and I wish I could give you a hug if you ever feel alone. Wow so disoriented path of text wow I guess it's fine. You're the funniest person cus you got that retarded humour I live for. Wow too many compliments. Well, it's because you need to hear from the speaker of truth that Panda God is awesome. I wish you'd dress up more in animal suits they suit you. Oh and just one other thing, Gregggggg, you're my favourite youtuber of all time. Have a great spring and day. 😸 BR. 21yo person from Finland
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    I like most everything I have tried.. Im not a super picky eater. I really dislike Mushrooms though. I don't like the taste or the texture of them and the fact that its a fungus freaks me out.
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    Stroganoff. When I was a kid my mom dated a dude who liked to cook but Was really bad at it. He made stroganoff all the time and it was awful and he would force me to eat it. Can’t stand the smell or sight of it now.
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    I get about 7.5 hours every night.
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    Your story is amazing! Your amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it!🤗
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    my mental health story is LONG.... i've been struggling with mental health since i was a small child - i've always had severe anxiety- i'm on the autism spectrum and have always had symptoms but i wasnt officially diagnosed until i was in my mid 20s and so i've struggled my entire life with issues, trying to fit in, and led to self-medicating with drugs in my teens and early 20s since i didnt know what was wrong with me. long story and i can expand later when i'm less tired, but for now, i'm FINALLY at 32 y/o on the right medication that has been working for me (depakote, cymbalta, and adderall mainly,-- plus lorazepam/ativan PRN for anxiety/panic attacks/sensory overload/autism meltdowns) and i now have a service dog as well. i've been stable on the same medications since 2015 when i was hospitalized and they finally had time to i guess observe me for a few weeks at a time and get an actual diagnosis and figure out what meds would help. i had tried a lot of diff. medications in the few years before 2015 (from like 2009-2015 i tried almost every antidepressant and mood stablizers and even some antipsychotics and none of them helped until the combination i'm on now-- there are still SOME issues and its not perfect even with meds but they are working the best of anything i've ever tried and most days are decent so i dont want to rock the boat and just sticking with it and trying to improve other areas of my life naturally to make up the difference..)

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