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    I need your help deciding the future of my Patreon, please vote to let me know what would make you happiest!
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    I've been reducing the amount of categories/forums etc to make this place more reasonable. Also will be updating icons soon I hope as well as the whole look and feel of the place... trying to keep things simple, but also cool πŸ™‚ Anyway! Just letting you guys know, I've been aiming towards improving the place... One thing I did not is that we've been having a lot of... like "Marry people from out of the country" type banners showing up ~ I figured that's probably because of certain sections of the forum involving the topic of dating. To solve this problem, I changed the wording and hopefully we won't be getting much more ads asking us to import people and mary them... jeepers. As you guys may know, ads are triggered by the conversations/content of each page ~ So! Let's aim toward what is actually relevant, not some crazy remote bride thing... ack.
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    Thanks to Corronna Fly funding this forum for the month of February, I've started a new forum group called "Forum Funders" - It has the same access level as Patrons to show my appreciation for people helping keep the forums alive and well. Thank you so much!
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    The site went down earlier because I was updating the whole thing... as a result, WE NOW HAVE A GIF BUTTON! Also, Patrons and YouTube Channel Members now have a slightly blue tone to their posts... Please react to this news, with a GIF.
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    My gender is... guyish, so, pretty much generic cis. My partner preference is kind of focused on the person more than the body ~ But personality aside, I'm naturally attracted to people with parts opposing mine ~ I'm not really into my own physical configuration/people who look like me ~ Anyway, what are you?
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    Why is this forum 18+? Because, the internet is full of crazy people who freak out when you have a forum that is not 18+ even though everything on the forum is fine, we're still going to make it 18+ To be clear, there are STILL to be no inappropriate images posted, but we are STILL 18+ Thank you for understanding, obvious, and beyond undeniably clear statements, that this forum is 18+ only, and this is an appropriate images only site. God be with you.
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    Just a reminder to everyone! There's no adult content on this site, however this site is still for adults only! If you're not 18+ please do not use this site. If you see someone posting who you know is not 18+ please report their posts so we can keep this site free of anyone under 18 Β¬ Again, no adult content here, but still want to keep it adults only! Thank you!
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    I need your guys help on this, so I really appreciate you taking part! On Patreon you can post videos exclusively for patrons or you can post them for everyone to see. Every time you post, you can decide this. For a long time I have mostly ONLY posted videos that are patron only to Patreon... but some people only use Patreon to get the latest, as YouTube is not as reliable with ensuring you see new content. So my question is in the poll πŸ™‚
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    I have an enlarged aorta... which I guess means I literally have a big heart. What about you?
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    Just wanted to share this graph with you... it shows all the buttons this community clicked in reaction to other's posts... you guys are a great group:
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    Yeah... poll seems pretty conclusive πŸ˜›
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    Post jokes here! The following is a list I found.
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    A few things should be included: Be civil and considerate of others Don't attack/harass people because of their gender/sexuality/etc It's okay to disagree, but avoid personal attacks, constructive critisim is allowed Obviously have a rule against spam
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    Haha... well... let me put it to you this way... I used to be a lot more aggressive towards others, a lot more judgmental & attention hungry ~ I think these are all possible signs of unhappiness. More recently, I haven't been so dramatic... I think the cracks would show a lot more if it was not genuine. Reality is, I'm just very... uninterested in being problematic in a non-comedic way ~ So as a result, I've felt happier.
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    I identify as Dale.
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    A lot of people have walked away from her. That also did not help.
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    What is your favorite band? Why do you like them? I like: Nine Inch Nails Because... they're very intense, real with their music.
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    So I don't plan on ever doing "Rating" videos again as quite frankly, I've already done a bunch and there is nothing left in the topic for me. So please, do not post any rating pictures or whatever... I know, everyone is required to be 18+ to even be on this site... and I know, we've always said "Appropriate images only" ~ But! It's like I said, even though there is nothing wrong with those videos as far as the rules of the forum go ~ I sincerely want to move on to other things. If they still offered me something fun, I'd go on anyway despite outrage culture (ignoring the forum rules etc) ~ but that's about it. If you want me to make videos about fan art, social groups, goth outfits etc ~ That's totally fine. Just asking no one start any "Am I Fat" or "Rate Me Out Of 10" topics.
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    I did a survey to my former patrons, asking them if I let them down/how I could improve... I've ranked the most common response. 1. You're content is awesome, I just can't afford it. 2. I kinda just fell out of love with your videos, they did not feel authentic anymore. 3. Numerous references to YT drama. #3 was only about... 1 out of 10 people. #2 was about 3 out of 10 people. #1 was extremely common and I was very happy I did not let those people down. Anyway, regarding #2, I plan to improve quite some bit. I'm releasing uncensored Comedy Sketches on Patreon.com/Onision every day for the next month, maybe for much longer, to see if I am happier/my patrons are happier. Thank you for helping me figure this all out guys! Now! As far as information supplied to me via exit surveys... it gets very strange... The first one, cancer. Very scary & tragic. I hope they pull through: This one, I have no idea at all: Meanwhile this one, all they need to do is DM me and get the answers they seek, but I guess they wanted to just conclude who I am without... talking to me. This one is the most common... I hope things get better for this person! There was one girl who was talking about living in an abusive household at age 21... she asked me not to share her post ~ But... again, I can only wish for the best. Thanks so much guys! Become a Patron!
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    Be good. Do good. Live good.
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    sorry about the down time!
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    Post a favorite picture of your pet/pets 😊 this is oso when he was a puppy
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    Because a lot of times I feel like I'm the calm person in a room full of crazy stuff πŸ˜› Like IRL.
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    For me? Like... other than the obvious, I really like really sunny days with a cool breeze and kinda just taking it all in out in nature... it's such an incredible world to be in on the right day you know?
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    Who do you think is the most attractive video game character? Post a picture of that game character!
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    It's kinda funny how often people do this... like... the constant assumption that just deleting accounts will fix a problem. Delete Twitter, delete Instagram... people do it all the time, never realizing what really needs to be change, is the roller coaster they put themselves and everyone else through ~ I myself don't delete my accounts, but I do jump around, I too seek balance.
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    Out of everywhere in the world, what is your favorite place? Mine is Mt. Rainier in the summer πŸ™‚
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    F*ck those people, let's all just be happy.
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    Most people only care about who tells the joke.
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    The craziest thing I've done is... share my life online. Jesus. You?
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    I really hope she is safe and being treated. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever seen on any platform and she deserves to live a long and healthy life.
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    I say yes. Because if we're here.. what's stopping another planet from having life. We can't be that self absorbed to think that no other planet would have evolution and life on it. There billions and billions of planets. Be real.
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    I made a whole video about it in response to you!
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    ⚠️ Banana ⚠️
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    Am I the only one who goes around liking bunch of comments?
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    I think permanent marker works 😊 No other option yet πŸ˜‹
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    Thanks for taking this topic seriously guys. I'm going to kill myself.
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    Is there a video you wish I would make? Please post a new topic with what you want the video to be called/about. TYSM!
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    What is wrong with your health? Me personally? I've been diagnosed with Major Depression πŸ™‚ Yay! You?
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    I'm just really really frustrated right now... I don't really have much to say about it, but I wanted to express somewhere that I am generally feeling really... sad, and... ugh... maybe I'll make a patron video... yeah πŸ˜› It's... I really just want to be happy, so badly. I want things to be ok, I want to enjoy life... and I keep... Eh... It's a work in progress right? The human experience?
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    I have 2 goats, 2 cats (but one of them lives with my brother who lives next door) and a service dog.... i'll post the pics of the goats first- This is Lily and Whiskey - they are nigerian dwarfs and almost 6 years old now. Lily is the girl-- she's the tan/brown one Whiskey is my boy and he's the black and white one. He's my baby. Theyre both friendly but Lily is a little more stand-offish where-as Whiskey is like a puppy- he follows me around and always comes running over to the door or the gate when he sees me and gets in my face for attention. He also gets jealous and pushes himself in front if he notices Lily getting the attention that is OBVIOUSLY meant for him. They have their own little goat house/small 'barn' that opens up into a gated off yard for them to play in. lily
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