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    So I'm curious as to what your favorite song by Onision is. I'm tied between No One Will Remember Your Name & I'm A Banana. What about you?
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    Hey everyone! If you are new to my profile please check the About Me tab for more information about me. Have a super fantastic day. ~Oliver
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    Probably going to relax today and play Final Fantasy XIII. If anyone wants to chat, you can either post or inbox me. I would say that I can be reached on Discord but the notifications haven't been working right lately.
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    I seriously thought we'd have flying cars by now.
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    I saw an american girl doll at walmart that had a prosthetic leg, and was a gymnast
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    So are my mom and brother :3
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    Cool, welcome. Yeah in life, I feel that profound connection can be found even with nature. I heard you can have relationship with a river or whatever. I've never done it. I for now rather interact with beings that are considered 'animals.' I like art too. I like statues like in video games I find and in real life. Art otherwise is cool.
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    I got 9 too...so guess we’re in this together those of us who got 9??? lmao
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    I don't understand why they have to drag them down either when really they're in YouTube to entertain and be honest in things which are true as well. Can't we mentor each other and help each other instead if there must be a way like I always say? The humble world is bigger and stronger anyways. Why delve deep in ways that are suffering for others?...I mean what's the point? No one should come close to feeling at a loss I feel...it's too close to call I feel. Sorry this happens to you and Kai Greg.
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    Euginia,Im literally the last person on earth that should be giving anyone advice about an eating disorder. Anyways I really do hope you use the services provided to you so you can get better.Youre a beautiful girl,and I hope treatment lasts for you long term so you dont have to go through this ever again,because you're stronger than that. Best wishes to you get well really soon.🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️💗💗💗💗💗💗🧚‍♀️
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    10 = 1 + 0 = 113 = 1 + 3 = 41993 = 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 221 + 4 + 22 = 272 + 7 = 9Life Path Number: 9 I have no idea what any of this means, but there you go!
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    I thought we'd be able to live inside video games.
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    I think we are part of the community. It's weird because no one like attacks us over it. Some religious circles will try to force females to have a husband but beyond that asexuals aren't really under constant attack. Many circles in the LGBTQ+ community refer to it as LGBTQIA+ which directly includes asexual people.
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    If you are having an emergency of any type, please contact your local authorities and dial 911 or if you want you can always Google your local non-emergency number. Do not make a thread asking about a real life emergency, just contact your local authorities if it requires careful and fast handling. If you need a suicide hotline, below are hotlines you can contact 24/7. (I copy-pasted from the discord group) Please do not ask for advice on real life emergencies on the forum. Stay safe everyone. 💜🌈 U.S. # : 1-800-273-8255 If you are in the U.S. and are too anxious to call someone, TEXT HOME to 741741 and you'll be connected to a crisis counselor that will help you U.K. : 116123 Australia : 13 11 14 or 1300 22 4636 Canada : 1-833-456-4566 Thank you. If you have any other emergency hotlines that you feel should be added, feel free to contact any staff member and we will add it to the list.
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    my grandmas little brother was a farmer and he reached me anything I needed to know! teachers know everything about farming
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    oh, i live in new hampshire in USA and like....there are SO MANY farms here and pretty sure hardly any of the people who run the farms actually went to school for agriculture.... they are usually old family farms and the farms just get handed down to the children and the kids have been working the farms for so long since they were children helping out on the farm that they probably know more than the teachers anyway lol. we didnt have a family farm but my grandparents on both sides are italian immigrants and always had gardens and grew things so i did grow up watching them grow amazing things somehow in the middle of the city too - italians are used to small areas and they grow vertically with stakes, etc. for most things. my nana grew zuchinis and cucumbers up a 10 foot wall and would pick them from her balcony lol. i started my 'farm' as a small garden when i was maybe 17 and slowly i just kept tilling up larger and larger areas of my yard and it got bigger and bigger lol. started with a few garden beds, then added a few more..... then decided i wanted a feild and tilled up a big area, then the next year i wanted the feild to be bigger so tilled up more .....and more....and more.... lol...... i'm an addict.
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    It's a sexuality. It should be included
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    Check out my garden/ farm. First pic is the back yard we have 2 goats and had a handful of chickens but they were old and passed away this past year right before winter hit so we didnt bother getting new ones when it was about to be freezing. chickens dont usually lay eggs in the winter time anyway unless you force them to with keeping them under a light source that throws off their circadian rythm and...we're organic and natural and dont believe in that so we don't do that. theres also garden beds and another small feild in the backyard past the animal pens but cant really see it-- you CAN see the MONSTEROUS squash plant i grew trailing out thru the yard though lol. that was all ONE plant and it was HUGE and had TENTACLES... we called it the squash-monster. next pic is one of the harvests i brought in ONE DAy and it was awesome. ton of kale and swiss chard, zuchinis, summer squashes, round zuchini,, cabbage, radishes, and bowl of squash flowers which is an italian delicacy (if you can obtain some and want the recipe, lmk) and some echinacea/cone flowers for tea. i think theres some broccoli in there too, buried under the swiss chard. last pic is my front feild where all the magick happens :) ton of corn down the bottom and all my tomatoes, pumpkins, eggplant and peppers and everything else that wants full sun out front on the sunny hillside --- so yea, i know how to farm if you ever want to talk plants :) its one of my fav. things to talk about :) (okay also had to include the squash monsters upclose "tentacles" he got his portrait taken because he was looking super extra that day lol.
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    Do you have to go to school to become a farmer? I run a farm at my home (i guess that could be my 'job' but only in the summertime) theres so much you can learn just on the internet and trial and error. first few years farming can be frustrating but you learn more and more and get better and better yeilds :) (if you ever want to talk plants and growing and farming or need advice i'm your person--- i grow enough tomatoes every year to make about 50 jars of tomato sauce (thats a lot of tomatoes, since sauce boils down and condenses), i have about 50 lbs of kale still preserves in my freezer right now from summertime lol..... like... grew more kale than i can possible eat. we are a family farm and dont really sell product, i give it away to friends, family and neighbors when i have overstock but i had more overstock last summer than i could even give away -- made a ton of preserves lol)
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    I'm going to start school again in April to become farmer but I'm going to work as a help to farmers with cows, sheep, pigs and animals like foxes and mink
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    Im currently legally disabled (living with autism spectrum and chronic pain issues) but i recently graduated massage school and was able to obtain my massage therapy degree/cert. and state massage license so i've been doing massage on the side and i work as a photographer here and there when i get jobs.
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    I am a health care aide. I specialize in working with adults with disabilities. I also am a mom.
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    I'm a mortgage claims analyst. I've been doing this job for a yr and a half now and I just review claims all day. w00t


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