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    Everyone doesn’t look great in some angles/lighting.
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    Just curious, what is your zodiac sign? Mine is Aquarius🖤
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    See! The votes are unanimous! Keep that Beautiful hair the way it is!!! 😘😍😍🖤
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    Yeah absolutely do not change that gorgeous hair
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    He is in some of mine. I'm fascinated by other people's dreams and my own.
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    I've been called Greg on Tumblr and Twitter and so have others. Some people I follow on Twitter get it too, and they end up frustrated. The truth is, Onision has no fans. You're him, I'm him, we are all him. In fact, we're not even real, we're all just figments of his imagination. xD
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    I know you didn't..I was just stating beauty on the outside doesn't last. We all grow old. So please don't think I was saying you said that.
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    Is it sarcasm Onision? you're so handsome you're a freak. In what planet or heaven is your face even bellow a 9? I'm thin and pretty and you make me look ugly. lol!
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    If you're single. Would you prefer someone older than you to be your lover/spouse? or someone younger than you to be your lover/spouse? and feel freed to tell everyone why. If you're with someone, is your lover or spouse older than you or younger than you? I like guys younger than me, since my boyfriend is way younger than me and younger guys stay handsome longer.
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    Yeah Mikenactor wishes. Mikenactor also says that he's a fan of Onision but then keeps trying to freak out at him and then keeps calling him very rude names. He sometimes even tries to make fun of his appearance. If I looked like fat average looking Mikenactor, I wouldn't make fun of anyone's looks. I think Mikenactor just secretly has a gay crush on Onision.
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    Yep, even though I'm literally a 19 year old girl, I'm still Greg. Right Anti O's? 😉
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    Dishonest people just pick a narrative and run with it, no matter how silly. Meanwhile, I am an Onision character, so that’s one.
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    It has to be a genre of music like classical, country, rock, pop, metal, techno etcetera. Not an artist or a band. You can also pick more than one or if you hate music or like all music. You can say that as well. My favorite types of music are classical music, country music and pop music.
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    Kids should never experience abuse.
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    Poly is so much more work than people seem to think it is. It takes very strong and supportive people to make it work. I was in a poly relationship for a while, and although I loved every minute of it, the other female became jealous and I respected her decision and left. I was heartbroken and still feel a bit jaded by it. So, just know, they aren't sunshine and rainbows. It's a relationship. It takes even more work because you have two people to make happy. They're a beautiful dynamic, but they're not for everyone, it's not easy, and it's not as Shakespeare as you'd think. Just offering some much unsolicited advice. Love you all! Xo Liz
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    Im a good ol two faced Gemini but my moon is in Capricorn, whatever that means
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    I'll say a word, you say a word that is associated with it. First word: Glass
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    I know!!! I was floored when I saw how young they were!
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    I know it's none of my business but you told us all in a recent YouTube video called "Marriage Problems & My Divorce" I think. Hopefully not, I'd feel sad for you both.
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    A free animated GIF pack of Onision guys 😄


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    One of the children is schizophrenic. I've followed the case closely since it happened. When mental illness comes into play, it's a whole different ballgame.
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    I don’t think so at all. They specifically stated that they weren’t going to at the very end of the video, if you didn’t catch that
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    How old were the girls?
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    No I never said Onision is ugly. I said he is very handsome. Better looking than even most other beautiful people male or even female. A very handsome man, especially on the outside, Onision's face almost always looks flawless. iNabber is a type of guy who needs to be beautiful on the inside just to get a plain looking girl. lol!
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    Hope you don’t mind, I just started following you on here... You seem cool as hell ☺️🖤😘
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    Me ..30 years,4 kids and two grandkids later. My oldest son will be 30 on August 8th
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    True but with Onision, even when his hair is shaved bald. He still looks handsome. It's crazy, he's an angel. Almost like Andy Biersack.
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    Onision's not ugly. I hate when he says that he is. He's not.
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    I did last week, I woke up unable to move my limbs, sit up, speak and it was difficult to even breath deeply; however, I didn’t have any of the hallucinations usually associated with sleep paralysis. It was terrifying. 🥺
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    I don’t know much about the U.S. constitution, but I completely despise the idea of American families disciplining their child’s through physical harm. As much as I’ve gone through the same thing as a kid, supported or not, it is not a safe way for a child to be raised, because then the child will grow up to feel anxious and neglected.
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    Yeah, especially when you think of 90s s●●y aesthetics. Smoking, wearing a tight pair of pants or a tight, short skirt while riding a motorbike at high speeds without a helmet Nicholas Cage smoking as he puts a bomb together on the roof of a building dressed as a priest before singing hallelujah and grabbing a choir girl's butt... Usual dangerous/s●●y stuff ... I may have just rewatched Face-Off
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    Hot take: Most things that are perceived as s●●y are associated with danger, risk, or rebellion against that which is considered good and proper.
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    I to agree this is dumb 😂🤣🥀🌹
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    Probably..I'm a Banana..it's just very authentic. It's a YouTube Classic! :)
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    Yes, and it's terrifying. They are so realistic it's like I'm awake. There is always strange noises, whispering, or black figures. I try to call for my Dad and it never works, barely anything comes out. I can't move either. I wake up unable to move, heart racing, sweating, shaking, and my chest feels like something is inside of me clutching it. In some sleep paralysis dreams I feel a weight on my chest.
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    What is the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life? For me it's these guys.
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    Yeah bro get some help, there's no shame in it and you really seem to need some support
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    seems like a troll post

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