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    The video was added out of context to the most dishonest degree possible.
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    Hi. So..I know this probably wont mean much, because I'm just one girl telling you her opinion, but I think you should know how I feel. I'm gonna be straight up, I miss Onision. I miss the REAL Onision, as in I miss Greg. Don't get me wrong, I love the Onision comedy sketches, but I love OnisionSpeaks and UhOhBro even more. I love watching Greg talk about his own opinions and his own thoughts. I like watching Emo Charlie, but when I say that I mean I like watching him in comedy sketches. I like watching Onision. I like Greg! I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings...but Greg has no idea how much he's helped me and I hate to see him pretend to be a full-time character when, in the beginning, that was never what he wanted. I know its not at all what he wants, because if it was then he wouldn't be still "Onision" on Patreon. I'm not going to pretend I like what Greg's doing to himself, because I don't. He never wanted to be a character...he wanted to be someone who shares his life online..someone who makes comedy sketches..someone who helps others...and now hes throwing it all away. And for what? Because people act like middle school bullies? Because the hate was driving him crazy? I understand that...but why let those people win. Well..if you read this, then thanks for letting me share my opinion. @Emo Charlie @Onision
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    For me? Like... other than the obvious, I really like really sunny days with a cool breeze and kinda just taking it all in out in nature... it's such an incredible world to be in on the right day you know?
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    My favorite thing to do outside is stay inside.
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    This phenomenon is mostly happening online, and in my opinion, it's basically a pendulum effect after the crass and vulgar humor of the 00s - when dead baby jokes and such were cool and everyone wanted to be ultra edgy - now we're swinging in the opposite direction with people preaching empathy. By going through both extremes, we can figure out where our middle ground is.
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    Absolutely I agree, we all want Greg to be comfortable/free on here and online in general. 😊
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    Final Fantasy X. I've been playing it for 13 years and it's still my favorite. Here's a badass screenshot I took while playing.
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    Silent Hill!! 2 is my fav (there's a fan mod coming out this week which upgrades the graphics and gives the PC remaster the PS2 voices among other things so I'll have to play it when it's out). I also adore the Arkham series and can't wait for Rocksteady's new game! For indie games I really like Papers Please and the developer's recent game Tech Support Error Unknown. Graveyard Know is super fun and cute as well
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    Also besides Patreon I would say that the Onision forums are pretty safe too, Twitter forget about it.
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    Onision is only on Patreon now. Exclusive videos, Discord events, Skypes etc ~ Anything else simply puts him & his loved ones at risk in numerous ways.
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    Is anyone here diagnosed with borderline personality disorder? I'm just wondering what coping skills work best and CONSISTENTLY for you? And how are you managing it? Do you take medicine that consistently works or do you have to keep going back and getting it adjusted? How is your quality of life overall? Does that quality stay consistent or change day to day/ month to month? Please only comment on this if you are actually diagnosed, and not just self-diagnosing 🙂
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    There are many games that are near and dear to my heart, but my absolute favorite has to be The Last of Us. What about you guys?
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    Then why tell people to come here? We aren’t the enemy... But ok I guess?
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    It's almost like there is a contest going on to see who can get the most offended/triggered. Of course there are times when these feelings are justified but for the last few years it seems like people have been going out of there way to find things to get upset about. Outrage culture sucks.
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    I have no tattoos and my only piercings are my ears. I want to get snakebites and a Final Fantasy X related tattoo on my thigh at some point in my life.
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    Exactly! This website is literally Greg's own website..I think he'd be fine to be himself on here too..
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    I wish I could be a patron...just have some money issues..ugh. It just really upsets me that after 10 years of Greg being on YouTube and doing what he loves he just throws it all away and gives into them. ☹️
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    I’ll try to remember to have them returned to this site.
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    Aww no! Well, I hope Cody Fern will be in this new season at least.
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    Grooming is awesome.
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    Then plan a way out.
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    Dandelions, everyone considers them a weed, but they are beautiful and wild to me.
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    I love a lot of flowers and plants because they are often beautiful and colorful 🌱 💐 African violets, Water Lilies, Lotuses, Lily etc Bc I have too many to name. I also love succulent and cactuses.
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    Rose's and Gardenias. Thanks to this question I just learned Gardenias is a flower in the coffee family. Lol even my favorite flowers are coffee smh.
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    Pic 1 Edlewiss (grows in the alps mainly Austria) white flower Pic 2 Red Roses(actually any color🌹) Last on Shamrocks ( I know no flower but it is a plant it grows all over especially in Ireland.)
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    Non LGBT people defending LGBT people I think is fine. I personally feel like the difference is when someone tries to speak for them. We should be lifting them up and giving them a platform to talk about their experiences. I think a good way to do this, with YouTube for example, if you’re an ally trying to bring awareness to LGBT issues, a great thing to do could be to collaborate with LGBT people in your videos and talk to them about their own experiences as a gay, trans, etc. individual. We can be supportive and we can imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes but we will never experience it the way they have and they should be the ones to tell that story. Again, not saying there’s anything wrong with non lgbt people speaking on issues.
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    Does anyone else miss the days when people weren’t so overly sensitive? i DO!!!
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    I have one tattoo (so far) and I used to have my nose pierced, but it closed up a few months ago so I have to get it redone 😞
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    Agreed. I know the videos got a lot of hate from people ragging on Lainey/Kai's makeup skills, but the looks really weren't bad and not everyone is on par with the whole "MUA baddie" look anyway. It was refreshing to watch and felt a lot more casual and down-to-earth than most beauty channels I see. I feel like they were a lot more laid back in the Beautybot videos in general, compared to the ones on their Laineybot channel.
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    My favorite flower plant is the Bleeding Heart flowers , Whats yours? Are you more of an inside plant or outside plant person, or both?
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    guess it depends on the kind of humor
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    In the summer especially, boating is probably my favorite thing to do outside, it's fun as fûck and I like hanging out on the boat/taking photos. Also hanging outside with my cats.
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    I have 5 tattoos, no piercings, I only have the holes I was born with 😛
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    I have one tattoo, between my shoulder blades. Used to have my lip pierced but now it’s just me and my halo of the sun
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    I have kind of had suicidal ideation a little bit throughout my life but i was hospitalized involuntarily in 2015 for actually getting to the point where i was starting to have a plan, etc. i really DIDNT want to do it but i felt at the point of having no choice i felt so messed up. the night before i was hospitalized i bought myself a gelato because id never tried it and wanted to try gelato before i died lol.
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    Didn't get to see to that often..but probably Romper Room,Mr. Ed , Bewitched .. Movie wise Gone with the Wind Where Angels go trouble follows The trouble with angels
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    My diet consists of souls of the damned.
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    It's really hard to decide on a favorite but Piplup and Popplio are among my favorites 🙂
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    i miss beautybot videos. they were fun & had a nice casual mood like a hangout.
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    Man there are so many Pokémon I love
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    This is one of my favorites of his 🙂

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