Onision: In Real Life DEBUNKED

Discovery Plus Documentary: An Embarrassment To Journalism

Confirmed by Sarah over a 9 hour phone conversation with Onision

the conversation started January 22, 2021 and ended around 1am her time, it continued later that morning only to end with Sarah's sister taking the phone away and screaming that she was happy Sarah ruined his life while refusing to give the phone back to Sarah


- The fraudulent #MeToo'ers were paid to participate in the documentary.

- Sarah now has enough money to "Make a down payment on a house"

- Sarah again admitted to apologizing twice for raping Onision via sexual extortion.

- Sarah made it clear the documentary had her sign a contract of silence so she could not "legally" reveal how much the fraud #MeToo'ers were compensated to be involved.

- Sarah stated she truly hates both Shiloh & Regina (the other fake #MeToo'ers)

- Sarah admitted Regina & Shiloh are frauds.

- Sarah admits she herself intentionally mislead people to make Onision look bad.

- Sarah again admits she was kicked out of Onision's life for comitting a crime against Onision.

- Sarah admits she blatantly went out of her way to silence Onision/prevent interviews from happening so he could not deliver facts/evidence.

- Sarah admits the laptop she had and mislead people about, in fact had nothing on it.

- Sarah admits she only turned her laptop in because the internet pressured her to. Confirming she defrauded countless people to replace the laptop via GoFundMe, not revealing to them the laptop she turned in had nothing on it.

(Washington state law prevents phone conversations being recorded without both parties consenting, Sarah was very concerned the conversation was being recorded, repeatedly asking if she was being recorded - as usual, Onision told the truth, he recorded nothing)


A woman who repeatedly admitted to lying, breaking the law & being rejected by Onision for her extorting him. She has since made it clear she and others were paid by Discovery+ to trash Onision.

Fired from NBC for incredibly immoral acts, Chris Hansen tries to piece together his failed career only to break the law, victimizing Onision and stalking Onision's family.

Also clearly outed for being paid by Discovery+ to trash Onision, forced to sign document of silence to protect Discovery+ while running slanderous hate campaign on Onision.

Channel exposing, with evidence, the lies/crimes of Sarah, Chris Hansen and Shiloh. People who lie often have only words, but people who tell the truth often have proof.

Audience Reacts To Onision: In Real Life

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