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Big Site Updates :)

Hey everyone... today I could have worked on a new book chapter, or, made a little sketch to contribute toward the upcoming 10 Things I Hate About 2022 release, BUT instead I chose to do the much more time consuming task of adding a lot to this site.

Here are some of the updates I made:

1. Added groups function to site.

2. Started 3 groups for this site. (click me to see)

3. Updated donation numbers. (click me to see)

4. Added advanced donation progress bar.

5. Revised index layout.

6. Verified site in multiple search engines.

7. Organized off-site contact forms.

8. Integrated more third party sites.

9. Restored 6 quizzes.

10. Added quizzes listing page.

You can now, once again, review and take the quizzes here:

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite type of quiz (topic, style, etc) and I might make one for you :)

Anyway, the above tasks took me about 6 hours or more so now I gotta get to my other tasks.

Hope you have a lovely Monday!


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