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Chapter 13: Girl Problems & My Broken Heart

So, I was 15, and back home in Lakewood. I was set to go back to Lakes Highschool, but more importantly, I was destined to encounter some more interesting characters. This chapter itself is about numerous people I encountered during this time, specifically females.

My 15-year-old life was complicated: 9-11 had just happened, I had also just gone to juvenile hall, realized first-hand that my father is a stone-cold liar/physical abuser, and fell in love with multiple people, the second of which for that year, was a lovely brilliant hippy girl.

I had flown home, from Ohio, leaving my lovely now ex-girlfriend confused about her formerly imprisoned ex-boyfriend. I actually did call her later on the phone to catch up, I asked if she remembered me and she said “Of course, how could I get the guy who took my virginity.” And she laughed. The problem was, she had moved on in a way that made it seem like I was only meant to be a boyfriend in her past, and not her friend in the future. Like she couldn’t be friends with me and move on at the same time.

Her future involved her becoming a marine, getting in violent fights with her husband and later working for over a decade as a manager at a restaurant. Not what I expected for her. I suppose I thought she would wind up being a professional gymnast or a cop. God she was cool.

Back home I had a friend I dated briefly. She was a Samoan girl who I was friends with for many years. We were at a school ceremony in the gymnasium. She was sitting in front of me, and to that point, I just assumed we were only friends. Suddenly in the middle of the ceremony we were watching, she pushes her whole upper body between my legs and rests her back against my crotch. She got my attention.

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