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Chapter 17: Breaking The Fourth Wall

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Do you ever feel like you're burning out? Like you're worn super thin? It's like your soul is just sputtering, pushing along with only fumes from actual fuel that's now absent in your tank. Sometimes, I get this way. And when I do, I just need to take a step back, and go on a mental vacation.

Let's say I've been writing this book for days, weeks, whatever... I just feel like, I'm overtaken with responsibility or expectation. I start to feel like I'm a puppet dancing on strings to an audience of eye-rollers or apathetic rhinos. Scary creatures, by the way. Very underappreciated for their killing potential.

I know, I actually have amazing people reading this... I get comments from people in my life and I'm like "How did you know that?" and they're like "I read your book" or "I watched your video". Shocks me every time. I'm always like "But... I'm a loser... so... why?" but I try to keep actually saying that to a minimum.

Now, unlike the other chapters... I'm not going to proofread this one (edit: I proofread it). If there is a spelling error or something doesn't make sense, I leave that for you, like an awesome little puzzle toward what I think might be the end of this book (nope, I proofread it anyway, no puzzle for you). This chapter is my day off. My time to let it go, and just chill (nope, I still proofread, just didn't feel right not proofreading). To be real with you, and not worry about the polishing or ironing (I did worry, so I proofread).

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