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Don't Stir the Pot

So! I listened to some music and then got inspired to make this video.

I've been criticized recently by someone dear to me about how I have a serious problem with "stirring the pot". That triggered something in my mind that made me translate "stirring the pot" into "picking a fight" and guess what happens when you fight people? Everyone gets hurt. Whether it be a physical fight and you harm your knuckles, or a verbal fight where you often get more than you bit off (like if you call someone a name, and they stomp on your foot).

Ultimately the lesson here is: If you want positive attention, be positive. If you want negative attention, you just keep being negative.

Not everything in life works this way, and just being positive doesn't mean magically all negative will turn positive, HOWEVER, being a better person, a happier person guarantees a benefit to you and everyone else, regardless of the wider outcome.

Ultimately, we all need to grow, we all need to ask ourselves what we're doing wrong, and ultimately, we need to be the best people we can be for the sake of those who love us.

And now for Immortals and Elites only... a trivial perk... the script as it was originally written:

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