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Double Standard Nightmare

There's a page on reddit that is a clear violation of reddit policy as the community is centered on stalking, harassment & is a hate page. On this page they resort to rape apology, constantly. Their idea is that because of age, gender &/or identity, you cannot be a victim of rape if they deem it so. Specifically, they feel I cannot be raped, despite a woman, directly and sincerely, apologizing twice, in person, for raping me. She later talked on YouNow about how I was accusing her of rape for saying she could destroy my life if she wanted to, and made it clear she would only promise to not destroy my life (via a document) if I gave her what she wanted, which was sleeping with her (she signed the paper immediately after she got what she wanted). It's upsetting to see how consistently incapable of empathy, understanding & basic fact processing many people online are, but welcome to the internet, a place saturated with evil/sadistic people wearing hero masks.

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